Sunday, July 12

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Well the drive back from Fairbanks was really nice. The weather was perfect and the traffic wasn't too bad. Lots of campers. No close calls this time, thank God!

Well now we're heading home! Wish us luck everyone, pray for our safty please....

Can't wait to get home and get back to my routine... I think I put on like 5 lbs or more on this trip and I haven't really had time to get a workout done. I did jog around this big park my sister has infront of her house one day though! I miss my Wii Fit!

So until I can get on the internet again, TTFN!!

PS I will write about the wedding in a separate post with some pix! when I have the time to get them uploaded!!


  1. hoping for smooth flights home April!!

  2. oh and sorry to be late on answering you.. but no Alaska don't have any limited highways. Most that aren't in the city are just one lane one way and another the other way (a 2 lane road)... and we get chances to pass other driver who are going slower than the speed limit (not on a turn though!)


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