Friday, August 7

Friday, August 7, 2009

Well… last night and this morning and all day sucked badly… I hate morning sickness! Why do they call it morning sickness if it’s an all day sickness? I’m tired of throwing up, I’m just straight tired. I didn’t get to sleep that great last night. I swore I was up running to the toilet every hour or so, throwing up anything that I tried to hold down. It was seriously pissing me off by the time we were supposed to be getting up, realizing that I barely slept at all last night!! Darn pregnancy side effects!!! So after getting my hubby up, we went and took the dogs out for a walk. What a beautiful morning. There are no signs of fog, over cast skies, flat calm water. It almost looks like a mirror that’s how flat calm it is today!!

I rode down to the office on my bicycle, pretty quiet out. Didn’t really see a soul on the boardwalk. OMG it smells so fresh and clean!! I love our air! Can’t get any cleaner air!! Plus the sweet smell of the ocean and all the flowers that are in bloom right now. The island is so green, it’s hard to explain how green it can get here!! Probably not going to have a plane this morning, I see from the web cam that it is fogged in over there… darn the weather is so beautiful!

At the office I got the charge slips entered into the book. Cashed a couple people’s checks, and priced up the store order we have coming in tomorrow! Darn I hate feeling so sick. I had to run to the bathroom a couple times – really hope I can get something down at lunch time…

This morning there is a burial service out on our neighboring island of Akun. I guess back in the 60’s or so, I don’t know who, but someone came out and took a couple bodies from Akun. And today they are returning those remains to be properly buried in the area where they were taken. So we had the Father Kashevaroff from Dutch Harbor come over with his wife to do the service. There were a good amount of people who decided that they had the time to go over. I’m sorry but I have to work or else I would have tried to tag along (I figure I can go in the skiff on flat calm days like this!!). They didn’t return until after 2PM. I heard there is a small gathering at John and Zenia’s (they take care of our church over here) with food, I heard anyone can go, but some people are saying it’s only for the people who attended the burial.

For lunch my hubby had chili and I ate on saltine crackers. I need to find something I can hold down… 10 crackers later I was feeling way better, but didn’t feel like trying to eat a meal. How sad, just 10 saltines for lunch and my prenatal vitamin and lots of water!

Back at the office, it was pretty quiet this afternoon. The playground is bustling with kids today, all running around playing tag probably. I love hearing them yell “NOT IT” I so remember doing that when I was their age!!! Brings back some good memories of my childhood!! Town was actually kind of lively this afternoon too!! Lots of people out walking around enjoying the nice calm weather!! Before the end of the day came around, I went down to the laundry mat and collected all the quarters out of the machines (that will be something to do on Monday, count them all up!).

Well I got us hamburger helper double cheeseburger Mac for dinner tonight. Hoping that I’m able to hold it down. I seriously hate that nauseating feeling and definitely not a fan of throwing up!

I’m going to go home and take a nap for a good hour or so, catch up on my zzzz’s from last night! So until Monday, have a great weekend everyone!!!

Sadly, the plane didn’t make any flights today, even though the weather was just beautiful all day!!! We now have patches of blue sky and sunshine! Too bad I’m going to take a nap instead of trying to go out for a hike. But can’t go hiking if I’m too tired to do anything!

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  1. I would have been freaking out if you had blogged you were "now leaving" for the funeral in the skiff since it was a flat calm day, then the blog entry just ended!!! "is she alive, missing, floating adrift, been in an accident" thoughts would have been popping into my head all day long.

    I have also seen reburials of the remains of military service individuals to a proper spot, it is a somber and respectful service.

    Take care enjoy the rest of summer. Email me the camera site you can view the island on if you think of it, would love to check the weather out myself.



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