Thursday, August 6

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well woke up to a foggy morning, slightly warm feeling out there though… so maybe the sun will offer enough heat to burn the fog off… maybe…. The boardwalk is wet, so it was obviously raining at one point last night, but it has dried up at 9AM. We let the pups out, they got soaked in the wet grass but they didn’t seem to mind. I’m so tired of waking up puking up stomach acid and foam (seriously need to put crackers or something near my bed). After I get something to eat in me I usually feel better.

So I rode my bicycle down to the office, even though my hubby didn’t like the idea… once at the office, I got the charge slips entered into the book and went over the invoices for what we have coming in this weekend. I’ll be sure to get those priced up tomorrow. I really wish our vendors would let us know what we have to reorder in time for our next order, instead of letting us know after their order deadline…. So anything that didn’t get shipped this week will go on the sailing after the next one we get…. Uggggg… that’s how we run out of stuff for long periods of time…. The office seemed pretty quiet this morning, we got a couple calls from people who are supposed to have arrived for the hotel, guess they are still stuck in Anchorage….. How come all the flights to Dutch are booked up? Our telephone tech guy said he couldn’t get a flight out until end of the month!!

For lunch we went to the café. I had my usual and the hubby had chicken nuggets. The café was pretty quiet, not many people eating for there (mostly to go orders).

Back in the office this afternoon was pretty quiet. We cleaned up a bit, vacuumed and dusted. I made sure there was paper in all the machines and made more blank copies of my daily sheets. Around 4 the fog finally lifted enough for the plane to try a flight! Around 5 the plane finally made it in!!! They brought a lot of mail and a couple people for our hotel!

Last night I bugged my dad and told him that when he goes fishing I want like 5 good sized halibut for my freezers (since I’m prego and my hubby don’t want me in the skiff anymore since it’s usually a really bumpy ride, depending on the seas). So I made sure to keep bugging my dad and letting him know what size I want (which is the size that he usually considers a money fish and would like to deliver it not give it to me!). So hopefully when he goes out I’ll be able to fill my freezer up!

Didn’t really have anything for dinner, ate junk food. Which isn’t a really good idea for me to be doing… I already know I'm going to be paying for it tonight and in the AM (morning sickness!)

Well today was a great day!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

The load of halibut that my dad was
getting ready to deliver to the cannery.

Salmonberries are starting to ripen,
here are a couple turning red!
The kids are already finding ripe ones!

One of the little strawberries that I planted in my old BBQ.
They are about the size of a nickle at the biggest, tiny little things!

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