Sunday, April 18

Veronika Raelene Tcheripanoff

Chillin in her car seat!
Daddy's first time holding her, only mins old!
Proud mommy and daddy in the delivery room!

Miss Veronika Raelene! <3

Just a quick note to everyone!

Miss Veronika Raelene Tcheripanoff was born on Sunday March 28th 2010 @ 8:44PM!!! After 16 hrs of labor (about 6 hrs of screaming labor) and 11 min of pushing... my lil baby girl made her arrival!!! She was 7lbs 10.8 oz and 20.5 inchs long!!! She looks just like her daddy!! :D

Today she's already 3 weeks old!! Time goes by way too fast!! I can't wait to get her home (we're still hanging out in Anchorage) and introduce her to her grandparents, who have been patiently waiting for us to get home!! I miss being at work, but I can say I don't miss all the snow they still have down there! Been pretty slack here in Anchorage... we usually just sit around and watch TV then go out and find something to eat.... I'm going to go into Taco Bell withdrawls when we go home but at least I loaded up on TB Fire sauce!!!

Hope everything has been going great with everyone out there in the world!!! Take care and until next time, TTFN :D


  1. Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful !!!

  2. She is gorgeous congratulations on the new addition.

  3. Congratulations, April! She is beautiful! We wish your sweet family all of life's best.

  4. Oh I am so happy for you both! congrats and what a wonderful adventure that child will have growing up in such an awesome place!


  5. OMG she is too cute. Congratulations. Wow. she is really a beautiful little girl. Love the name.

  6. Congratulations!! She is a doll!! And before you know it they are 13 and taller than you!!

  7. Linda in ColoradoApril 29, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    So are you Darryl' daughter and your husband Demetri's son? I left Dutch Harbor in 1994 after working for Penn Air since 1988 and have lost touch with a lot of folks.

  8. Darryl id my uncle, My parents are Hugh and Vera. Yes my hubby is Demetri and Alice's oldest son. :)


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