Friday, August 28

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hey everyone.... I'm slacking a bit and will be checking in once and a while with a post here and there just to update what's going on.

I had a scare with spotting but no pain or cramping so I was told not to worry...

It's been a while since we got a plane, the weather has been pretty windy and cool feeling. Lots of Northerly winds packing a chill with them... making it feel like winter outside!

The Akutan Corp Annual Meeting has been postponed for next week, we dont' have enough ballots in to do the meeting, so we have to wait for more mail to come in.... so there goes those plans....

I've been super busy at work, getting almost all the charge accounts into excel. Which is taking a bit, but I'll eventually get it all done up!!

Ok well I'm looking forward to a great relaxing weekend!! Much luv to you all out there, until I get online again, TTFN!!

Wednesday, August 26

Monday and Tuesday, August 24-25, 2009

Sorry I don't really remember much of what happened on Monday... busy day at work is all I remember... no planes though... Dentists are stuck here until the plane comes in.

I started to throw up at 3AM and I couldn't hold anything down... at 9AM I ran to the Trident Store to pick up some ginger ale and see if that helps me..... but water, juice, popsicles, ginger ale... everything I put in came right back up... by 1PM, I went to the clinic because I was scared that I would be too dehydrated from all the throwing up... I lost over 5lbs throwing up..... So after getting some blood work done, I was told I was dehydrated and I got an I.V. put in and started to take on a liter of saline water. After about 3 hours the saline bag finally started to empty and I was feeling a lot better. I was sooo tired for being up since 3AM.... not to mention I only got a couple hours sleep. So tonight I'm putting a big bottle of water and some saltines next to the bed and everytime I wake up I'm going to eat 2-3 crackers! Finally by 8PM, I ate oatmeal with a chocolate carnation instant breakfast for a drink.

Today sucked... it was beautiful, sunny with some wind and I was stuck inside feeling like crap all day.... I need to get some Tylenol for my house!! Hoping tomorrow is better... I still never got to make my pies... but my berries are all cleaned and frozen ready to be used!

A great episode of Hell's Kitchen... and a surprising More to Love.... my hubby is trying to get into that Swords show... I'm not big on it....

Again no planes today even though it seemed so beautiful out!! Dentist are stuck for another day, at least they are out picking berries making use of their time! :)

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!!

Sunday, August 23

Saturday and Sunday, August 22-23, 2009

What a beautiful weekend! The sun would come out for seconds then be hidden behind the over cast skies, temps in the low 60’s during the day in the low-mid 40’s at night.

Friday night the freighter came in, bringing with it our store order, the Roadhouse’s beer order and some other stuff that some local’s got in. Once we order baby’s furniture the freighter is how we plan on getting everything here. Which means I have to ship out of Seattle and whenever you order online they don’t care about if you’re from Alaska or not… so we don’t get the WA tax exemption for online purchases… so we’ll probably have to pick everything up ourselves on our vacation end of the year and have it shipped home on the freighter.

At about 5AM on Saturday, the state ferry Tustemena made its arrival, then departing to Dutch Harbor for a couple hours then be back later tonight. We were going to go over, but we didn’t have anyone to watch our pups… so we stayed home in bed…. Would have been nice to go over, but oh well… The Cattle Company had their 3 horses come in on the ferry… beautiful animals… so big and powerful but they have these cute big eyes and eye lashes! We stopped by to check them out when the ferry came back in around 7:30PM. My hubby had a dental appointment at 8… before the ferry came in we were out picking salmon berries! We got about 5 one-gallon Ziploc bags full!! Hopefully pick more berries tomorrow!

At the ferry we had a couple people from town come back home, they had been gone almost all summer, and other’s leaving for the winter. We had a couple of the teenage girls take off for school in Anchorage, going to miss having them around. It was pretty chilly down at the ferry with a slight breeze chilling everything off that much more. Not too many tourists on the ferry this time around. Next month should be the last “run” of the year. I had to sit outside the clinic knocking on the door trying to get someone’s attention because my hubby had the house keys and I was locked out! After about 45 mins later I finally got someone’s attention and was able to get the key to the house! I had to get all my salmon berries home, cleaned and in the freezer.

On Sunday the weather was sunny but a bit breezy, but that didn’t stop us from going out berry picking! We were only out for about an hour and half and we got 2 big gallon Ziploc bags full of big moss berries (yay I get to make pie finally!!!!), we got a gallon of big sweet blueberries and another gallon of some huge dark red salmonberries!! We gave a gallon of frozen salmonberries and 2 cups of blue berries to the dentist to take home with them! The rest are for my freezer! I BBQ-ed shish kabobs tonight too, they tasted awesome!!! I didn’t have time to get all the moss berries cleaned so I’ll make my pie tomorrow! The only part that sucked about picking berries was that the wind stopped blowing and it warmed up and all the flies and bugs came out… so we went home… not too bad for only being gone an hour and a half and for starting behind our house and ending behind the school!! Lots more out there to go pick!!

All in all it was a beautiful weekend and I enjoyed getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather. I hope everyone else had a great weekend!! OH... and I started my 3rd month today (Sunday!)!!! Yay!!! I can’t wait to actually start feeling baby start moving. We picked out godparents, but I still have to ask if the person we picked wanted to be krusnamom (godmother) or not… Krusnadad is going to be our friend Iggy – we asked him already and he happily said yes! I picked Igg because both my husband and I grew up around him, hanging out at his house playing video games, board games and card games! He hasn’t had any kids of his own yet, and no one has asked him to be krusna to their babies yet… so we finally agreed (well I had to push my word a bit on the hubby, I think he had someone else in mind but I told him he can pick krusnamom!). I’m so excited I can’t wait to find out what we’re having… a boy? Or a girl? I so want to get everything I need in the colors that are right… I know I like blue but I don’t want to end up having a baby girl and dressing her all in blue just because I like the color then having to deal with people asking if it’s a girl or boy! LOL!! Both of us like green and that’s a pretty neutral color… we’ll wait and I’ll just keep wish listing stuff until we know what colors to get... I’m having fun making registries and adding stuff to it… when the time comes I’ll start knocking stuff off my list of stuff that I want to get! No rush right now… :)

We had one flight on Saturday and didn't have any on Sunday...

Ok well take care everyone!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

Thursday, August 20

Thursday and Friday, August 20-21, 2009

Sorry I've been slacking a bit... the day was great at work and the weather was clear but not sunny. We got 2 flights in.

Another clear day but no sun, feeling chilly out at only 48F this morning, warmed up to 56F by mid day. We got both flights in today. Had a busy day at work.... can't wait to enjoy the weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone!! Until Monday, TTFN!!

Wednesday, August 19

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well can tell summer is here! Woke up to another beautiful morning, calm and clear out with patches of blue sky and the sun coming up over the horizon at 8:30AM. Took the pups out for their morning walk, by 9AM we got back to the house and let the pups back inside. I had a bowl of life cereal for breakfast before heading to work.

At the office this morning, I got all the charge slips entered into the book and looked over the hotel reservations; we should have the dentists arriving today. They were scheduled for yesterday, but at the end of the day I guess the travel agent called my mom and let her know that they were running a day late. Pretty quiet in the office this morning. I got our next store order out to our vendors, I still need to price up what we have coming in this weekend….

On my way home for lunch I noticed the first flight approaching for a landing – wonder if the dentists are on there or not and I hope my mom’s still at the office!! I called to make sure… yay, she’s ready and waiting for them!! For lunch we had poor boy sandwiches, funny how some foods I like taste like hell and other stuff I never liked taste so good!! Sucks when something smells really good, and when I go to eat it, it tastes bad to me… but good to everyone else! I got a call on my answering machine from my mid-wife (nurse) in Anchorage, so I called her back and answered a couple questions and she answered some for me! I’m happy to know that we have the equipment here in our clinic to listen to baby’s heartbeat and I don’t have to get sent out for an ultrasound until my 18th week or so…. I was happy with our conversation… by the time I got off the phone I had to rush my butt back to the office.. it was 5 after 1 already!

I rode back down to the office, a nice warm, sunny day today with barely a breeze, temps only hitting 52F (it got up to 60F last night around 6PM)… hoping it warms up more later… I wouldn’t mind going up the hill and picking enough moss berries to make a pie… I’ve been craving a moss berry pie since we went up the hill and took pix of town and found a bunch way up there… nice big ones way up on top of the hills! The office was pretty quiet. I brought my Post Office till keys down and had an audit done on my till… that took about an hour to do – my till came out great!! When I got back to the Corp office, my mom said I was just in time as she was getting ready to go to her dentist appointment. I love how our clinic is set up and all the great stuff that they have available and how quick they can get set up because we have most of the stuff that they need already! Which helps reduce the amount of equipment that they have to bring with them (the dentists that is).

I feel really sleepy this afternoon, although I slept great last night! The afternoon seemed to go by quickly even though I didn’t seem too busy… I got us everything to bbq up halibut tonight with a boiled potato on the side… nice day to bbq! At 5 PM when I was going home, the second flight was pulling up on the plane ramp! What a beautiful day! The sun is out, the sky is blue and I’m BBQ-ing tonight!! Think we might go up the hill and pick some berries… I really want to make a pie… but we’ll see how ambitious I am…. I think the hubby wanted to mow the yard too….

Ok well have a great night everyone, until tomorrow TTFN!!

Tuesday, August 18

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well another beautiful day! Patchy blue skies with the sun shining brightly offering some great feeling warmth! Not a breeze in the sky, but the clouds way up in the air is booking it across the sky! For the last couple days it’s been low tide in the AM, giving this sweet summery smell with salt water, kelp, flowers and everything else that’s fresh and clean smelling. I love our air… I love our drinking water… I just straight love it here, this is home and August is no better time to come visit! The lush greenery, the deep blue’s of the ocean… the mysterious fog that hangs around the island like a blanket – not to mention the wildlife we’re blessed with! Small finches singing in the morning sun; eagles, sea gulls, crows and miscellaneous ducks quacking, squawking and making all their beautiful and unique sounds; fish jumping in the bay, sea lions playing with each other in little groups… and a lone sea otter floating around… once and a while a fox scampering thru the grass – moving swiftly making it look so easy to get around. Head out the bay and you start to hit colonies of sea birds, ranging from the small Auklets to both species of Puffin (horned and tufted), to the larger albatross… whales and Dall porpoises (humpback and killer whales)… with a background of lush green volcanic islands – parts that are jagged and mountainous and other parts which are flat with barely any hills at all… we have both rocky and sandy beaches… most of the sandy beaches on our island is dark sand while on Akun it’s a lighter yellow sand. I can’t explain the beauty this place holds… you really have to come see it yourself to know what I’m talking about!!

So we let the pups out and brought them back in before heading to the office. This morning was pretty slow, everyone must be out enjoying the weather instead of being inside (lucky them)… My mom had to take the day off… she waited for me to get into the office before going home. I guess she fell off the 4-wheeler this morning and landed hard on her knee and the clinic told her to go home, rest, compress, ice and elevate and to stay off her knee if she can today. So as soon as I got in she went home to take care of her knee… if I need anything I can always call her! My poor mom! I washed all our old towels, hand towels and wash clothes and boxed them up this morning and brought the box down to mail it out. I had to go to the store and buy tape so I can secure the box up, since it was a flimsy box I was reusing again. I hurried up and got the box down to the Post Office, I got there just in time to make it for the mail dispatching on this morning’s plane! Our first flight was on schedule this morning, landing in the bay and pulling up on the ramp at 11:30AM.

For lunch we had tacos… I had mine with yummy Taco Bell Fire sauce!!! I love the slight burning/heat sensation it gives the tacos! My hubby doesn’t like any kind of spicy or hot foods except beef jerky.

Back at the office it was pretty quiet all afternoon. I went and talked with our store manager and told her I needed a list of what we need to order for our next shipment (which leaves Seattle next Friday, the 28th.). So she said she’ll get that to me hopefully by the end of the day. Only a couple phone calls and a couple people who needed to cash their checks – other than that it was quiet and boring in the office and it’s so nice outside… When I was getting off work at 5, I heard the second flight of the day coming in. I made it to the Post Office before they closed to check my mail and noticed my order came in. Yay… got my almond butter, some vanilla granola, dried strawberries and freeze dried fruit cocktail – along with a couple bags of dum dum pops, runts and good’n plentys!! I love their vanilla granola with yogurt or over cereal! And the fruits are always a great thing to be indulging in! Especially when we don’t get them fresh here, dried and freeze dried is the best way to still enjoy the favs that everyone else takes for granted!! Remember, for some of us it’s not as easy to just go down the street to the local grocery store and fill up on all the goodies available to mankind!! Makes me wish I was living in the city so I can have stuff available when I want it… but that also gives me the bad choices like fast food places that I’ve been craving!!

For dinner I got us everything for spaghetti with garlic bread – it’s been awhile since we had that! My hubby was really happy when he saw what I was planning for dinner! Well tonight I have the new episode of Hell’s Kitchen to watch, then the love show More to Love right after that on Fox… definitely worth looking forward to watching the first one!! I love the Chef!

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday and an even better Tuesday night!! Until tomorrow TTFN!!

Monday, August 17

Monday, August 17, 2009

WOW… I just love this time of the year here at home, the weather is so beautiful again this morning. Flat calm water, slightly overcast with patches of blue sky. Its low tide out, giving this sweet salty smell with a little bit of kelp mixed in. I love how it smells during a low tide on a nice summer day! Let the pups out for their morning outing, I think they love nice weather days too… all three of them come running out all excited and happy, then finally finding a place to do their thing. After letting them run around and have some fun, we put them inside and got ready to bike down to the office.

Once at the office I noticed that my mom had gotten almost everything done except payroll (it was downloading an update). I brought down a ziploc baggie filled with a bunch of alaadikax to share with everyone. My mom made sure to pass them out to everyone. I kept hearing great compliments from everyone asking who made them, they tasted great! I make sure to add a little extra sugar in the kneading process to make it sweeter tasting. I recently found out I love to coat them in a cinnamon-sugar coating! Makes it like a dessert. (what did someone tell me they call them down in Louisianna? started with a B I believe). At least I know that they all got eaten up and not just wasted by sitting around in my house not getting eaten up fast enough! LOL... sharing is always a great thing to do anyways!!

I entered the charge slips that I had with the book from the day before, my mom was wondering how come there were none from yesterday… I grabbed them when the store closed last night and put them on top of the ledger book that we enter the invoice numbers and totals into. If she known they were there she said that she would have entered them in. Pretty quiet morning, mostly town people coming up to cash their checks. We had a couple people check out and people check right back in to the hotel. We’re full once again for the next week or so (weather permitting). This afternoon was pretty much just like the morning, except I received a fax of what got shipped from Seattle this last Friday (the 14th) from our vendors, yay… I ordered yogurt… yogurt sounds good…. The freighter should be here this weekend, also the state ferry should be back for its August run this weekend too (the M/T Tustemena). All in all today was a great Monday. We had a good amount of incoming checks (payments) come in and I got all those entered to the right accounts and mailed the receipts back out. Felt productive and busy all day, this made the day go by way too fast!! (This is a good thing and a bad thing… I don’t like when time just seems to blow by... but it also sucks when it’s dragging… LOL!!) Just before getting off work I went over to the Post Office to get my COD from Wal-Mart paid for, it came in on the last plane we had! Yay, I got our new towels in and some toys for the pups and some hand weights… I’m going to wash up all the towels sets we have now and send them to my younger sister tomorrow.

For lunch we had grilled cheese and my hubby had soup with his. For dinner we went to the café and had chicken nuggets… for some reason I’m craving chicken nuggets… and I don’t like to eat chicken that often if at all!! Tasted great with sweet and sour sauce!! :)

Tonight I’m going to jump on my Wii Fit and get a small workout in. I’ve been slowly getting back up on my game and making sure to stay in shape. Feels great to be able to work out… I kind of stopped once I found out I was expecting because I didn’t know if it was safe or not…. But I was given the go ahead to work out, just not to exert myself…. I have to be able to talk and workout at the same time then I know I’m not working too hard! I was really feeling guilty from not working out and watching all the hard work I’ve been doing just pile back on.

We moved into the other bedroom adjacent from the master bedroom over the weekend. I didn’t want our baby’s room to be one of the cold rooms and the only warm room is our South facing master bedroom… so we decided it was best for us to just move our bed and all our stuff over to the other room – which is going to take a while. We still have to find a rod for the hanger for the closet, we forgot to pick one of those up, but we picked up enough closet brackets to get it ready! I made a double layer closet so I can hang both my shirts on the top rod and my pants and stuff on the bottom. The closet in the m/bdr is too small and we ended up having piles on the floor that we’d “dig” thru to find what we want. So I’m happy that I’ll have a bigger closet though! The view isn’t as great, just looking up the slope of the hill... makes me want to do something with our backyard since we’re looking at it more… LOL!

Ok well until tomorrow, have a great Monday night everyone!! TTFN!!

OH and we got 2 flights in today, right on schedule with their 11:30 and 4:30 flights!! I heard there was a small amount of mail on each plane and a couple passengers (must be people for Trident, we don't have anyone coming in for the hotel!).

Saturday and Sunday, August 15-16, 2009

Had a great weekend. We had some planes that came in... beautiful weather....

sorry I'm getting lazy to be writing my blog and not having internet at home is making it hard to get time to get my blog posted. Blame it on my pregnancy... lol... I'm always tired and wanting to take a nap during the day since I'm up throwing up most the night with "morning sickness". Hard to keep small meals in my stomach constantly... but I have to try...

I made alaadikax (fried bread) on Sunday! I'll bring some up to the office tomorrow to share with everyone!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! TTFN!

Friday, August 14

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's our Anniversary today.. we've been together for 13 years, married for one!!!

I will be sure to get the rest of this filled out when I have the time!!! Thank you!!

Have a great Weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, August 13

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well woke up this morning to over cast skies and some of the usual morning fog, there is a slight breeze blowing in the bay, my thermometer reads 48F… took the dogs out for their morning walk – there was fresh dew on the grass and the boardwalk looks like it’s drying off, must have been raining last night sometime. After letting the dogs do their thing and putting them back inside the house, I got ready to go to work.

The office was really quiet all day. I had maybe a total of 6 phone calls all for the hotel, one was a wrong number. I had maybe a total of 3 people come up to cash their checks. Between my mother and me we pretty much got everything done in the office that needed to be worked on, so now just sit and wait for customers and for the phone to ring!

At lunch we went to the café, I had an egg flower soup and a salad and my hubby had a chicken burger, not too busy today – yesterday the place was packed with Trident employees!

I heard that it’s too foggy in between the islands for a plane today, but it seems nice enough! There are a couple people in the hotel that are waiting to get back out, they are looking for a boat I think but I don’t know of any traffic this time of the year – never know though.. Once in a while you get lucky and find a big boat that takes 4 hours to get to Dutch instead of 6 hours like on the smaller boats!

This afternoon was super boring – nothing really to do… I tried to re-arrange my desk around and clean out some of the files and put the oldest ones in the storage area. Other than that, a lot of sitting around yawning trying to make the day go faster.

So far I haven’t been having any food aversions that I’ve noticed nor have I been having any noticeable cravings other than ice cream and frozen treats. I have been noticing that I’m starting to fill in a bit in the stomach area (unless it’s just bloat). I am patiently waiting for my baby to start “showing”. I want to get some cute clothes for when I start to get bigger – they have some cute ones out there with cute sayings spelled over the belly where the baby is!! I’m making sure to rub my body butter into my skin every night to help nourish my skin as its being stretched out to fit baby. I have friends who didn’t use any cocoa butter or anything and they paid for it with lots of ugly stretch marks… so I’m hoping to try to help my body not get scarred as badly from the stretching by buttering it up. So far I’ve been using Palmers Cocoa Butter formula, but I just ordered some Oh Baby! Belly butter from – it has cocoa butter to soften and smooth skin, shea butter to strengthen and firm connective tissues, and mango butter to protect and moisturize – it also has calendula infused oil to regenerate torn skin tissue and rosehip oil (which is rich in Vitamin C) to promote skin healing. I figured the other 2 butters in it would be better than just using cocoa butter alone plus the added benefit of the 2 oils….. :) As long as I’m helping my skin I’m happy and hopefully it makes a difference than not doing it!! Another thing on my to get list is to go bra shopping… OK... LMAO... I have to share this joke one friend said to me one time. I was bitching about its hard to find bras in my size, let alone cute ones – and do you know what his response was? He told me to go out and buy wire coat hangers and sheets and make my own. I was mortified and turned so red, and then I couldn’t stop laughing. Now every time I think about bra shopping, his little saying pops into my head and makes me giggle to myself. Coat hangers and sheets… LOL!!

Not sure what I want to cook for dinner. I’ve been wanting halibut chowder but I think we’ll have that tomorrow for our Anniversary dinner! (Tomorrow we’ll have been together for 14 years – married for 1). I still can’t believe that we’re still together and going strong after all these years, we’ve been together for half of our lives, almost all of our adult lives!!! I couldn’t love him anymore than I already do and I thank him every day for making my life awesome and giving me someone to share all those special moments with!!! I love how our life has turned out so far and I can’t wait to see how great a dad he’s going to be!!! He’s already talking about reading books and poems to baby here in a couple months (once the books say baby’s ears are listening) and making sure that he gets to interact with baby and make a friendship before baby is born (he liked the saying of this one dad in the book that said “the day the baby was born was like meeting someone you spoke to only over the phone!”). I’m so happy and excited that he wants to be so involved!! Makes me really proud to know that he’s almost more ready to have this baby than I am!!! And I believe I’m pretty prepared (well what all my friends, the books and websites could prep me with), mentally and physically to be able to raise a child in a loving home with lots of learning opportunities. I know what a great kid I was and how I was into so much stuff and I hope our baby takes after me and wants to just absorb as much info as possible and be a brainiac like his/her momma!!! :) I love school and can’t wait to start “training” and teaching my baby everything I can!!

Well around 5PM I got a call saying that the plane was going to try. So I have to check some people out of the hotel and get the people that are coming in checked in. Happy to know that I have a reliable cleaning crew to take care of things inbetween guests, all I have to do is ask and it doesn't really matter what time it is (of course my hubby probably wouldn't want to come home listening to me bitch so of course he's going to get it done!).. (wink, wink).... wonder if they are bringing mail or not? I'm still waiting for a COD we send down when we were last in Anchorage.... hoping it comes in soon!!!

Ok well I hope everyone has a great Thursday!! Until Tomorrow, TTFN!!!

Wednesday, August 12

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wow what a beautiful morning to wake up to!! The sky is this beautiful blue color with wisps of clouds, the sun is coming up way to the North behind the hills, the breeze is whispering just slightly, giving a slight ripple on the top of the almost smooth water in the bay. Looks like today is definitely going to be a nice day compared to last night. It started to blow around 6PM, pushing big gusts of wind up against the house! We took the pups out to do their thing, and then we went in snacked on some leftovers for breakfast then headed down to the office.

My mom had gotten the charge slips in today and she also took care of all the incoming mail. I mostly just took care of phone calls, hotel reservations and getting the outgoing mail ready to be dropped off. I had a couple people come up to cash their checks, but a pretty slow morning. I’m hoping the day goes by fast and the weather stays beautiful so we can go for a hike or a picnic after I get off work!!

We had 2 planes come in around 11:15AM; I heard it was mostly people with some mail. I hope my movies came in. I wasn’t able to make it to the post office while the counter was open to get my COD’s out so I will make sure to get that done today too…

For lunch I had can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meat balls (I like it for some reason….) and my hubby had chili.

Back at the office this afternoon, both my mom and I were complaining about having to be at work on such a nice day. I feel so sleepy but I slept good last night for once!! Actually didn’t wake up feeling sick or too hungry, so I must have eaten enough last night before going to sleep. Hard to stuff myself before going to bed… not something I’m used to … I didn’t really have any phone calls, and no one really came up to cash their checks… almost wish I could go home but I wouldn’t get paid if I wasn’t here! Temps are only in the mid 50’s but it feels good outside!

Tonight I’m going to make some banana sorbet with the last of my ripe bananas! Figured I’d coat it with chocolate syrup and it should be the bomb!! I’ve been drinking lots of orange juice and milk (since I know one is a good source of vitamin C and the other calcium and protein!) and trying to cut down on my Mountain Dew habit. Hard to cut something out of your life that you love so much!!

So we did some baby furniture window shopping in some of the catalogs we have at home and I looked around online this weekend. We’ll probably have to have it shipped to Seattle and sent here on the freighter. Easiest way to get big items here. Hopefully this weekend we should be moving most of our stuff out of our current bedroom to the room across from ours. I would like our baby to have the warmer room (the south facing bedroom), we can always bundle up in our blanket if we get cold! The room is a little smaller but that’s ok. Just have to get everything in that room cleaned out and moved, then get all the stuff transferred over. Then we can get the baby’s room painted and start ordering furniture! Yay!!

Well I got a couple movies in that I was waiting for, so I know what I’m watching tonight. I also ordered some goodies from, they have this awesome almond butter, delish vanilla granola and lots of great dried fruit that I’ve been wanting! So I ordered some, hopefully have it in a week or two (weather permitting). Also ordered this thing called a bella band, it’s like a tube top that you wear over the tops of your pants and your belly so you don’t “pop” out of the bottom of your shirts. Also great when its used folded over its self to hold pre-pregnancy pants on, especially if you want to unbutton them!!!! (I got it from

Not sure what we’re going to eat for dinner. It’s so beautiful out might just bbq, never know – see what sounds good when the time comes! I’m just happy that the weather is still nice and I’m hoping to go on a hike later today. We need to get our lawn mowed too!! The plane should be back here between 5-6 then they will be done for the day.

Well I had a great Wednesday!! I hope everyone else had a great day!!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

PS I took a pic of what it looked like at sunrise this morning, when blogger lets me I'll get it posted!!!

Pictures from the last couple days

August 8, 2009

A foggy August 8th in Akutan, AK

A foggy August 8th in Akutan, AK
August 10, 2009

One of the only posted speed limit signs in Akutan!

Hanging minkin grass to dry

Dante on patrol on our hike!

Moss Berries are starting to get big!
Almost ready to harvest if you can find enough!

I swear they think they are Tug's size!
Tug, Roscoe and Dante on a hike with us!

Pic of what the ground looks like up on the hill.
Lots of rocks and moss

Trident Seafoods

From right to left: Trident Seafoods, Trident church, the plane ramp, City Fuel storage tanks, the Roadhouse and the boat moorage.

From right to left: Roadhouse, The big building holds the Post Office, Store, Corp Office (my office), Cattle Company Office, Akutan Fisheries Association, and Harbor Master Office. Above you can see our City Dock and boat moorage. The satelites are for internet, cable and telephone.

This would be looking just left of the pic above, towards the main part of town. Most the building on the right are residental houses - on the far left you can see the City Office building, the big blue building is owned by the Corp - but it houses the hotel rooms on the second floor and the Tribal office on the first floor. On the right of the Corp building is the Clinic and above that next to the beach is the "Cop shop". Next to both of those is the cafe which is the grey building with the green roof. The big white one story building with a blue roof is the Salmonberry Inn. On the top right you can see our Power station where the City Generator's are located, next to the generators is the City's garage and gas storeage area (were we get our gasoline!)

Looking farther left (East) towards where the school is (the big white building with a blue roof on the left), the green building that isn't finished being painted is where the VPSO and teachers reside when they come here, the 2 story building infront of that (on the left of the City Building) is where Darryl Peterson stays (upstairs) and the down stairs is rented out. Down the East end of Akutan you can see the 4-plex, barely see the library building and the rest of the houses (where my house is located!) and way down at the end of the boardwalk is the incinerator.

Nice Close up of the church.

Looking closer at the boardwalks and houses.
The salmonberry inn on the bottom left.
My parents yard is mowed grass, the darker stuff to the bottom of their yard is what salmonberry bushes look like, near the beach consists of mostly tall grass.

Some more of the houses and part of the ballfield (top right)

The Corp building on the far left, you can see the stairs that lead to the hotel rooms and 3 of the rooms on this side of the building.. The 2 buildings near the beach is the VPSO building and the garage for the emergency vehicles and equipment. The building that has the same looking roof is the clinic. The grey building is the cafe. There are 2 steambaths in this picture too, one across from the little red shack, and another near the bottom next to the brown house. The building on the far right is the Salmonberry Inn.

The school is on the far left. On the far right is the City Offices, The green building is what we call the duplex (where the teachers and VPSO stay).

A close up of our City Dock and the small boat moorage.

The Simeon M Vincler Small Boat Moorage

Looking at the East end of Akutan. The old incinerator is the small blue building on the bottom right, the new incinerator is the bigger blue building near the top of the pic. The little white building near the road that leads to the 4plex is the hydroelectric plant. The green roof building on the bottom right is our water treatment plant. The 4plex is the big 2 story building "on the hill" as I put it, past it with the tan roof and cream paint is the multiplex building that holds our museum, library, arts and crafts and rec-center. Past that is 7 more residental houses (one of which I live in!!) Doesn't my yard look great??? Nice cut grass, looks part of a golf course!

Some of the biggest trees that were planted here a long time ago, these ones are located behind the school, there are 3 total, in this pic is 2 of the 3.

Looking at town from up on the hill behind the school.

The same shot behind the school just with the third tree that's growing behind the school.

Looking down the steep trail that leads up/down the side of the hill.
August 11, 2009

Woke up to a foggy morning....
so I took a pic, see if it lifts later.....

The fog lifted this much by lunch time. Clear enough for a plane!

Both of the planes on the ramp, off loading all the mail they brought over.
That van is one of the only 3-4 cars that are on the island!
OK, question.... I have some pictures that are viewer discretion (the ones with the sea lion being butchered up) and I didn't know if I should post them or not because I didn't want to offend anyone... so should I just not post them or post them with a disclaimer notice? :) Please let me know what you think!!
Hope you liked the pix everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 11

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday to my Auch/Cousin Halie Hana!!

Well woke up to a super foggy morning, can barely see town when we got up and walked the pups around 7:30AM. By 9AM the fog looked like it might lift and the sun might, just might, come out today!! We let the pups do their thing, then took then out again just before heading down to the office. They always seem so happy to go outside and bark at nothing! Well just the 2 little ones come out barking, Tug patiently waits for one of us to grab his “chuck-it” ball launcher.

Rode down to the office on my bike, saw a good amount of Trident employees walking around, the café must be packed and busy already (and probably will be all day!!). I got to the office and was practically just cashing checks all morning. It seemed like one after the other they would come up. One guy asked to borrow a piece of paper and asked to use a pen. I thought he meant use the pen right here… he didn’t speak English that great – so I didn’t try to stop him when he left my office with my pen! Always seems like my pens “walk” out of the office… I try to keep them on chains taped to my desk so they don’t “steal” them!!

Around 11:30AM I heard that 2 planes were on the way, I have to get my blood work done still (I hate needles…) so I called the clinic and asked them what they wanted to do. They told me to come down now, so I did. They finished taking my blood just in time for me to make it down to the planes as they were pulling up on the ramp. My cousin is taking off for school, so I wanted to go see her before she left!

We ordered chicken nuggets from the café and didn’t get our order until quarter to one (we ordered at noon), so we had to scarf our food down so that we can make it to work on time!!

Back at the office it was pretty quiet. I was mostly cashing checks and answering the phone and making mass copies for my mom for the shareholders packets that she’s getting ready to mail out. There was nothing but mail that came in on both of those planes that came in!! The Post Office closed its counters to customers so that they can get the mail sorted, so we had a bunch of people coming to the store and to my office asking about the Post Office and when it’s going to open back up. We don’t know when they will finish…. But I hope my movies finally came in!! I’m getting our COD’s out that we send down from Wal-Mart. I am missing some stuff we sent down still, hope they didn’t send them to some other village (they do that sometimes). I didn’t realize that the charge slips were put in the wrong spot and never got entered so I hurried up and got those all entered!

Wow I cashed a lot of checks today. A lot of the elders got their monthly checks in, almost a week late! Then after counting all the cash from the Roadhouse, I made them a check. Always good when we get the cash back so it can circulate once again when people get paid! Today seemed to go by pretty fast! Yay, the Chef is on tonight, Chef Ramsey that is!!! Another episode of Hell’s Kitchen debuts tonight, along with another episode of More to Love, and some America’s Got Talent. I got us everything for tacos tonight, fire sauce sounds good right now!! I didn’t get my movies in, but did get some of my “junk” magazines (OK and Star) so I can read up on what’s going on in Hollywood and what the stars are doing!

Once blogger stops being a pain and lets me upload my pix, I’ll be sure to get that post published as soon as I can!!

Oh, I forgot… last night there was a “hunt” and someone caught a sea lion and almost the whole town was down on the beach helping butcher it up (I just think people didn’t want to miss out so they were all waiting for their turn). A pretty big sea lion. My hubby doesn’t want me eating it while I’m pregnant. Not sure why but OK I guess I can wait 9 months to have sea lion soup….. I went down and took some pix of the butchered up carcass and of a couple locals preparing cuts of meat and a pix of the flippers (I moved them and set them up and it almost looked like a bird… lol). Then we went for a good 2 hour hike up the hill, had a picnic way up there (had PB&J) then came back down behind town – took a lot of great photos of town. The pups were so happy to go with us, we keep the little ones on leashes still incase eagles see them and try to come in for the kill – I’ll at least be able to yank them back closer to me where it’s safer!! I think it’s cute how they think they are the size of a lab!! So like I said once I get photos uploaded I’ll get them published ASAP so I can share those pix with everyone!

Well I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, I was hoping for sunshine but the fog rolled back down and cooled it off to about 45F. Feels colder though with the slight breeze that fog is carrying with it!! So until tomorrow, TTFN!!

Monday, August 10

Monday, August 10, 2009

Well woke up to a slightly foggy morning, the fog doesn’t look too thick – so maybe the sun will burn it off by mid-day (hopefully). There is a slight look of blue sky thru the fog, its flat calm out – not a breeze blowing thru the crisp smelling air. There is a group of sea lions hanging out in front of town, probably eating on pink salmon. I felt slightly sick this AM, but fixed that feeling by eating a piece of toast with some orange juice. Took the pups out to do their thing, they are so cute when they aren’t even fully awake, stumbling and stretching before chasing each other around.

After putting the pups away, I rode down to the office. I did the usual morning routine – then I figured I’d get the bank reconciliation work ready for June since that’s the only bank statement that we’ve gotten in so far. I’ll do that this afternoon. I also have all those quarters to count up too. I had a couple people come up to cash their checks – my mom had payroll done already by the time I got in.

For lunch I got us a can of salmon from the store to make salmon spread with. Quick, easy and healthy! The sun is already starting to burn thru the fog, warming it up to about 55F, hoping it gets warmer later so I can go for a walk with the pups and pick some more salmonberries!

Back at the office it was pretty quiet. I worked on the bank reconciliation work that I got ready this morning, finished that up before the end of the day. Other than that a lot of answering phones. I got this one rude call from some lady who was calling for my mom. She was all like “Have her call me back”. And I asked “What’s your name and number so I can have her call you” and the lady didn’t tell me who she was or nothing but just told me “she has my number!” Again I asked “what’s your name and a contact number?” Again she was like “You should have my contact information!!” Now she’s getting mad at me, because she’s not telling me who she is - it’s not my fault I don’t know who I’m talking to!!! So again I asked “Can I get your name and number?” Now she’s really getting mad at me – I don’t know why… but she was… it was the last straw when she told me that I was being rude… what was I being rude about? I was asking for her name and number so my mom can call her back. So after she said I was rude I said “Well if you quit being an airhead and listen to me, I’m asking for your name and contact number, now if I could please get that, I will pass the message on when I see my mother!” The lady hung up on me!!!! OMG, what was her problem? That call totally gave me a headache, so I took a small break and got a candy bar to snack on – a York peppermint patty to be exact!

After getting the bank work done up, I had to call the phone company and get the Fisheries phone hooked back up. I forgot I got a new card in and didn’t call them to give them my new expiration date. So I have to get that done up before end of the day. Looking at the sun shining outside makes me wish I could take my hike now! But I’ll probably have to take a quick nap once I get home, I already feel sleepy… Fixing the phone didn’t take too long, just call the companies and give them the new card number and expiration date and the 3 digit security code on the back and I was done. :)

Oh, I’m also sorry that I didn’t get my blog posted for the weekend… hopefully have it posted tomorrow, I don’t have time today sorry….. Today was a busy day, at least the day seemed to go by fast! So until tomorrow, TTFN! Have a great Monday everyone!! I also have a couple pix I wanted to get posted too… hopefully I have time to get all that done up tomorrow!

Sunday, August 9

Saturday and Sunday, August 8-9, 2009

Saturday and Sunday, August 8-9, 2009

Well both days the weather was pretty nice, slightly foggy but calm and warm. On Saturday there was a BBQ at the ball field held by the clinic. They had hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, spaghetti and some bacon wrapped fish. I didn’t know it was going on or else I would have brought something! The sun didn’t come out and we all had a bbq in the fog!

Sunday was pretty nice. The sun decided to come out and warm it up outside. We went for a hike with the pups, picking salmonberries along the way. I swear I can get enough to make some jam already!! They are getting sweet too!! So cute to watch Tug pick berries!! We need to eventually get our yard cut up, my hubby wanted to do it when we got back, but I told him the sun would go down and he’d get swarmed with bugs again like last time, so he decided next time. Around 11PM we walked the pups and noticed a bonfire on the beach in town, so we put the little ones away and brought Tug with us to see what was going on. We got down to find all the kids down there with Lisa roasting marshmallows! So we sat there with Lisa and bs-ed for a bit and enjoyed some of the marshmallows (Tug was eating some too, silly dog), we eventually made it home before midnight. That was fun!! My camera battery was dead or I would have taken pix!

Well I enjoyed the weekend!! Hoping we have more nice days, hopefully get some flying days, we only got 1 plane in this month…. I’m just waiting on new movies!! :D

Ok that’s really all we did this weekend… hope everyone else had a great time!

Friday, August 7

Friday, August 7, 2009

Well… last night and this morning and all day sucked badly… I hate morning sickness! Why do they call it morning sickness if it’s an all day sickness? I’m tired of throwing up, I’m just straight tired. I didn’t get to sleep that great last night. I swore I was up running to the toilet every hour or so, throwing up anything that I tried to hold down. It was seriously pissing me off by the time we were supposed to be getting up, realizing that I barely slept at all last night!! Darn pregnancy side effects!!! So after getting my hubby up, we went and took the dogs out for a walk. What a beautiful morning. There are no signs of fog, over cast skies, flat calm water. It almost looks like a mirror that’s how flat calm it is today!!

I rode down to the office on my bicycle, pretty quiet out. Didn’t really see a soul on the boardwalk. OMG it smells so fresh and clean!! I love our air! Can’t get any cleaner air!! Plus the sweet smell of the ocean and all the flowers that are in bloom right now. The island is so green, it’s hard to explain how green it can get here!! Probably not going to have a plane this morning, I see from the web cam that it is fogged in over there… darn the weather is so beautiful!

At the office I got the charge slips entered into the book. Cashed a couple people’s checks, and priced up the store order we have coming in tomorrow! Darn I hate feeling so sick. I had to run to the bathroom a couple times – really hope I can get something down at lunch time…

This morning there is a burial service out on our neighboring island of Akun. I guess back in the 60’s or so, I don’t know who, but someone came out and took a couple bodies from Akun. And today they are returning those remains to be properly buried in the area where they were taken. So we had the Father Kashevaroff from Dutch Harbor come over with his wife to do the service. There were a good amount of people who decided that they had the time to go over. I’m sorry but I have to work or else I would have tried to tag along (I figure I can go in the skiff on flat calm days like this!!). They didn’t return until after 2PM. I heard there is a small gathering at John and Zenia’s (they take care of our church over here) with food, I heard anyone can go, but some people are saying it’s only for the people who attended the burial.

For lunch my hubby had chili and I ate on saltine crackers. I need to find something I can hold down… 10 crackers later I was feeling way better, but didn’t feel like trying to eat a meal. How sad, just 10 saltines for lunch and my prenatal vitamin and lots of water!

Back at the office, it was pretty quiet this afternoon. The playground is bustling with kids today, all running around playing tag probably. I love hearing them yell “NOT IT” I so remember doing that when I was their age!!! Brings back some good memories of my childhood!! Town was actually kind of lively this afternoon too!! Lots of people out walking around enjoying the nice calm weather!! Before the end of the day came around, I went down to the laundry mat and collected all the quarters out of the machines (that will be something to do on Monday, count them all up!).

Well I got us hamburger helper double cheeseburger Mac for dinner tonight. Hoping that I’m able to hold it down. I seriously hate that nauseating feeling and definitely not a fan of throwing up!

I’m going to go home and take a nap for a good hour or so, catch up on my zzzz’s from last night! So until Monday, have a great weekend everyone!!!

Sadly, the plane didn’t make any flights today, even though the weather was just beautiful all day!!! We now have patches of blue sky and sunshine! Too bad I’m going to take a nap instead of trying to go out for a hike. But can’t go hiking if I’m too tired to do anything!

Thursday, August 6

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well woke up to a foggy morning, slightly warm feeling out there though… so maybe the sun will offer enough heat to burn the fog off… maybe…. The boardwalk is wet, so it was obviously raining at one point last night, but it has dried up at 9AM. We let the pups out, they got soaked in the wet grass but they didn’t seem to mind. I’m so tired of waking up puking up stomach acid and foam (seriously need to put crackers or something near my bed). After I get something to eat in me I usually feel better.

So I rode my bicycle down to the office, even though my hubby didn’t like the idea… once at the office, I got the charge slips entered into the book and went over the invoices for what we have coming in this weekend. I’ll be sure to get those priced up tomorrow. I really wish our vendors would let us know what we have to reorder in time for our next order, instead of letting us know after their order deadline…. So anything that didn’t get shipped this week will go on the sailing after the next one we get…. Uggggg… that’s how we run out of stuff for long periods of time…. The office seemed pretty quiet this morning, we got a couple calls from people who are supposed to have arrived for the hotel, guess they are still stuck in Anchorage….. How come all the flights to Dutch are booked up? Our telephone tech guy said he couldn’t get a flight out until end of the month!!

For lunch we went to the café. I had my usual and the hubby had chicken nuggets. The café was pretty quiet, not many people eating for there (mostly to go orders).

Back in the office this afternoon was pretty quiet. We cleaned up a bit, vacuumed and dusted. I made sure there was paper in all the machines and made more blank copies of my daily sheets. Around 4 the fog finally lifted enough for the plane to try a flight! Around 5 the plane finally made it in!!! They brought a lot of mail and a couple people for our hotel!

Last night I bugged my dad and told him that when he goes fishing I want like 5 good sized halibut for my freezers (since I’m prego and my hubby don’t want me in the skiff anymore since it’s usually a really bumpy ride, depending on the seas). So I made sure to keep bugging my dad and letting him know what size I want (which is the size that he usually considers a money fish and would like to deliver it not give it to me!). So hopefully when he goes out I’ll be able to fill my freezer up!

Didn’t really have anything for dinner, ate junk food. Which isn’t a really good idea for me to be doing… I already know I'm going to be paying for it tonight and in the AM (morning sickness!)

Well today was a great day!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

The load of halibut that my dad was
getting ready to deliver to the cannery.

Salmonberries are starting to ripen,
here are a couple turning red!
The kids are already finding ripe ones!

One of the little strawberries that I planted in my old BBQ.
They are about the size of a nickle at the biggest, tiny little things!

The IntelliGender Test

The IntelliGender Test

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So does anyone think this actually works and if I should get it or not....

probably not... I never heard of this before.. so I figured I'd share it and ask! :)

April Dawn

Wednesday, August 5

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well woke up to another crappy day… the wind is blowing but at least it looks like it’s drying up (must have been raining last night or early this AM). It’s pretty foggy out, temps in the low 50’s. We let the pups out for the usual morning walk, after they did their thing we put them inside and proceeded down to the office. I don’t know how many people are bitching at me today about how they don’t want me riding a bicycle anymore, especially when the boardwalk is a little wet. Didn’t really feel sick this morning, thank goodness!

Got down to the office and first thing I have to do today is get the store order out to our vendors. We were just finalizing the order yesterday, making sure we have everything we’re out of put on order. Other than that not much to get done today… We have people who should be coming in to fill our hotel next flyable day (I haven’t heard anything about anyone coming over on a boat yet). After getting the charge slips entered in the book, I sat around and waited for lunch hour to roll around.

For lunch we had cream of mushroom soup over toasted white bread. I need to start eating wheat bread or at least some kind of whole grain bread! We didn’t eat our sloppy joes last night and instead went to the café for a salad and soup for me and my hubby decided he wanted a big breakfast. Tonight we’ll cook up that hamburger and make our sloppy joes!

On my way back to the office I whacked my knee good on my handle bars, ended up getting a cramp in my thigh... ended up walking my bike for a bit. Walking past my in-law’s house, my little bro-in-law came running out of the house asking me if I wanted to see the new kitten that was just born. I was like “WHAT?!?!” and went running in the house. Right when I got there the cat was giving birth to a second kitten. Pretty gross how it comes out in that sack, then the female eats the sack open and the kitten starts to make sounds and she eats the afterbirth. Looks like she has more in her, but I have to get to work! So I asked for a kennel and a towel so I can move the cat from the closet to somewhere where they can keep track of the kittens (in the closet she was up on a pile of clothes and a kitten could have rolled a couple feet to the floor, best to have her in a kennel.). I told them I’d come by after work and see how she was doing, guess she was in labor for the last hour or so. I figured as long as she’s comfortable in the kennel and has her kitties with her the rest of the birthing process shouldn’t be as stressful. What a miracle it is, the whole giving birth to another life and everything. Makes me love the little bundle of cells growing inside me that much more and marvel at the drastic changes the baby makes in just a week!!

So far I have only a couple people who tell me I’m having a girl, the rest say boy. I figure girl – both my sister’s had girls… and my dad had all girls… and most my aunts and uncles had a majority of girls… I think my hubby wants a boy – even though he keeps telling me that it doesn’t matter to him either, that’s the feeling I get is he wants a boy more than a girl. If I have a girl she can hang out with her other female cousins!! If I have a boy, he can go play with his male second cousins (well he’d be the second cousin). I don’t really care what I have, I still want twins… but once I have my ultrasound we’ll get an idea of how many babies are growing inside me (I’m hoping hard for 2!! But I’ll be just as happy with one!) I just say as long as my baby is born healthy with no complications, I’ll be a happy momma with either sex!!! Girls seem more fun (dressing them up and stuff) but boys almost seem easier to deal with, I know my parents wanted a boy and my in-laws tried hard for another girl, LOL… I just want 2 babies total… you should have seen the look on my hubby’s face when I asked when are we having our second! I want our kids to be close in age, but I don’t want to get pregnant right after having a baby… I told him when the time comes we’ll talk more about it. Right now I’m just excited and happy that we’re even expecting a baby in the first place and I want to enjoy every moment!!

I didn’t get on my Wii Fit last night… I seriously need to keep up on my workout schedule; I need to try for at least 3-4 times a week. I just don’t know what kind of exercise I’m allowed to do, I know I’m not supposed to exert myself or push myself too hard. I’ll do some of the yoga, but even that I’m not sure is safe… I know the boxing is safe…. So hopefully I get my butt in gear and get a workout done today.

Boring day at the office, made the day feel like it just dragged… I told my hubby that I want to start taking a small nap when I get off work so I’m not as tired so early at night! Seems like right around 9PM I’m talking about laying down, until I realize that it’s only 9!!! So I think it’s time for me to schedule in naps during the day so I’m not so tired. I know I’m getting enough sleep at night. LOL, I’m trying to get all the time I can sleeping on my tummy now (thanks for the advice Jess). I didn’t think about that until she said something to me! LOL….

Ok well, no planes today. The fog and wind never went away, temps stayed in the mid 50’s (but people were complaining all day about how it felt really cold out today compared to the last couple days, must just be the northerly wind chill). The kids (and my mom) are finding ripe salmonberries, most the strawberries are ready to be picked and I haven’t looked at the blueberry bushes or the moss berries yet. All signs that fall is moving in on us. Our fireweed is just starting to put the pink petals out but it hasn’t opened/bloomed yet (I see in CB’s blog DHD that the fireweed is blooming on my neighboring island!)

Oh and I don’t know how we did it, when we did it or what… but I’m tearing my house apart searching like heck for the TV remote… we both swore it was just right there on our table… but then I went to change the channel and we couldn’t find it anywhere… I mean we literally tore the house apart searching for it last night… so today is put the house back together! I feel guilty letting the hubby clean it by himself when I know I helped make that mess!! At least there isn’t anything too important/interesting to watch on TV tonight other then Discovery’s Shark Week shows!

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

PS. AK STEVE (A Sense of Place) has an awesome post about the Goose!! I would like for everyone to check it out please and let him know I sent you his way!! (Click here if you didn't click on his name!) And Steve that is so true, with as many beautiful pix of the island you can take, it's hard to pick out a handful to share!! Love the post Steve!!! Hope everyone else does too!!

Tuesday, August 4

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Woke up to a slightly windy, definitely foggy morning. Looks like it was raining and is just now starting to try to dry up… looks like the weather wants to get really crappy but who knows what it will do. I let the pups out to do their thing – played some catch then eventually brought them inside. I’ve been having slight morning sickness when I wake up in the AM, but I think I just have to munch on something in the middle of the night – seeing that I’m now waking up at least once a night to go pee :P

I’ve been slacking on my Wii Fit since I found out I was pregnant… I don’t really want to push myself too hard and hurt myself or the new little bundle of cells growing inside of me. Tonight I think I’ll do some of the yoga poses, some boxing and 20 min of stepping – I can’t just stop working out!! I want to keep toning my muscles – that way I will be more prepared when I give birth! I’ve been taking my prenatal vitamins since I stopped taking my birth control last year. Felt really weird to replace one with the other! But I figured it was best for the baby that I get as healthy as I could, even if that meant taking prenatals for almost a year before conceiving! My hair and nails have been growing great!!! I already eat pretty healthy (other than all the fries I eat with my French Dips, I had a salad instead of fries the other day!). I’ve been trying to slowly switch over from Mountain Dew to milk and water… not an easy transition but one that I will slowly conquer!

I got down to the office this morning a little early, I wanted to finish up getting billing done up before the store opened. So I rushed, printed and enveloped the bills and in the process obtained a paper cut (owww) but I got all the bills down in the store before Eva opened! Yay!! After getting that done I got all the charge slips into the charge book (still waiting on our office order so I can get my new fiscal year files in the charge book and store the sheets that are in there right now.) The phone seemed like it was ringing off the hook this morning. Mostly people confirming their reservations, others changing reservations and some unfortunately getting turned away because we’re full during the days they want to come out. I always say they can bring a tent, but we don’t have a place for people to shower or use the bathroom if they are camping out (something our city should maybe look into, it would also be nice to have some payphones on the island! We used to when I was a kid but I don’t know why they took them away??)

For lunch I made us poor boy sandwiches on a sesame seed bun with Swiss cheese!! Tasted great, tonight for dinner I have sloppy Joes on the menu! OH yea, some great TV tonight!! There are so many different shows that are starting up – First of all Hell’s Kitchen has a new batch of chefs ready to battle it out, America’s Got Talent is getting really good, then the second episode of More to Love… and I can’t remember right now, but something else was supposed to premier tonight (my hubby should know, I’ll ask him tonight). And if those don’t spark my interest, my movies came in on the last plane and we didn’t get to watch all of them yet. So at least I know I have something to look forward to after work… I told my hubby that it’s probably best that I just not to go steam bath anymore. It’s way too tempting for me to want to take in a lot of heat and I don’t want to be “cooking” my baby inside me! So guess I can wait until after baby is born…

Back at the office this afternoon, it was really quiet compared to this morning! The phone only rang a handful of times, a couple calls were wrong number calls. Always funny when it’s someone you know from out of town calling, and they ask for someone who doesn’t have anything to do with the number they just called… then they realize who they are talking to!! I always think it’s kind of funny, but I just tell them “uh huh, you just wanted to hear my voice or you were thinking of me and “accidentally” called” Always great to catch up in a couple quick mins with someone you only hear from once in a great while! And of course I’m sharing my “big” news with everyone!!! I’m so happy to finally be supporting our future generation by adding to it! LOL!!

The weather is drying up and the clouds are opening up to show some beautiful light blue color up in the heavens. Penetrating thru all those opening is the sun and the warmth that it carries. The wind decided to pick up, blowing a constant 15 MPH, gusting up to 25-30MPH at times – It’s still about 55F out though. All the kids that are still here for the remaining of the summer are out playing on the playground – they are usually always playing tag (something we used to play at their age too!!) .

Well I had a great day at work, the day seemed to go by quickly! I hope everyone else had a great Tuesday!!! Much luv to you all, until tomorrow TTFN!!

Monday, August 3

Monday, August 3, 2009

Woke up a couple times last night needing to pee really bad, I also have some heartburn and feel a little nauseous… it’s either the pregnancy or the pizza we ate late last night…. Either way I was up really early, woke the hubby up just after 8AM, I have my first prenatal appointment at 9! Yay, I’m excited!! Took the pups out and noticed that it was cool out with a slight drizzle, the bay is completely fogged in, but at least there isn’t really any rain!

At 9AM I went down to the clinic and had all the various test done and was done there at about 10:45AM – so I called my mom and let her know I’ll just come in after lunch hour. So our estimated due date is March 29, 2010 (my hubby’s cousin Darren’s b-day!). I had to get a TB test done too since it’s been since high school since I had one of those done! All the rest of my shots I’m up to date on so that’s good! My blood pressure and blood sugar levels were in check. For lunch I got a French dip with a salad on the side instead of fries and the hubby had a chicken burger.

I got to the office this afternoon and my mom had practically gotten everything done up this morning, leaving me to the incoming checks that she was just sorting thru. After getting all the checks applied to the appropriate accounts, I made sure to enter all the info on our daily sheet and mail the receipts out. Other than that I have billing to get done and out by the end of the day. Our store manager is getting me a store order ready, we have to have it out to our vendors no later than this Wednesday for next week’s sailing.

Well nothing much to do at the office other than billing… so I went and made a baby registry at :) They have lots of little things that I’d like to get for my new little one!! Mostly safety stuff like cabinet and toilet locks and other baby things! Gave me something to do, daydreaming and wish listing stuff! LOL…

Well not sure what we’re going to eat for dinner… I’ll figure something out… definitely not having pizza again… that didn’t leave me feeling that great last night!! Too foggy and rainy for a plane. Everyone who came into the office this afternoon was just soaking wet!!

Ok well until tomorrow, TTFN!!

Oh nothing really happened over the weekend. Pretty much hung out at home, napped, watched TV and played on my Wii. Nothing really exciting to write about… :P so no blog for the weekend!! Well I did make it up the hill and planted strawberry plants in my parent’s flower bed in front of their house! Then later that day it rained, so I didn’t have to worry about watering them!! :)