Wednesday, August 12

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wow what a beautiful morning to wake up to!! The sky is this beautiful blue color with wisps of clouds, the sun is coming up way to the North behind the hills, the breeze is whispering just slightly, giving a slight ripple on the top of the almost smooth water in the bay. Looks like today is definitely going to be a nice day compared to last night. It started to blow around 6PM, pushing big gusts of wind up against the house! We took the pups out to do their thing, and then we went in snacked on some leftovers for breakfast then headed down to the office.

My mom had gotten the charge slips in today and she also took care of all the incoming mail. I mostly just took care of phone calls, hotel reservations and getting the outgoing mail ready to be dropped off. I had a couple people come up to cash their checks, but a pretty slow morning. I’m hoping the day goes by fast and the weather stays beautiful so we can go for a hike or a picnic after I get off work!!

We had 2 planes come in around 11:15AM; I heard it was mostly people with some mail. I hope my movies came in. I wasn’t able to make it to the post office while the counter was open to get my COD’s out so I will make sure to get that done today too…

For lunch I had can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meat balls (I like it for some reason….) and my hubby had chili.

Back at the office this afternoon, both my mom and I were complaining about having to be at work on such a nice day. I feel so sleepy but I slept good last night for once!! Actually didn’t wake up feeling sick or too hungry, so I must have eaten enough last night before going to sleep. Hard to stuff myself before going to bed… not something I’m used to … I didn’t really have any phone calls, and no one really came up to cash their checks… almost wish I could go home but I wouldn’t get paid if I wasn’t here! Temps are only in the mid 50’s but it feels good outside!

Tonight I’m going to make some banana sorbet with the last of my ripe bananas! Figured I’d coat it with chocolate syrup and it should be the bomb!! I’ve been drinking lots of orange juice and milk (since I know one is a good source of vitamin C and the other calcium and protein!) and trying to cut down on my Mountain Dew habit. Hard to cut something out of your life that you love so much!!

So we did some baby furniture window shopping in some of the catalogs we have at home and I looked around online this weekend. We’ll probably have to have it shipped to Seattle and sent here on the freighter. Easiest way to get big items here. Hopefully this weekend we should be moving most of our stuff out of our current bedroom to the room across from ours. I would like our baby to have the warmer room (the south facing bedroom), we can always bundle up in our blanket if we get cold! The room is a little smaller but that’s ok. Just have to get everything in that room cleaned out and moved, then get all the stuff transferred over. Then we can get the baby’s room painted and start ordering furniture! Yay!!

Well I got a couple movies in that I was waiting for, so I know what I’m watching tonight. I also ordered some goodies from, they have this awesome almond butter, delish vanilla granola and lots of great dried fruit that I’ve been wanting! So I ordered some, hopefully have it in a week or two (weather permitting). Also ordered this thing called a bella band, it’s like a tube top that you wear over the tops of your pants and your belly so you don’t “pop” out of the bottom of your shirts. Also great when its used folded over its self to hold pre-pregnancy pants on, especially if you want to unbutton them!!!! (I got it from

Not sure what we’re going to eat for dinner. It’s so beautiful out might just bbq, never know – see what sounds good when the time comes! I’m just happy that the weather is still nice and I’m hoping to go on a hike later today. We need to get our lawn mowed too!! The plane should be back here between 5-6 then they will be done for the day.

Well I had a great Wednesday!! I hope everyone else had a great day!!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

PS I took a pic of what it looked like at sunrise this morning, when blogger lets me I'll get it posted!!!

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  1. SO exciting to know baby room plans are in the making already!!! The amount of "stuff" a baby requires is amazing.. going on expeditions outside with a baby can feel like packing ofr weekend get away I am sure you have heard.


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