Wednesday, July 15

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yay!! Thank goodness we actually made it all the way home in one day (thank you everyone who helped pray for our safe and quick arrival home!). I heard that they got one plane yesterday and the last plane was the one we left on last week! I'm so happy to have made it home all in one day, get to sleep in my bed!! And I can't wait to get a workout done!! I jumped on the scale and noticed that I didn't put on any weight, yay!!!

Well I'll make sure to update this later if the internet stays on (it's cutting in and out again here at my house)... I still have to write about the wedding and post some pix..

Really missed my pups and I’m super happy to be back at home with them!!

Oh and I have some pix of an Orange County Choppers (OCC) bike that they made for Alaska's 50th Anniversary of our statehood. They are raffleing it off for $100 a ticket, proceeds go to the Providence Children's Hospital. What a beautiful bike, and I got to sit on it too!!!!! I'll post those later!!

I have some pix to post too that I took on our flight home!

Until sometime TTFN

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  1. No vacation weight gain.. admirable.

    Nice to be home no matter what isn't it???? Coming home seems to become sweeter as we age too.



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