Thursday, July 16

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well woke up to a rainy, foggy morning – but at least its warm feeling (temps are at about 53F this morning). Walked the dogs, they seem really happy to have us home!! We woke up a little late, 9:30AM, so we were rushing around a bit getting ready for the day.

I got down to the office, nothing much happening this morning. I helped my mom go thru all the incoming mail (from yesterday’s planes); we got all the bikes I ordered last month! I heard that they are already selling quickly! I got myself one, I needed a new bike and figured a single speed bike lasts longer here than a speed bike (believe me I’d know!). I got our store manager working on a new store order; we should have a freighter leaving Seattle tomorrow (Friday). I got my sample in of the “save the date” magnet (it’s about the size of a business card)… thinking we might just go with that... I don’t want anything too big… but big enough to put all I need on it… once I order ours I will put a copy on my blog ;)…. Next I have to figure out what style invitations I want to get… then start on all the small little things… I like to be ready way in advance… and I know if I get most of what I need priced and written on a list, then it’ll be easier to get them and store everything away until it’s needed!! I need to get my internet at home fixed before I can get any of that done though….

For lunch we decided to have grilled cheese, and my hubby likes to have soup with his. I ended up getting him Progresso Turkey Noodle… he usually like a vegetable beef, but there was none at the store… The plane came in during lunch hour; I heard there was a lot of mail once again! I’m not expecting anything expect bills so I’m not too excited… LOL

This afternoon was pretty quiet. Our store manager is down stairs getting a candy order ready… I wonder if I should look in the book for anything different. I should contact our vendors and see if I can get new books from them; it’s been a while since we got a new one that I can remember of…

Well it’s warming up but it’s still foggy out… it’s about 68F here and I just got a call saying it’s about 74 over in Dutch Harbor…. Having a heat wave with clouds and fog…. Well when I was flying in I noticed that it’s just a thick layer of low clouds that are blocking out the warm rays of the summer sun… so maybe if the sun burns those clouds and fog away we can enjoy some of its warmth!

I finally got my post for the wedding published… it’s dated for Saturday, July 11 if you’d like to check it out and see some pictures! :)

Well I don’t know I think I want to make beef stir fry tonight… my hubby should be cooking steam bath, so that’s something to look forward to after work! Still not going to stop me from getting on my Wii Fit and getting my workout done for the day! Have to get back into my routine! I love the way my body seems to be changing, if just slightly… I notice a lot on how my clothes fit! I’m just happy that all that fast food and junk I ate over the last week didn’t really impact my weight at all! (Maybe it was all the running around in the stores…)

Well I hope everyone has a great Thursday!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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  1. Those save the date announcements are so popular and such a good idea not around when I was married (in the 70's!!!)

    God Bless You,


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