Thursday, July 2

Quick update...

When I have time I will make sure to get my posts published... I am still having problems at home with connecting to the internet...

so don't worry about me! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. When I get time I will make sure to update my blog!

Let me know what you think of this page:
just a little something I'm working on!!


  1. Hey April,
    Check your "paperwork" date Aug 2009 hasn't happened yet!!

    Like the layout and colors. ALso like the new banner pix on this blog.

    Take care


  2. lol yeah I had a friend point it out to me too that I had the wrong date (this year's date) - opps wasv supposed to state that last year in 2008 we got officially married!
    Next month will be our official one year anniversary!

    I fixed it on my wedding page! Thanks for pointing it out too!

  3. Call me when you get over here sweetie!!!


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