Monday, August 3

Monday, August 3, 2009

Woke up a couple times last night needing to pee really bad, I also have some heartburn and feel a little nauseous… it’s either the pregnancy or the pizza we ate late last night…. Either way I was up really early, woke the hubby up just after 8AM, I have my first prenatal appointment at 9! Yay, I’m excited!! Took the pups out and noticed that it was cool out with a slight drizzle, the bay is completely fogged in, but at least there isn’t really any rain!

At 9AM I went down to the clinic and had all the various test done and was done there at about 10:45AM – so I called my mom and let her know I’ll just come in after lunch hour. So our estimated due date is March 29, 2010 (my hubby’s cousin Darren’s b-day!). I had to get a TB test done too since it’s been since high school since I had one of those done! All the rest of my shots I’m up to date on so that’s good! My blood pressure and blood sugar levels were in check. For lunch I got a French dip with a salad on the side instead of fries and the hubby had a chicken burger.

I got to the office this afternoon and my mom had practically gotten everything done up this morning, leaving me to the incoming checks that she was just sorting thru. After getting all the checks applied to the appropriate accounts, I made sure to enter all the info on our daily sheet and mail the receipts out. Other than that I have billing to get done and out by the end of the day. Our store manager is getting me a store order ready, we have to have it out to our vendors no later than this Wednesday for next week’s sailing.

Well nothing much to do at the office other than billing… so I went and made a baby registry at :) They have lots of little things that I’d like to get for my new little one!! Mostly safety stuff like cabinet and toilet locks and other baby things! Gave me something to do, daydreaming and wish listing stuff! LOL…

Well not sure what we’re going to eat for dinner… I’ll figure something out… definitely not having pizza again… that didn’t leave me feeling that great last night!! Too foggy and rainy for a plane. Everyone who came into the office this afternoon was just soaking wet!!

Ok well until tomorrow, TTFN!!

Oh nothing really happened over the weekend. Pretty much hung out at home, napped, watched TV and played on my Wii. Nothing really exciting to write about… :P so no blog for the weekend!! Well I did make it up the hill and planted strawberry plants in my parent’s flower bed in front of their house! Then later that day it rained, so I didn’t have to worry about watering them!! :)

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  1. i got really bad heart burn when i was pregnant with easton. it sucked. never really got it before and not really after :) enjoy sleeping on your tummy while you can! lol -j


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