Thursday, August 20

Thursday and Friday, August 20-21, 2009

Sorry I've been slacking a bit... the day was great at work and the weather was clear but not sunny. We got 2 flights in.

Another clear day but no sun, feeling chilly out at only 48F this morning, warmed up to 56F by mid day. We got both flights in today. Had a busy day at work.... can't wait to enjoy the weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone!! Until Monday, TTFN!!

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  1. school year started just were my old year ended, I "loop" up with my special ed kids so we know each other and don't need to do talks on rules etc.
    I have already posted a few sets of grades on ParentBridge, a computerized version of my gradebook parents can check in on to see what assignments the kids might be missing. The kids use it all the time to , they want to know about their assignments and grades.


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