Monday, August 10

Monday, August 10, 2009

Well woke up to a slightly foggy morning, the fog doesn’t look too thick – so maybe the sun will burn it off by mid-day (hopefully). There is a slight look of blue sky thru the fog, its flat calm out – not a breeze blowing thru the crisp smelling air. There is a group of sea lions hanging out in front of town, probably eating on pink salmon. I felt slightly sick this AM, but fixed that feeling by eating a piece of toast with some orange juice. Took the pups out to do their thing, they are so cute when they aren’t even fully awake, stumbling and stretching before chasing each other around.

After putting the pups away, I rode down to the office. I did the usual morning routine – then I figured I’d get the bank reconciliation work ready for June since that’s the only bank statement that we’ve gotten in so far. I’ll do that this afternoon. I also have all those quarters to count up too. I had a couple people come up to cash their checks – my mom had payroll done already by the time I got in.

For lunch I got us a can of salmon from the store to make salmon spread with. Quick, easy and healthy! The sun is already starting to burn thru the fog, warming it up to about 55F, hoping it gets warmer later so I can go for a walk with the pups and pick some more salmonberries!

Back at the office it was pretty quiet. I worked on the bank reconciliation work that I got ready this morning, finished that up before the end of the day. Other than that a lot of answering phones. I got this one rude call from some lady who was calling for my mom. She was all like “Have her call me back”. And I asked “What’s your name and number so I can have her call you” and the lady didn’t tell me who she was or nothing but just told me “she has my number!” Again I asked “what’s your name and a contact number?” Again she was like “You should have my contact information!!” Now she’s getting mad at me, because she’s not telling me who she is - it’s not my fault I don’t know who I’m talking to!!! So again I asked “Can I get your name and number?” Now she’s really getting mad at me – I don’t know why… but she was… it was the last straw when she told me that I was being rude… what was I being rude about? I was asking for her name and number so my mom can call her back. So after she said I was rude I said “Well if you quit being an airhead and listen to me, I’m asking for your name and contact number, now if I could please get that, I will pass the message on when I see my mother!” The lady hung up on me!!!! OMG, what was her problem? That call totally gave me a headache, so I took a small break and got a candy bar to snack on – a York peppermint patty to be exact!

After getting the bank work done up, I had to call the phone company and get the Fisheries phone hooked back up. I forgot I got a new card in and didn’t call them to give them my new expiration date. So I have to get that done up before end of the day. Looking at the sun shining outside makes me wish I could take my hike now! But I’ll probably have to take a quick nap once I get home, I already feel sleepy… Fixing the phone didn’t take too long, just call the companies and give them the new card number and expiration date and the 3 digit security code on the back and I was done. :)

Oh, I’m also sorry that I didn’t get my blog posted for the weekend… hopefully have it posted tomorrow, I don’t have time today sorry….. Today was a busy day, at least the day seemed to go by fast! So until tomorrow, TTFN! Have a great Monday everyone!! I also have a couple pix I wanted to get posted too… hopefully I have time to get all that done up tomorrow!

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  1. too bad you lost your mind reading abilities over the telephone! HA



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