Monday, August 17

Monday, August 17, 2009

WOW… I just love this time of the year here at home, the weather is so beautiful again this morning. Flat calm water, slightly overcast with patches of blue sky. Its low tide out, giving this sweet salty smell with a little bit of kelp mixed in. I love how it smells during a low tide on a nice summer day! Let the pups out for their morning outing, I think they love nice weather days too… all three of them come running out all excited and happy, then finally finding a place to do their thing. After letting them run around and have some fun, we put them inside and got ready to bike down to the office.

Once at the office I noticed that my mom had gotten almost everything done except payroll (it was downloading an update). I brought down a ziploc baggie filled with a bunch of alaadikax to share with everyone. My mom made sure to pass them out to everyone. I kept hearing great compliments from everyone asking who made them, they tasted great! I make sure to add a little extra sugar in the kneading process to make it sweeter tasting. I recently found out I love to coat them in a cinnamon-sugar coating! Makes it like a dessert. (what did someone tell me they call them down in Louisianna? started with a B I believe). At least I know that they all got eaten up and not just wasted by sitting around in my house not getting eaten up fast enough! LOL... sharing is always a great thing to do anyways!!

I entered the charge slips that I had with the book from the day before, my mom was wondering how come there were none from yesterday… I grabbed them when the store closed last night and put them on top of the ledger book that we enter the invoice numbers and totals into. If she known they were there she said that she would have entered them in. Pretty quiet morning, mostly town people coming up to cash their checks. We had a couple people check out and people check right back in to the hotel. We’re full once again for the next week or so (weather permitting). This afternoon was pretty much just like the morning, except I received a fax of what got shipped from Seattle this last Friday (the 14th) from our vendors, yay… I ordered yogurt… yogurt sounds good…. The freighter should be here this weekend, also the state ferry should be back for its August run this weekend too (the M/T Tustemena). All in all today was a great Monday. We had a good amount of incoming checks (payments) come in and I got all those entered to the right accounts and mailed the receipts back out. Felt productive and busy all day, this made the day go by way too fast!! (This is a good thing and a bad thing… I don’t like when time just seems to blow by... but it also sucks when it’s dragging… LOL!!) Just before getting off work I went over to the Post Office to get my COD from Wal-Mart paid for, it came in on the last plane we had! Yay, I got our new towels in and some toys for the pups and some hand weights… I’m going to wash up all the towels sets we have now and send them to my younger sister tomorrow.

For lunch we had grilled cheese and my hubby had soup with his. For dinner we went to the café and had chicken nuggets… for some reason I’m craving chicken nuggets… and I don’t like to eat chicken that often if at all!! Tasted great with sweet and sour sauce!! :)

Tonight I’m going to jump on my Wii Fit and get a small workout in. I’ve been slowly getting back up on my game and making sure to stay in shape. Feels great to be able to work out… I kind of stopped once I found out I was expecting because I didn’t know if it was safe or not…. But I was given the go ahead to work out, just not to exert myself…. I have to be able to talk and workout at the same time then I know I’m not working too hard! I was really feeling guilty from not working out and watching all the hard work I’ve been doing just pile back on.

We moved into the other bedroom adjacent from the master bedroom over the weekend. I didn’t want our baby’s room to be one of the cold rooms and the only warm room is our South facing master bedroom… so we decided it was best for us to just move our bed and all our stuff over to the other room – which is going to take a while. We still have to find a rod for the hanger for the closet, we forgot to pick one of those up, but we picked up enough closet brackets to get it ready! I made a double layer closet so I can hang both my shirts on the top rod and my pants and stuff on the bottom. The closet in the m/bdr is too small and we ended up having piles on the floor that we’d “dig” thru to find what we want. So I’m happy that I’ll have a bigger closet though! The view isn’t as great, just looking up the slope of the hill... makes me want to do something with our backyard since we’re looking at it more… LOL!

Ok well until tomorrow, have a great Monday night everyone!! TTFN!!

OH and we got 2 flights in today, right on schedule with their 11:30 and 4:30 flights!! I heard there was a small amount of mail on each plane and a couple passengers (must be people for Trident, we don't have anyone coming in for the hotel!).

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  1. I also use the double rod closet system to really USE the closet space. I have about a dozen baby/child's clothes hangers already collected for that new closet too!!!

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