Friday, September 4


So CB posted this delish looking chocolate cake with this mouth watering super sweet icing which made me crave a piece, bad! After leaving a comment, CB kindly called me up asking if I wanted him to send some cupcakes over for me. I got all excited and was like "would you really?!?!" I was so happy and excited. He dropped them off at the airport, just a couple seconds late to make the first flight over (yesterday).... then the second flight cancelled due to fog and wind....

Woke up to a beautiful morning, for sure the plane will be in today and hopefully carrying my precious cargo (cupcakes!). At lunch hour, the plane was arriving so I ran down to see if I was getting anything... after watching them clear out some of the mail out of the plane the pilot looked at me and smiled and said here you go! YAY... I opened it up right there and ate a chocolate cupcake! I took pix of it with the plane first before devouring it frosting first!! BABY AND I THANK YOU ALOT CB!!! Definately hit the spot!! On my way home to have lunch I dug out another chocolate cupcake and savored it on the ride home!!! So yummy!!! I'll break into the rest of them after work!!! =D
Pic of one of the delish chocolate on chocolate cupcakes
that traveled in the Goose to be enjoyed by yours truely!!

It was soooo good too!!!! Thanks CB!!!!! Much luv!

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