Thursday, July 30

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am hoping that today is a great day!! The sun is out, we have patches of blue skies and some clouds – looks like it’s going to warm up today!! We cut our lawn last night, totally spacing out to get the grill started by the time it got too late, so we ended up eating on junk food and cereal for dinner instead of our cheeseburgers we were looking forward too… since the weather is nice today, we’ll just eat that for dinner tonight!! The temps are already in the high 40’s, it gets to about 43F at night…..

Took the pups out, they weren’t even fully awake, but once they got out in the sun they instantly woke up and started to run around in the yard. After a bit they finally did their thing, we played with them a bit longer then finally took them inside – I got ready for work, jumped on my bicycle and started towards the office. I saw a couple people out and about this morning, usually when it’s nice weather there are people out!

Once down at the office I noticed that my mom had finished up almost everything this morning (she must have been bored). So there wasn’t really much for me to do but work on getting some new files in my desk and to store the old ones – since my desk is getting full. So that gave me something to do. I was thinking about shampooing the carpet, but I would rather do that at the end of the day tomorrow and have it dry over the weekend! So maybe I’ll just vacuum and pick up a bit and try to make the office look that much more in place… I went down to the Post Office and got the deposit out that my mom got ready this morning. I heard that the plane is on schedule and should be here around 11:30AM. Wonder if they are bringing more mail, last night’s flight was full of nothing but incoming mail – I got some junk magazines in to read, yay!

Well for lunch we’re going to the café for the usuals. I’m a little sore today from my workout last night and probably from all the bike riding I’ve been doing lately. Oh when we got out of steam bath last night, on our way home, I stopped by my parent’s house and fixed up their flower bed. Pulling all the weeds and grass out so that the raspberry plants aren’t being choked out. They used to have these beautiful lupines from New Zealand that used to grow in there when I was younger. Blooms with pink, white, yellow and blues – way different than just our purple blooms we get. We were hoping they would pollinate with the local plants, but they never grew at the same time (probably because we planted them from seed at the wrong time….) I don’t know if they are still in there or not – I haven’t seen any plants/flowers for a couple years now, slugs probably ate the whole plant down to nothing. At least I cleaned it out at least… I used to be the one who kept up on the little flower bed, but once I moved out of my parents – no one took care of it… so I have to make sure to stop by and make sure it’s looking good and not over grown with other crap. Just so that it can still look nice right there by my parent’s house!! :)

Well my hubby and I raced each other from our house to the store, he won… I got tired… :P I got to the office out of breath and breaking a sweat (great), so I caught my breath, and then went up stairs to the office. I have to find our office vacuum so I can get the carpet looking a little cleaner, I really don’t want to do the stairs but if I have too I guess I can…

My hubby decided that after he gets some work done he’s going to start up steam bath again. He found out that a couple people who asked him if they could go yesterday didn’t get called until like 10:30PM last night and they were already in bed. So today we’re going to let those people go right after we go so that we know they get called! Steam bath sounds good again, looks like it wants to start to rain… the sun is hiding behind all the clouds that decided to roll in after lunch – darkening the sky, threatening us with rain once again. At least if it rains it will cool down and bath will feel that much better! Easier to cool off when it’s a little cooler outside.

This afternoon was pretty slack in the office. The phone rang just a couple a times, and one of our hotel guests asked to stay a little longer. Other than that it was a pretty quiet Thursday! At least all the kids are out on the playground having fun, screaming and running around like kids do! The sun went away and it’s just overcast skies now, a slight sprinkle at times, temps are still in the mid 50’s though.

I’m looking forward to BBQ up some cheeseburgers and watching Gangland after enjoying a nice hot steam bath!! Then I’m going to make sure to get on my Wii Fit for a bit and clock in my daily workout, if I’m not too sore – hopefully bath relaxes me enough so I can get a good workout done up!

I need people to start getting on my hubby about his soda pop habit… he doesn’t realize the damage it’s doing to his teeth… and if he does notice – then he obviously doesn’t care and I don’t want to just sit back and let it keep going on… I’m tired of him drinking pop all the damn time… his damn teeth are going to fall right out of his head!!! He has so many cavities… and he already spent like 5 hours getting work done last time the dentist was here last year, and he has more this year!!! PISSES ME OFF and he won’t drink water because he’s a big cry baby! I need other people to help me to bitch at him – we need to have an intervention with him about his soda habits and the damage it’s probably wreaking on his overall health and probably not just his teeth. I wish he would listen to me more about it… I told him he can drink juice or something with not as much sugar and acids!! I’m tired of his box (12cans) of pop a day habit!!!! Plus at $9.00 a box he doesn’t realize the impact it has on our budget too!!!! I told him the way he bitches at his parents about how much they throw away on cigarettes is the same as him and his pop habit and he don’t look at it that way – but in reality it’s practically the same situation!!! So I’m trying to get people to help me point it out to him that he’s just pouring battery acid on his teeth and by the time he’s 40 he won’t have any of his real teeth!!!! I’m happy that I don’t drink as much pop as he does and my teeth are great!! :)

I haven’t heard anything on the second flight today, probably going to show up around 6PM like they did last night! All I know is that I have no one coming and no one going for the hotel so I’m not worried about that. As long as the outgoing mail makes it out, and people get happy with any mail that comes in!

Oh!!!! My strawberries are starting to ripen up, most of the little green berries are starting to change to a pink color!! Hopefully here in another week or so we'll be able to eat them!! I think I might go up the hill, pick more strawberry plants and go plant them infront of my parent's house, since I cleaned up the "flower bed" - which is just a dirt bed now..... Strawberries would grow great with those raspberry plants my dad planted in there a couple years ago!!! So I might do that later or this weekend!!! Just another sign that fall is coming... the fireweed is starting to grow their flower blooms (once it blooms we say Fall is here), all the putchky's are flowered, the salmonberries are starting to ripen and the blueberries are finally dropping their pink petals. I love it when it's this green on the island, but it also sucks because that just lets us know that everything is ready to die and turn brown again for the rest of the year.... :P

Ok well I hope everyone has a great Thursday!!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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  1. Can you grow cool season vegetables, lettuce, spinach, peas and such?

    Pop is addicting I agree. do you think it is the caffeine he is addicted too?? I drink a sparkling zero calorie flavored water from Safeway and dilute it 50/50 with water. It is still bubbly but not harming.



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