Thursday, September 10

Thursday, Sept 10, 2009


Wow it's been a while since I've last updated my blog.
Nothing new has really been happening - been having some windy stormy days so we haven't been getting any planes in....

The Corp Annual meeting went great on the 5th. Lydia and Charlie were both voted onto the board. At the potluck afterward there was a lot of great food!!!

This morning we went in and got to finally hear baby's heartbeat! I was anxious, we were supposed to go in last week but I felt it would be better to wait another week so we can be sure to hear it - So hopefully this time!! After taking my vitals, I laid down and had the cold ultrasound jelly stuff applied while Darryl got the doppler ready. After moving it around, it was obvious that was baby's heartbeat! My heart don't beat that fast!! Darryl laughed at me when I asked him "Only one??" I was hoping for twins, but one is always great too!! I almost cried but couldn't stop smiling and feeling so happy! My hubby was so happy looking! Once blogger lets me, I'll get the video posted!

It's been blowing pretty good out the last couple days. Northerly winds packing some really cold wintery air with it. I actually had hail hitting my bedroom window yesterday!! The temps are in the low 40's and with the wind chill the temps pretty nippy in the mid-high 20's... Definately helping the island turn brown faster... :( Summer just seemed to blow by once again... I don't think I'm going to have time to get any fish (humpies) put away for winter... which sucks badly for my hubby and me.... looks like we'll be bumming around :

Tonight I'm going to make a moss berry pie. I love moss berrie pie!! Moss berries are these little black berries that grow in the tundra - It goes by a couple different names but it depends on what part of the state your in. I've heard them be called "black berries" and "crow berries". I've grown up calling them moss berries. They are great for use in jam/jelly making and for pies... They are kind of seedy and don't have much sweetness, but you have to try the pie - I love it!! I use recepies that have been passed down to me from my mom and her krusna mom, nothing gets better than having it the way I had it while I was growing up!!! I need to find time to get up on the hill and pick more berries before it's too late.

Akutan Founder's Day is this Saturday, Sept 12! There are a lot of activities planned for the day, lots of games, a potluck, there are items being raffles off (all proceeds go to our church), and there will be a "band" here playing at the bar! I know there are some other things going on but I'm not too sure - I'd have to check the bulletin boards... LOL! Hopefully the weather is nice... I heard there is another big storm on it's way scheduled to hit on Sunday.... so we'll see.... Already seems like winter with our back to back storms with the 1-2 day break where we might be able to get a flight in!!


  1. Hope Founders DAy (going on now) is fun!!!
    My Seattle trip is awesome I am at the Edgewater and my water view room lets me listen to sea critters all night...what great slumber music


  2. I am also following you on facebook now
    DOnna Mattingly there. So even though the blog is slipping a bit I still feel connected.

  3. Hi April- You don't know me but I've been following your blog for awhile. I don't even know how I came upon it, probably while looking at something related to Dutch Harbor. Anyways, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. I live in Georgia and have not yet made it to Alaska but hope to some day. And, I was excited to see that you are pregnant, always a great thing. I'm pregnant right now too actually, I'm almost 18 weeks. Hearing the heartbeat is just amazing. Good luck with everything. -Rachel


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