Friday, September 4

Friday, September 4, 2009

Woke up to a super beautiful day today! The sun is out, the sky is blue and there is a slight breeze in the harbor, but looking toward the pass (East) is super dark low laying fog. The dogs love the sun, laying down in it looking like they are smiling then getting all excited when I tell them "lets go outside and go for a walk." They are so cute how they come barreling out of the house, run behind the house barking looking for the kitty they always see out the window! So funny!!!

Hoping hard the plane comes in today, looks promising!! CB made that cake look so good on his blog on Wednesday, that on Thursday he kindly took cupcakes to the airport to send over to me. He didn’t make it in time for the first flight, which was already taking off the landing strip heading here to Akutan. So Jessica (the Pen-Air agent in Dutch) said that she’d get them on the second flight, which cancelled because it got foggy and windy in the afternoon yesterday. So with the beautiful weather this morning, I’m super excited that my cupcakes should make it over today!! YAY!!! I know I could have made my own… but that sweet frosting found on store bought cakes was what I was craving… I can’t seem to make it like they do….

Work was pretty slow and boring this morning, nothing really going on at the office. We got our paper order in yesterday and I’m waiting for our register paper rolls to come in – we have like 3 rolls left I think…. We had a couple people checking out because the plane was on the way, I was all happy about my cupcakes coming in!! I ran down to the plane when it came in (which was right at lunch hour) and got my cupcakes from the pilot (once they got a good amount of mail off the plane and out of the way!). I went home and had grilled cheese for lunch.

Wow it’s so beautiful outside, my thermometer is ready 60F in the shade!! Such a beautiful day and I’m stuck inside until 5….. This afternoon was super busy with lots of people out enjoying the weather – cashing their checks and giving the cafĂ© a lot of customers! There was nothing but one person and all mail on the plane this morning, so Kay and Polly will be super busy sorting all the mail that came in. I had people check out of the hotel and the geothermal people happily checked in so they can get some good rest on beds instead of camping it out in tents!

Oh and the office will be closed on Monday in observance of Labor Day. The Akutan Corp Annual meeting will be held tomorrow at 1PM with a potluck following (I’m making some awesome potato salad!).

The second flight today should have no problems coming in. There isn't a breeze even whispering outside, making the sun feel super warm on your skin!!! Feels really good!!! Wonder what I should make for dinner tonight... bbq sounds good on a nice day like this... I want to make a moss berrie pie again tonight - so yummy!!!

Today was a great day, the cupcakes made it even better then to add sunshine and blue skies! I couldn’t be happier!! I hope everyone has a great Friday and an awesome 3 day weekend! Hopefully get out and take a bunch of pix after work and get them posted sometime to share with everyone!! Again, thanks CB for the cupcakes!! You made my day!! Until sometime, TTFN!!!


  1. Hi...i enjoy your blog. I'm in the lower the blue ridge mtns.foothills of Virginia..we're located between Washington Dc and the Shenandoah valley /river. It's beautiful here too. I think alaska is a gorgeous state. I got interesed in AK.when i first saw a documentary on North Pole AK and then started watching deadliest catch. Enjoy your weekend!

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  3. Great picture of the cupcake. Really shows what a delivery in the Aleutians looks like.

  4. now that we are on that other site I haven't checked here daily sorry I am still following just on FB


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