Thursday, July 23

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well today look promising for a plane! The weather outside is nice today, clear out with patches of blue sky and we can actually watch the sun rise today, not to mention it has finally stopped raining and starting to dry up once again! We took the pups out, there are a lot of Trident employees walking around – must be no fish up at the plant to process… Dante acts so tough with all his hairs standing up, barking at everyone who is passing by. Big tough mouse we always say to him! They eventually did their thing, and then I ran down to take care of Boss then get to the office.

This morning was pretty active with all the Trident employees flooding the town… we didn’t have cash this morning because the plane hadn’t come in yet, and they would look at me funny when I say come back once the plane comes in! I ran out of paper and didn’t know where my mom’s office keys were so I can get into our storage room where all our supplies are, so I had all the machines beeping at me – reminding me that they were empty. I practically put our used paper back into the fax machine so I can get the incoming faxes in still at least. Ended up getting the invoices for what shipped last week, so I’m going to get that priced up and sent down to the store so they can get ready for what’s coming in.

Right around 11:30AM the plane finally came in, my mom said it was a pretty foggy ride, but overall it was really nice ride. I told my mom that I would get the cash counted up after lunch, since I didn’t want to be handling that much money before I eat! She said that was fine and put it all away in the safe for me to deal with after lunch… Before leaving for lunch I went over what was faxed into one of our vendors for the next order, my mom said they called earlier when I wasn’t in and she didn’t know what they were talking about and she wanted to call them back, but needed to know what she was calling them back for! So I went over everything that I had faxed in then went home for lunch.

We went to the café and ordered our usuals to go, there were so many people in the café that they had a big group of people waiting outside for tables to open up so they can sit! The place was packed and we were told that they would call us at home when our order was ready – since they were swamped in orders already. I didn’t mind, went home, waited like 10-15 mins then got the call to pick our food up.

As soon as I got back into the office I got all the cash counted up, and then explained to my mom everything that’s happened in the office while she was gone. She told me she cleared up all the substitutions with the vendor on the order that we just put in, that’s what they called for this morning. I let her know the hotel is empty for a couple days, and then next week we’re full until middle of August…. So I hope anyone else who’s planning on coming out here brings a tent or something with them, because there is no vacancy at the local hotels until at least the 16th or so. It’s a good thing and a bad thing…. We need a bigger hotel, but it’s not like our hotel is full all year… summertime we’re full almost the whole time, winter is pretty slow… We did have one guy check out this morning when the plane came in, I got his billing done up to his company and went down to mail it at the Post Office.

I shouldn’t have even gone close to the Post Office… OMG… like I said before…. If you can’t speak English then how do you get stuff done? I couldn’t live with a language barrier like that… I had to go down and help explain some stuff to people… they didn’t understand that you can’t put a stop payment on a money order, that you can only put in lost money order paperwork and if it never got cashed then they should be able to get a refund. They were tripping out because I guess they sent an Express mail package to somebody… and someone else signed for it… so they freaked out and wanted the money orders that were in that Express mail to be cancelled… I talked them into calling the recipient and seeing if they got their package or not. Because it could have just been someone who was authorized at that address who could have signed for it… low and behold… that person’s cousin signed for it and the person they originally sent the money orders to have them. What a big hassle for nothing… here I guess they were giving Polly a hard time – bitching at her in their language and yelling and making it hard for her to deal with them…. She’s a great working but her people skills can do some work – especially when it come to being patient with an unruly customer who’s yelling at you and she doesn’t have the patience to deal with someone acting that way towards her. I could understand the stress the feels from dealing with that crap… I usually just smile and say sorry I can’t help you and let them get mad, or tell them to bring a friend so I can understand them – it’s not my job to learn your language because you don’t understand English!!!! I still say if you want to be in our country, you must speak our language proficiently! There should be a law somewhere that states that!!

So, I ended up getting stuck at the Post Office for over an hour trying to help and explain to limited English speaking customers about their mail and how the mail works and the different ways to send mail. Then having to keep telling people that the credit card machine at the Post Office isn’t working and they don’t want to believe you and still try to hand you their card and ask for a money order. I think our Post Office is one of the only places you can use your credit card to get cash or to purchase a money order!! What a hassle, I got a headache from dealing with some of the customers who decided to come in today.

Well the store stayed busy all day, flooded with cannery workers. The sun has been out all day, and the kids have been playing on the playground most the afternoon. It’s only about 55F out and everyone is talking about “it’s so hot out!”…. I wish it was like 75F in the shade, not just 55F!! But I’ll be happy with what we get! It’s a lot better than mass rain and fog!!

My mom got a whole bunch of produce from Dutch and had it sent over here so we can sell it at the store and offer fresh fruits and veggies to everyone. They usually sell really fast, since it’s not every day that we get fresh produce in our store! Might go see what they got, banana’s sound good… make some banana sorbet!! I better go see what all came in before it’s all gone.

I don’t know what I want to cook for dinner tonight, I might go look around in the store and find something that looks appetizing… I don’t know Sloppy Joes sound good… so does homemade chili… sloppy Joes are easier to make though….. I just want to break a good sweat on my Wii Fit, shower up and enjoy the nice weather. Maybe we’ll go for a walk after work, take the pups up the hill (watch out for eagles with my little ones).

Well I hope everyone has a great Thursday!! Much luv, until tomorrow TTFN!


  1. this was a busy post April.
    What nationality are the majority of the workers from Trident?

  2. April, I feel your pain re: non-English speaking patrons....they drive me CRAZY here at the library...what about the ones who PRETEND not to understand, when you know damn good and well that they speak and understand English? They are the worst!

  3. a good amount of people are Spanish speaking.. but they have a good amount of African people who sound like they speak this "bloob bloob" language... like they are talking under water.. and I don't understand what they are saying and they get so mad....
    there are only a small amount of Philepeanos at the plant anymore, but they all speak English pretty well.

    Lori- OH I KNOW RIGHT! I KNOW THEY KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING... BUT STILL JUST STAND THERE ALL QUIET AND JUST STARING..... when you dealt with them before and you know they understand but think that they can just be bossy and try to get their way and keep asking - with me how hard is it to understand "NO CASH - NO DINERO"!!!!


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