Wednesday, August 26

Monday and Tuesday, August 24-25, 2009

Sorry I don't really remember much of what happened on Monday... busy day at work is all I remember... no planes though... Dentists are stuck here until the plane comes in.

I started to throw up at 3AM and I couldn't hold anything down... at 9AM I ran to the Trident Store to pick up some ginger ale and see if that helps me..... but water, juice, popsicles, ginger ale... everything I put in came right back up... by 1PM, I went to the clinic because I was scared that I would be too dehydrated from all the throwing up... I lost over 5lbs throwing up..... So after getting some blood work done, I was told I was dehydrated and I got an I.V. put in and started to take on a liter of saline water. After about 3 hours the saline bag finally started to empty and I was feeling a lot better. I was sooo tired for being up since 3AM.... not to mention I only got a couple hours sleep. So tonight I'm putting a big bottle of water and some saltines next to the bed and everytime I wake up I'm going to eat 2-3 crackers! Finally by 8PM, I ate oatmeal with a chocolate carnation instant breakfast for a drink.

Today sucked... it was beautiful, sunny with some wind and I was stuck inside feeling like crap all day.... I need to get some Tylenol for my house!! Hoping tomorrow is better... I still never got to make my pies... but my berries are all cleaned and frozen ready to be used!

A great episode of Hell's Kitchen... and a surprising More to Love.... my hubby is trying to get into that Swords show... I'm not big on it....

Again no planes today even though it seemed so beautiful out!! Dentist are stuck for another day, at least they are out picking berries making use of their time! :)

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!!


  1. Hope you're feeling better, April. Nothing feels worse than being nauseated. I'd take pain over that feeling any day!


  2. Hi April, I thought I posted to you on Tuesady but it is GONE!!!!

    Hope you are taking excellent care of yourself, our bodies are designed to bear children, but it really does "max" them out. REST, be healthy and stay happy.


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