Tuesday, August 11

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday to my Auch/Cousin Halie Hana!!

Well woke up to a super foggy morning, can barely see town when we got up and walked the pups around 7:30AM. By 9AM the fog looked like it might lift and the sun might, just might, come out today!! We let the pups do their thing, then took then out again just before heading down to the office. They always seem so happy to go outside and bark at nothing! Well just the 2 little ones come out barking, Tug patiently waits for one of us to grab his “chuck-it” ball launcher.

Rode down to the office on my bike, saw a good amount of Trident employees walking around, the café must be packed and busy already (and probably will be all day!!). I got to the office and was practically just cashing checks all morning. It seemed like one after the other they would come up. One guy asked to borrow a piece of paper and asked to use a pen. I thought he meant use the pen right here… he didn’t speak English that great – so I didn’t try to stop him when he left my office with my pen! Always seems like my pens “walk” out of the office… I try to keep them on chains taped to my desk so they don’t “steal” them!!

Around 11:30AM I heard that 2 planes were on the way, I have to get my blood work done still (I hate needles…) so I called the clinic and asked them what they wanted to do. They told me to come down now, so I did. They finished taking my blood just in time for me to make it down to the planes as they were pulling up on the ramp. My cousin is taking off for school, so I wanted to go see her before she left!

We ordered chicken nuggets from the café and didn’t get our order until quarter to one (we ordered at noon), so we had to scarf our food down so that we can make it to work on time!!

Back at the office it was pretty quiet. I was mostly cashing checks and answering the phone and making mass copies for my mom for the shareholders packets that she’s getting ready to mail out. There was nothing but mail that came in on both of those planes that came in!! The Post Office closed its counters to customers so that they can get the mail sorted, so we had a bunch of people coming to the store and to my office asking about the Post Office and when it’s going to open back up. We don’t know when they will finish…. But I hope my movies finally came in!! I’m getting our COD’s out that we send down from Wal-Mart. I am missing some stuff we sent down still, hope they didn’t send them to some other village (they do that sometimes). I didn’t realize that the charge slips were put in the wrong spot and never got entered so I hurried up and got those all entered!

Wow I cashed a lot of checks today. A lot of the elders got their monthly checks in, almost a week late! Then after counting all the cash from the Roadhouse, I made them a check. Always good when we get the cash back so it can circulate once again when people get paid! Today seemed to go by pretty fast! Yay, the Chef is on tonight, Chef Ramsey that is!!! Another episode of Hell’s Kitchen debuts tonight, along with another episode of More to Love, and some America’s Got Talent. I got us everything for tacos tonight, fire sauce sounds good right now!! I didn’t get my movies in, but did get some of my “junk” magazines (OK and Star) so I can read up on what’s going on in Hollywood and what the stars are doing!

Once blogger stops being a pain and lets me upload my pix, I’ll be sure to get that post published as soon as I can!!

Oh, I forgot… last night there was a “hunt” and someone caught a sea lion and almost the whole town was down on the beach helping butcher it up (I just think people didn’t want to miss out so they were all waiting for their turn). A pretty big sea lion. My hubby doesn’t want me eating it while I’m pregnant. Not sure why but OK I guess I can wait 9 months to have sea lion soup….. I went down and took some pix of the butchered up carcass and of a couple locals preparing cuts of meat and a pix of the flippers (I moved them and set them up and it almost looked like a bird… lol). Then we went for a good 2 hour hike up the hill, had a picnic way up there (had PB&J) then came back down behind town – took a lot of great photos of town. The pups were so happy to go with us, we keep the little ones on leashes still incase eagles see them and try to come in for the kill – I’ll at least be able to yank them back closer to me where it’s safer!! I think it’s cute how they think they are the size of a lab!! So like I said once I get photos uploaded I’ll get them published ASAP so I can share those pix with everyone!

Well I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, I was hoping for sunshine but the fog rolled back down and cooled it off to about 45F. Feels colder though with the slight breeze that fog is carrying with it!! So until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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  1. Wish us well as we began another school year. It is hard as a spec ed teacher to make the kids do all the test prep for all the mandated tests!!! These tests are another opportunity for each student to know they are not as smart as the rest of the kids...how demeaning. I am required to give them, parents can opt out of them but the school takes a zero schore averaged into our school total score.. Lose one way or another

    (step off my soapbox)
    Picked up a dozen baby clothes hangers today!!!


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