Wednesday, July 22

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well woke up to another foggy wet day, but at least it’s not blowing 45MPH today! We had to tie the BBQ strawberry planter to the porch so it wouldn’t blow over last night! Woke up kind of early so I can get down to the office early, we had a guy come in on a boat last night for the hotel. But he told me that he’d check in to his room in the AM, because it was about midnight or so when he got in. I told him I could go get him his room, but he said in the morning would be fine… so I’m up early so I can go meet him down at the office. Took the pups out for their morning outing. As my hubby was taking them inside I got on the 4-wheeler and ran down let Boss out and made my way to the office.

So the internet is still out and I guess we’re one of the only ones whose internet is not working, so I called GCI and spent time with their techs trying to figure out why our antenna isn’t connecting – all the lights on the back of the antenna are off, they should all be lit up! I tried to do the unplug it then plug it back in and wait… but nothing… they said they would do what they could on that side… but we might need new equipment… hopefully not…. Then it seemed like right after I got off the phone with GCI tech, the power went back off!!! WTF are they doing with the power?? I’m happy I have a laptop and it has a battery!! But that doesn’t make me not worry about all the other electronics we have here at the corp. and all the ones I own at home! Sometimes it messes up our register down at the store when they shut the power on and off and on and off like that! Hopefully they don’t have the power out for a couple hours like they did yesterday…. I feel so lost without the internet, it’s like my only connection off this island and when the power goes off and takes us back to the old days of no communication off the island it makes me want to go crazy… I don’t know how they did it back in the day!!

Oh and to say I got up early and came to the office early…. And that guy didn’t show up to check in!!! What the heck? Wonder what boat he came over on??? Wonder if they had room to bring my mom over?? Oh well, they are already here and my mom isn’t…. so she obviously didn’t know a boat was coming over… darn….

I want grilled cheese for lunch today, sounds good… I’ll go grab my hubby a can of soup to have with his.

Well it’s clearing up a bit, but still raining lightly (well compared to the last couple days!). I can actually see patches of blue sky and Akun if fully visible. Maybe a plane will come in today, we here at the Corp are practically out of cash to cash checks with, I heard the City doesn’t have any cash, and I’m not sure about the Roadhouse (the bar)…. Kind of sucks for people when they can’t cash their checks, and debit/credit isn’t used everywhere here (and I don’t think any of them offer cash back).

I was getting a lot of calls from Polly today about stuff down at the Post Office that she needed help with. One thing I couldn’t help her with was trying to track a package using the Delivery Confirmation and trying to explain to someone who doesn’t really understand English that their package was forwarded due to the addressee’s request. We don’t know how to find out what their forwarding address is… I told her to tell them to wait a couple more days since it was just scanned Forwarded on Monday. They have to wait 30 days from the day of mailing to put in a lost mail request, and this guy just mailed his “package” on the 13th (we flew in the 14th so it must have gotten off the island then). So he has to wait a bit more before waiting for his envelope or whatever he sent to get to where it has to go. I feel bad for her when she has to deal with people who don’t speak English and they are trying to be all bossy and start to yell and slam papers down and stuff because there is such a strong language barrier. It’s not our fault that we don’t speak whatever language they are speaking. I almost feel that if you want to come and work here in the USA that you should speak, read and write English proficiently! I expect the same out of myself when I decide to travel to another country. I’m not just going to go to some foreign country and not know how to communicate in their language – so why do they do that to us? I just don’t understand that part… then to get mad at me because I speak English and they don’t understand a word that I’m trying to say to them!!! I always just say next time bring a friend who can explain to them!! It’s so frustrating!

Happy I don’t have to deal with as many people here in the Corp office as they do in the Post Office! With me it’s you don’t have your ID then I’m not going to cash your check and it’s a 10% check cashing fee, which is pretty easy to explain to most. Some people will get mad and slam stuff around, grab their checks and walk out after explaining the fee – others already know how much it is to get cash here and that if you really want cash in your hand then you have to pay a small fee for it, which most people don’t mind. Other’s can throw a fit though… I’ve seen some customers who scared me a bit, but didn’t stop me from standing up to them and telling them that I don’t need to deal with that kind of behavior in our office and that if they don’t leave we’ll call the VPSO. That usually takes care of the problem, that or just call Trident and report them to the office and they will have them removed from the island (a step we usually try to avoid), because Trident doesn’t want to have any problems with its employees and the locals. They’ve had some major problems in the past that cost them a good penny, so it’s best to just avoid the situation now!

Well at 3PM the sun came out and the temps went up a couple degrees, making it feel good outside! I see all the kids playing out on the playground! They must have been bored being stuck inside for the last 2 days with all the rain we were getting! My hubby told me that he’s going to cook steam bath tonight so that’s something to look forward too!!!

OH… and HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME THAT HELL’S KITCHEN WAS COMING BACK ON?!?! I thought I wrote it down somewhere, but totally forgot until we happened to pass across Chef Ramsey yelling at the new recruits for this year’s prize. We missed the whole beginning and everything and that show doesn’t repeat and it’s not like we have a DVR anyways…. Darn it… at least we got to see the last 30 mins or so… already looks like it’s going to be a great season already from the looks of this first show!!! Yay, I have a new Tuesday show to start watching (since DC is about to wrap up). I’m going to see if iTunes has a pass for this new season, if so I might just have to get it… :)

This afternoon was pretty quiet… the guy that called me last night saying he was going to check into the hotel never showed up and I don’t have a way to get a hold of him… so I don’t know what’s going on with that…. Looking forward to getting off work and going to steam bath… then go home and cook up kielbasa with potato and corn for dinner (if not go to the café) and work out on my Wii Fit.

The sun came out just in time for me to enjoy it when I get off work. Hoping the plane comes in, I heard they might try a flight…. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed….

OK well until tomorrow, TTFN!

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