Wednesday, July 1

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well woke up to a kind of chilly, cloudy but clear morning. It feels like it really wants to start to rain out there, the fog across the bay is looking a little dark and gloomy. Hopefully it warms up and it all goes away! Let the dogs out for their morning outing, they look so cute chasing each other around, I think my lab thinks he’s a chi!

Got down to the office, I know I have a lot to get done today! Yesterday was the end of our fiscal year, so today I have to get all the billing done up, then store all our files and make all new hanging folders for everything. We are getting inventory done down at the store, we have a little “army” of people down there counting everything!

This morning Lorraine, our CHA (community health aide), came up and told me about the “Happy Feet” program that E.A.T. is doing. They are providing pedometers and trying to get people to walk at least 2000 steps a day min and try to get at least 10,000 steps in a day for a healthy lifestyle. I happily signed up, it’s a 12 week program! I think she said they have prizes for people who walk the most, and Akutan isn’t the only “village” participating either! So that makes it that much more fun to be able to try to walk it out more than everyone else!! I think she said either every week or every day between 3-4 they will be walking around town if anyone wants to join, then I think once a week they will get everyone’s step totals (it’s either every week or every day we report our steps). Pretty cool, I got my hubby signed up, he was all happy and put his pedometer on right away!

At 11:30AM the first flight came in, not sure what’s coming in, but I can tell Trident has a good amount of people moving around by listening to all the commotion on the VHF radio. I had one of the guys check out of the hotel, he said he heard the weather isn’t supposed to be that nice tomorrow and he doesn’t want to be getting stuck… so he’s going to jump on this plane. No problem for us.

For lunch I decided to go to the cafĂ© once again and have the usual… at least I only eat like half and take the other half home… or I think I’d be packing on the pounds eating the whole thing every time!

Wow getting most of the store and hotel billing done up took up most of the afternoon. I have to find more of the sheets that are used in our Store Charge book so I can get all new files started up on my side of the office. My mom has been working with our inventory crew making sure they don’t miss anything, she’s going thru adding up all the sheets, and then she said she’ll work on making new files for her side. I’m not worried. I made more copies of our hotel register and added another year into the book. I’ve already taken about 500 steps (only I should say) since I got my pedometer this morning!

I heard that Chuck and Diane Bundrant are here in town. They are the owners of Trident Seafood’s, the BIG BOSS as you can put it. Chuck used to just be a regular fisherman who decided to get into the processing industry and boy has it paid off for him. He always tells us that after he made a million dollars he stopped counting! Wish I could say that!! So that was all the commotion going on up at Trident, they try really hard to try to keep the boss impressed with his largest fish processing factory. I know it must put a lot of stress on Dave, the plant manager. I hope he knows he does a great job! I don’t know if enough people let him know that!! SO, if you read my blog Dave – You are doing a great job at what you do for the plant! It is really great to have you and your wife and little Cameron here with us!

Hmm... Well I don’t know what I want to make for dinner… I was thinking ham and cheese omelets since I have a good amount of ham left over from last night…. I wonder if there are hash browns down in the store… if not I think my parents might have some in their freezer! So I guess that’s what I’m going to whip up for dinner. I am thinking of making a bunch of vanilla ice cream tonight (well 1 batch at a time because I got one with one of those containers that you freeze first, no ice and salt needed). I love how it works, but I can only get about 1.5 quarts done at a time…. I only need enough to make a small ice cream cake for the 4th! That or try to make cookies and make mini ice cream sandwiches for everyone… I’ll see if I can walk the walk if I’m going to talk the talk! I already have the pies to make… don’t want to over burden myself by wanting to make more!

Well I can’t wait to get home and get on my Wii Fit and get a good workout. I think I’m turning into one of those fitness freaks who likes to work out every day. I didn’t say nothing was wrong with that, just I never thought I’d actually be working out for 1-2 hours a day! Shoot just 30 min every other day was hard for me to motivate myself to do! But now that I get to track my weight, BMI and how much I’m working out a day – I’m having a blast and I’m loving the results so far!!

At 4:14PM the plane flew over, and I can hear Trident making sure their boss and his guests were taken care of and all their stuff was with them, that was a quick trip. From the sounds of it, sounds like they are leaving on this plane. I didn’t have my camera today because the battery was completely dead, and I didn’t find the charger until lunch hour, so it’s at home charging… so no pix sorry. Or I would have gone down and got a pic with Chuck and Diane, to us they are family. Without Trident, Akutan wouldn’t have the money needed to have the infrastructure that we do. I know we wouldn’t have half the stuff we have in this “2nd class city.” We would definitely be considered a “village” if Trident wasn’t here (the city gets a 2% raw fish tax from the company for having the plant located on our island.)

Well today was a pretty busy day, at least the weather is holding up to be an ok day. Still a bit chilly out, the sun tried to come out, but the wind wouldn’t stop the slow constant breeze. Still looks like it wants to rain, looking out towards the pass (to the East) I see it’s dark and foggy over at Akun. Temps are in the low 50’s at least…

Also, I’ve been watching the Discovery Channel and seeing adds for the show “Pitchmen.” My hubby and I both were looking at each other, wondering how come they make it sound like something happened to him… something bad… why would they say we would miss his voice? And Tributes to people usually aren’t a good sign either…. So I Google’d his name… to sadly find… that Billy Mays – the guy with the full black beard and booming voice selling you all this “junk” from his infomercials, has sadly passed away at the age of 50 in his Tampa, FL home on Saturday, June 28, 2009. His wife found him at 7:45AM. All my heartfelt condolences go to his family on their loss, he will be greatly missed by all. The Discovery Channel is doing a Tribute to him today on the Finale of the show Pitchmen, today is an all day Pitchmen marathon. May Billy’s memory live on in all those that have seen him do his thing on the TV! Rest in Peace. (According to sources right now, they aren’t sure how or why he died. But they did say that the tire blow out on his flight the day before might have given him some type of head trauma which may have led to his death.)

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!

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