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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day/4th of July!!!
Well woke up early, looked out the window… and sadly we see nothing but fog and rain…. Guess we’ll be having the games in the school gym again this year L and there goes any chance of fireworks… My pies are ready to go down to the school whenever they are going to start (I called around found out everything starts at 3PM at the school).

I got my workout on my Wii Fit done up early before the games and food so I’m not lazy and too full later to do it. I’m extremely sad that the weather is foggy, wet and windy… too bad it wasn’t nice out.. this would be our second year of bad weather on this day…. Usually it’s beautiful, sunny and warm out, and we usually do all the games at the ball field. This year they had to call around and find big enough BBQs to cook on (they only found 2, I have a small one but not the size they wanted).

We brought the pies down and waited for everything to begin. There was a good amount of people who showed up! Lots of kids here right now (most of them are visiting for the summer, most of them go to school in Anchorage). There were a good assortment of games –the first game was this one where you tie a balloon to your leg and proceed to try to pop everyone else’s to be the last one with your balloon not popped (adults and kids are separated – there were a lot of adult participants this year!), there was musical chairs with lots of participants, egg toss, water balloon toss, dizzy lizzy (where you spin 5 times around a baseball bat, run down and spin 5 more times around another bat, then run back and tag the next person in, who does the same), there was a game where you pass a lifesaver down your line/group of people using just a toothpick, and another game where you hold an orange under your chin and pass it down your line/group using just your chin. It’s so funny watching some people pass it when they don’t have a good grip!! There was a pie eating contest – Sarah B. dominated in the kid’s class… and I just happened to show everyone how it was done in the adult class. (and I didn’t even put a pound on!) I think Jacob Mark said he timed me – half a pie (cherry to be exact) cleaned down to the pie plate in less than 2 mins 15 sec. I didn’t really have any competition other than maybe one other person who had about half their pie finished. Was a really fun day, the food was great – I think I ate one too many pieces of the awesome raspberry cake that Trident brought down. (My mom took some pics for me, I have some video that I might post too once I get my camera battery charged up). At 7:30PM everything was wrapped up and everyone grabbed what food was left and went home.

Sadly it’s still raining and foggy, so we aren’t going to have any fireworks tonight. I heard that the City got a s**t load of fireworks this year… and I don’t know if we’ll be here to enjoy them… and it’s not like they are going to have fireworks anywhere else again anytime soon (it’s not like it’s Disneyland!).

Today was an awesome day! I enjoyed being out with all my other town folk! We even had one of the observers from Trident come down and participate in the games! That was pretty cool to have someone new join in with us!

Hopefully the weather clears so we can enjoy the fireworks! Until tomorrow, TTFN!

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