Tuesday, July 28

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well woke up to nothing but fog once again, but at least today it’s not as thick as yesterday, and the grass isn’t coated with as much dew either, so the pups didn’t get as wet this morning! A chilly 43F out this morning, I hope summer is still going to give us a couple more nice days. I am still really disappointed about not getting any fish put away this year. They weren’t really running that great, people were only getting up to 10 a day in their net, and trying to share that with everyone in town. I didn’t want to try to do only 1 or 2 fish at a time… I’m used to doing about 30 at a time…. Plus with the wedding trip we went on, we couldn’t really depend on someone else to watch our fish, so we didn’t start any before we left. Then when we got back no one was really getting any fish, and now I heard the silvers and humpies are already in…. darn it….. At least I got one bucket of salted salmon done up (that used all of 4 fish that we got this year!!)

Well got down to the office, a little winded from my bike ride since I decided to race my hubby. He beat me but I think it was because my shoe lace wrapped around the pedal! LOL… I got the charge slips entered into the book, then sat around cashing checks and answering the phone. A couple times I had to run to the Post Office to help Polly with some International Mail. Not too bad of a morning, at least there was a lot of activity that made the morning seem to just blow by!

Lunch time rolled around, so I went home and made us some poor boy sandwiches. :) Something quick and easy and doesn’t dirty up the kitchen! Pizza tonight!

This afternoon was pretty slack this afternoon. No one really showed up to the office for anything and the phone was actually quiet. I mostly got caught up with most of the paperwork into the computer, but haven’t started this month into the spreadsheet yet. Got the bank reconciliation work for the new statements that came in done up.

Well I am looking forward to the finale of the Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel and Hell’s Kitchen on Fox tonight, and then we have America’s Got Talent to sit back and laugh at after! Then I’m going to get sweating on my Wii Fit, shower up and enjoy the rest of the night!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!! Until tomorrow TTFN.
PS It’s been way too foggy for the plane to come in…. one day it’ll clear up and we’ll get one flight then another week or so until the next one!! :P Something we get used to living here!!

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  1. Hi April,
    I found a wifi connection. I am in the beautiful Colorado mountains at Keystone Resort for a teacher's conference now. My mom is still with us cognitively,she recognized me and held conversations!! She did fall asleep once and I startled he when I touched her shoulder to wake her up!!!!
    I have been able to find clubs to swim in, the cooler water is easier to lap in, I did an hour of laps yesterday and today!!!
    Were you able to let CB know my t shirt size?? one x.

    Thanks so much



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