Thursday, July 16

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OMG I can’t tell you how great it felt to sleep in our own bed with our pups!!! We woke up just in time to get ready for work; I grabbed my computer and headed down to the office.We let our pups out for their walk, and then I headed down to the office. Today is garbage day, so we made sure to put our garbage out.

Oh and we noticed we were out of fuel when we got home, so we called the City office and ordered 50 gallons of #2 diesel, then had to wait for the house to warm up and for hot water to be made so we can shower later!! Our power still has a good amount left on it so that’s good!!

The office was pretty quiet at times but mostly busy with people cashing checks. The weather is pretty nice, a little foggy but other than that we might get planes in today!! Felt good to be back at work. Didn’t have much to catch up on, my mom did a pretty good job on my side of the office! The first flight came in during lunch hour.

For lunch we went to the café and we had our usuals (French dip and a chicken burger).

The weather today looks like it’s going to clear up a bit and the sun might come out! Yay, my hubby wanted to get the yard cut again, so we’ll probably go grab my parent’s lawn mower again. My hubby wanted to cook steam bath today, but I wanted to finish unpacking and getting our laundry done up and get my workout done up and I don’t really see me trying to take an hour off to “relax” when I have so much to do! The second flight came in right around 5PM; I heard there was a lot of mail on both flights today!

I made sure to get my sweat on working out on my Wii Fit; I know I’m going to be sore for sure tomorrow! While I was working out my hubby was out cutting the yard, he went and borrowed my Uncle’s weed whacker to do the trim job up. After getting my workout done and watching some America’s got Talent – we both showered up then heated the oven up to bake a pizza. (Like we didn’t have enough pizza on our trip….)

Felt good to be back in my usual routine of working, working out and relaxing! Tomorrow my hubby might cook up steam bath. The sun came out and it got up to 62F, feels way better than the 48F this morning!

Ok well until tomorrow, TTFN!

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