Monday, July 6

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well today was another typical day. It’s super foggy and its pouring out, with a small amount of wind.

The office was pretty quiet, a couple people coming up to cash their checks. I didn’t have much to do so I got the rest of billing done up, then cleaned the office a bit. The afternoon was pretty much sitting around answering the phone, cashing more checks and answering the phone. Once the plane comes in we should have one person checking out (if he doesn’t find a boat before then).

While I was sitting around awaiting my next customer or for the phone to ring, I decided that I’d start our wedding page. We didn’t have a big wedding – just eloped in my sister-in-law’s living room. We just wanted to get the official paperwork saying we’re married. Then when we are ready have a big church wedding that we can share with everyone. So we decided next year is our year! So I started a wedding page (I put a link to it on my previous post). Check it out, let me know what you think! I am still working on it (trying to get pix added and adding more info to parts).

After work I made sure to get my workout on my Wii Fit! I am loving getting my workout and watching the graph slowly show my progress!

Sorry I’m writing this on Monday and I forgot what we ate… No planes today…

Until Tomorrow, TTFN.

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