Sunday, July 19

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well the weather is once again beautiful. I don’t know what I’m doing up at 8:30AM on a Sunday…. Took the pups out for their morning outing, they weren’t even fully awake yet! All three of them yawning and stretching before even making it to the front door! Once getting outside it’s like someone put instant coffee in their blood stream or something: all of them running, jumping, barking and chasing each other around the yard. So cute how Tug thinks he’s a chi… then it’s even cuter when Dante thinks he can follow Tug into the tall grass and gets “lost”!! LMAO!!! Feels like it wants to rain, it’s getting a little hazy/foggy across the bay.

My mom left on the last plane last night, so I have to take care of the store today. So before noon I ran down on my bicycle and got the paperwork done up and put out so the store can open for the day. When I was heading back home the first flight was coming in for a landing. The office is once again out of cash… so we have to go do a pick up… I think Trident people are leaving and they are taking the cash off the island, because we’re not getting any of the cash back from the Roadhouse or the Post Office…

I decided that I was going to find a new use for my old BBQ. The lid doesn’t shut on it anymore and it doesn’t want to hold heat… I know I could still use it for just a flat grill with no lid…. But we ended up getting a new BBQ earlier this summer… so I’m recycling my old one into a planter! I am going to go up the hill later and pick a bunch of our Aleutian strawberries, put dirt in my old BBQ and make it a planter! Then I think I’ll just put it next to my front porch, in the winter I think we’ll move it inside and keep them alive. I picked a lot of strawberry plants that already had berries waiting to ripen! I grabbed a couple that had flower blooms still (there weren’t many most of them are already turning into berries, oh and the salmonberries are finally shedding their pink petals and revealing little green berries that will grow and change color here in a couple months (from a yellow-orange color to a deep purple/black color) and be fully ripened and ready to be picked! (usually September-October is berry picking season).

I am sad that I didn’t get any fish put away this summer and the summer is almost over already and I don’t know if anyone is getting any more reds in their gill nets…. Humpies are going to be showing up soon :(

Well we ate Hebrew National Kosher hot dogs for lunch and for dinner my hubby had deviled ham spread on pilot bread and I had sardines (I call them “little fish with their heads cut off” LMAO). I have to make sure to get my workout done up today too before it gets too late. So I think I’m going to go do that, shower up, and then lay down… Monday tomorrow already…. The days and weeks are just flying by!

Until tomorrow, TTFN.

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