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Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow how did it become end of August already? This year seems like it's just blowing by!!!

This weekend was pretty relaxing, I did little to nothing but sit around the house and watch TV! The weather wasn't the best to be trying to get out to do anything, getting cold and windy out... I actually saw my breath this morning!!

On Sunday we actually got a couple flights in, been since Wednesday since we got a plane in!! I heard there was a bunch of mail... I'm hoping our new TV comes in soon, but they should deliver that to us since it's UPS and not USPS!

The office was pretty busy on Monday, I worked on finishing putting all the charge accounts in to Excel so that tomorrow I can just print out the statements for August billing. Didn't cash too many people's checks, mostly just town people who got their payroll checks in the AM.

We ended up getting a plane in the AM and had a couple people come in for the hotel, tomorrow we should have the rest of our reservations come in and we'll be full once again.... The 2nd flight didn't come in until 6:30PM. I heard that it was blowing over in Dutch and they weren't going to come in, then all the sudden I hear them fly over the house making their landing!! It was beautiful here all day yesterday!!

So we have a Geothermal crew here working with the City... they have a crew of people camping at the head of the bay - one of the easiest ways to get to Hot Springs Bay is to just hike up the valley and down the steep hill, I heard the hike back sucks!! We also have some Army Corp of Engineers here doing surveys for our big boat harbor that's supposed to go a head of the bay too. And on another note, the Cattle Company is moving their 3 horses over to Akun today in the City's Search and Rescue skiff (it has like a landing craft front end and it's big enough to hold a horse!). Tomorrow we're supposed to have a bunch of people from the University of Illinois come in for the Berry Project that they are conducting (they are trying to find out how much we eat and of what kinds of berries and they want to find out the nutritional content of the berries). So we have a good amount of people in the village right now doing a bunch of different projects, always great to have people come and visit even if it's for work!

Well I'm sad that I didn't get ANY salmon put away for the winter except one 5 gallon bucket of salted salmon!! I really wanted to dry fish but we never made it to the head of the bay to get humpies and the reds just didn't show up that great this year... and if they did then no one wanted to share any with us even though I asked everyone who had nets out almost every day.... hopefully it's not too late but I think it is... I've haven't even went up the bay for a picnic this year... :( Actually we only went out in the skiff once this year..... that's really sad....

Ok well I hope everyone is enjoying the last couple weeks of summer, I have to get up on the hill and pick more berries... I've love to put away a 5 gallon bucket of moss berries again this year so I can make pies all winter for the potlucks and everything!!! I think it's funny the way I think, I want to put stuff away so I can share it... not just for ourselves!! I guess I was just raised right to share and not be greedy like most people can be!

Oh our Akutan Corp Annual Meeting was scheduled for Sept 5, 2009 @ 1PM. We have a teleconference number for any of our shareholders if they would like to listen in/participate in the meeting. Call the Corp office @ 907-698-2206 so I can confirm that you are a shareholder and provide you with the 888# and code. :) There will be a potluck following the meeting! Yay, I'm looking forward to eating lots of great food cooked up from all our great local cooks!! I love seeing what all people bring!! One time I shared a new recepie with everyone and brought Orange-coconut salmon! I think everyone thought they were cookies until someone was like, "whoa that's fish!" If I'm up to it I might just whip out 4-5 moss berries pies once again... can't just make one or two - have to make enough so that everyone can get a piece so no one "misses out"!

Ok well until sometime, TTFN everyone!!

Yay I'm officially in my 10th week of our pregnacy!!! Waiting for the "morning sickness" to wane a bit... but I highly doubt that will happen... we'll see!!


  1. Thanks for this newsy post on all the projects Akutan has now, they are all interesting the geothermal and nutrition ones are my interest areas too!!

    SO UPS delivers.I know there are board sidewalks, so I am picturing a man in the brown uniform (they wear brown shorts here in the summer) with a hand cart/hand truck wheeling the new TV to your house. Is that about the right picture??


  2. no guy in a brown uniform here... lol... my hubby was actually taking care of the plane since his dad was busy! So he delivered it to our house himself... lol... but yeah UPS packages get delivered to us, the rest of the mail goes to the Post Office.


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