Tuesday, August 4

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Woke up to a slightly windy, definitely foggy morning. Looks like it was raining and is just now starting to try to dry up… looks like the weather wants to get really crappy but who knows what it will do. I let the pups out to do their thing – played some catch then eventually brought them inside. I’ve been having slight morning sickness when I wake up in the AM, but I think I just have to munch on something in the middle of the night – seeing that I’m now waking up at least once a night to go pee :P

I’ve been slacking on my Wii Fit since I found out I was pregnant… I don’t really want to push myself too hard and hurt myself or the new little bundle of cells growing inside of me. Tonight I think I’ll do some of the yoga poses, some boxing and 20 min of stepping – I can’t just stop working out!! I want to keep toning my muscles – that way I will be more prepared when I give birth! I’ve been taking my prenatal vitamins since I stopped taking my birth control last year. Felt really weird to replace one with the other! But I figured it was best for the baby that I get as healthy as I could, even if that meant taking prenatals for almost a year before conceiving! My hair and nails have been growing great!!! I already eat pretty healthy (other than all the fries I eat with my French Dips, I had a salad instead of fries the other day!). I’ve been trying to slowly switch over from Mountain Dew to milk and water… not an easy transition but one that I will slowly conquer!

I got down to the office this morning a little early, I wanted to finish up getting billing done up before the store opened. So I rushed, printed and enveloped the bills and in the process obtained a paper cut (owww) but I got all the bills down in the store before Eva opened! Yay!! After getting that done I got all the charge slips into the charge book (still waiting on our office order so I can get my new fiscal year files in the charge book and store the sheets that are in there right now.) The phone seemed like it was ringing off the hook this morning. Mostly people confirming their reservations, others changing reservations and some unfortunately getting turned away because we’re full during the days they want to come out. I always say they can bring a tent, but we don’t have a place for people to shower or use the bathroom if they are camping out (something our city should maybe look into, it would also be nice to have some payphones on the island! We used to when I was a kid but I don’t know why they took them away??)

For lunch I made us poor boy sandwiches on a sesame seed bun with Swiss cheese!! Tasted great, tonight for dinner I have sloppy Joes on the menu! OH yea, some great TV tonight!! There are so many different shows that are starting up – First of all Hell’s Kitchen has a new batch of chefs ready to battle it out, America’s Got Talent is getting really good, then the second episode of More to Love… and I can’t remember right now, but something else was supposed to premier tonight (my hubby should know, I’ll ask him tonight). And if those don’t spark my interest, my movies came in on the last plane and we didn’t get to watch all of them yet. So at least I know I have something to look forward to after work… I told my hubby that it’s probably best that I just not to go steam bath anymore. It’s way too tempting for me to want to take in a lot of heat and I don’t want to be “cooking” my baby inside me! So guess I can wait until after baby is born…

Back at the office this afternoon, it was really quiet compared to this morning! The phone only rang a handful of times, a couple calls were wrong number calls. Always funny when it’s someone you know from out of town calling, and they ask for someone who doesn’t have anything to do with the number they just called… then they realize who they are talking to!! I always think it’s kind of funny, but I just tell them “uh huh, you just wanted to hear my voice or you were thinking of me and “accidentally” called” Always great to catch up in a couple quick mins with someone you only hear from once in a great while! And of course I’m sharing my “big” news with everyone!!! I’m so happy to finally be supporting our future generation by adding to it! LOL!!

The weather is drying up and the clouds are opening up to show some beautiful light blue color up in the heavens. Penetrating thru all those opening is the sun and the warmth that it carries. The wind decided to pick up, blowing a constant 15 MPH, gusting up to 25-30MPH at times – It’s still about 55F out though. All the kids that are still here for the remaining of the summer are out playing on the playground – they are usually always playing tag (something we used to play at their age too!!) .

Well I had a great day at work, the day seemed to go by quickly! I hope everyone else had a great Tuesday!!! Much luv to you all, until tomorrow TTFN!!

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  1. how smart to be on prenatal vitamins for a year in advance folic acid (folacin) is so crucial for cell development (the old biology tacher in me talking)!!!

    I just reread my post to CB on not name calling...gee I did start preaching about an issue I feel so passionately about sorry if I offended!!

    Congratulations again


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