Thursday, August 13

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well woke up this morning to over cast skies and some of the usual morning fog, there is a slight breeze blowing in the bay, my thermometer reads 48F… took the dogs out for their morning walk – there was fresh dew on the grass and the boardwalk looks like it’s drying off, must have been raining last night sometime. After letting the dogs do their thing and putting them back inside the house, I got ready to go to work.

The office was really quiet all day. I had maybe a total of 6 phone calls all for the hotel, one was a wrong number. I had maybe a total of 3 people come up to cash their checks. Between my mother and me we pretty much got everything done in the office that needed to be worked on, so now just sit and wait for customers and for the phone to ring!

At lunch we went to the cafĂ©, I had an egg flower soup and a salad and my hubby had a chicken burger, not too busy today – yesterday the place was packed with Trident employees!

I heard that it’s too foggy in between the islands for a plane today, but it seems nice enough! There are a couple people in the hotel that are waiting to get back out, they are looking for a boat I think but I don’t know of any traffic this time of the year – never know though.. Once in a while you get lucky and find a big boat that takes 4 hours to get to Dutch instead of 6 hours like on the smaller boats!

This afternoon was super boring – nothing really to do… I tried to re-arrange my desk around and clean out some of the files and put the oldest ones in the storage area. Other than that, a lot of sitting around yawning trying to make the day go faster.

So far I haven’t been having any food aversions that I’ve noticed nor have I been having any noticeable cravings other than ice cream and frozen treats. I have been noticing that I’m starting to fill in a bit in the stomach area (unless it’s just bloat). I am patiently waiting for my baby to start “showing”. I want to get some cute clothes for when I start to get bigger – they have some cute ones out there with cute sayings spelled over the belly where the baby is!! I’m making sure to rub my body butter into my skin every night to help nourish my skin as its being stretched out to fit baby. I have friends who didn’t use any cocoa butter or anything and they paid for it with lots of ugly stretch marks… so I’m hoping to try to help my body not get scarred as badly from the stretching by buttering it up. So far I’ve been using Palmers Cocoa Butter formula, but I just ordered some Oh Baby! Belly butter from – it has cocoa butter to soften and smooth skin, shea butter to strengthen and firm connective tissues, and mango butter to protect and moisturize – it also has calendula infused oil to regenerate torn skin tissue and rosehip oil (which is rich in Vitamin C) to promote skin healing. I figured the other 2 butters in it would be better than just using cocoa butter alone plus the added benefit of the 2 oils….. :) As long as I’m helping my skin I’m happy and hopefully it makes a difference than not doing it!! Another thing on my to get list is to go bra shopping… OK... LMAO... I have to share this joke one friend said to me one time. I was bitching about its hard to find bras in my size, let alone cute ones – and do you know what his response was? He told me to go out and buy wire coat hangers and sheets and make my own. I was mortified and turned so red, and then I couldn’t stop laughing. Now every time I think about bra shopping, his little saying pops into my head and makes me giggle to myself. Coat hangers and sheets… LOL!!

Not sure what I want to cook for dinner. I’ve been wanting halibut chowder but I think we’ll have that tomorrow for our Anniversary dinner! (Tomorrow we’ll have been together for 14 years – married for 1). I still can’t believe that we’re still together and going strong after all these years, we’ve been together for half of our lives, almost all of our adult lives!!! I couldn’t love him anymore than I already do and I thank him every day for making my life awesome and giving me someone to share all those special moments with!!! I love how our life has turned out so far and I can’t wait to see how great a dad he’s going to be!!! He’s already talking about reading books and poems to baby here in a couple months (once the books say baby’s ears are listening) and making sure that he gets to interact with baby and make a friendship before baby is born (he liked the saying of this one dad in the book that said “the day the baby was born was like meeting someone you spoke to only over the phone!”). I’m so happy and excited that he wants to be so involved!! Makes me really proud to know that he’s almost more ready to have this baby than I am!!! And I believe I’m pretty prepared (well what all my friends, the books and websites could prep me with), mentally and physically to be able to raise a child in a loving home with lots of learning opportunities. I know what a great kid I was and how I was into so much stuff and I hope our baby takes after me and wants to just absorb as much info as possible and be a brainiac like his/her momma!!! :) I love school and can’t wait to start “training” and teaching my baby everything I can!!

Well around 5PM I got a call saying that the plane was going to try. So I have to check some people out of the hotel and get the people that are coming in checked in. Happy to know that I have a reliable cleaning crew to take care of things inbetween guests, all I have to do is ask and it doesn't really matter what time it is (of course my hubby probably wouldn't want to come home listening to me bitch so of course he's going to get it done!).. (wink, wink).... wonder if they are bringing mail or not? I'm still waiting for a COD we send down when we were last in Anchorage.... hoping it comes in soon!!!

Ok well I hope everyone has a great Thursday!! Until Tomorrow, TTFN!!!

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  1. The egg flower soup sounded NEW to me!! Is it a broth based (clear) soup with strands of cooked egg floating inside??

    Also coat hanger bras (even for us almost grandmas)sounds TOO MUCH!!

    Keep pampering yourself and the unborn child, they do need to hear dad's voice I agree.



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