Saturday, July 11

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well the wedding went great! I loved being able to have a reason to go back up to Fairbanks and being able to take my hubby and show him around and also introduce him to any of my friends that might still be around up there! I loved the feeling of being back on campus, and showing him around there!

The wedding was super beautiful! The weather couldn’t have been better, it was about 80 degrees, mostly sunny with some clouds – not a breeze in the air. The wedding was at Pike’s Landing right next to the Chena River, the setting couldn’t have looked better! The colors were pink and orange with a beach theme going on (like a Hawaiian tropical theme). The night before the wedding Shery (the bride) gave me the piece of paper with what I was supposed to read at the ceremony, so I only had over night to practice. She wanted me to read an excerpt from the Velveteen Rabbit. I was told that I did a great job, that made me happy. I was excited to be able to be part of their special day! I was just happy attending, let alone doing a reading in front of everyone!! After the vows were said, and everyone congratulated the wedding party – almost everyone jumped in the limo to go take pictures. After pix were taken, we all headed out to Chena Lake for the reception. The place was set up very nicely, there was a lot of great food and of course plenty to drink! I was designated driver so I let my hubby go try some new drinks they had… including jello shots! LOL!

We ended up taking one of the bridesmaids (and one of my good friends!) Kori and her lil girl back to FBKS, we let them stay with us for the night since we were all taking off in the AM (them on their flight back to WA, and us driving back to ANC). It was really nice to be able to sit up all night catching up (girl talk). We were supposed to be laying down to go to sleep, but we both laid there with the lights off still talking until almost 2 in the morning!! (we had to be up at 5… no wonder we didn’t hear the alarm clock… we woke up at 6:30… just in time to get them to the airport to catch their flight back to Seattle!!). After dropping them off we fueled up and got back on the road back to Anchorage.

The wedding was so beautiful and I am so happy that I was invited to go!! There was maybe a little drama with the bridesmaids and some finger pointing going on… but that’s kind of expected I guess… :P But overall it was a really great wedding. It was great to be able to meet my friend’s new husband and his family. It was also great to be able to see Shery and her family! She’s like a sister to me, so is Kori! I wish Shery and Sean happiness in love and life, may you two grow old together!

Below is posted some of the pix we took.. hope you like them:

A pic of the mts and the highway (eww bug splats on the window)

Us at Pike's Landing

My babe downtown Fairbanks

Walking around UAF's Botanical Gardens

My babe and a giant cabbage

Explaination of the cabbage

Walking around UAF's Botanical Gardens

Some of the flowers

Types of cabbage

Pumpkin patch

Getting photos done before the wedding

Picture of a pic of the bride and groom, Shery and Sean

My babe and I, like the tie I got him to match me!

Waiting for the wedding to start...

Poeople enjoying refreshments before the wedding

Waiting for the wedding to start...

Here comes the bride!!!

Putting rings on!!

The wedding party...

You may now kiss the bride!!

Walking as man and wife!! Mr and Mrs Elterman!

Getting lined up for the thank you hugs/handshakes

Shaking/hugging and congratulating the wedding party

Shaking/hugging and congratulating the wedding party

Shaking/hugging and congratulating the wedding party

At the reception at Chena Lakes Recreational Area

Bride and groom at the reception

I let the flower girls take my camers and have fun with it!
Kiara on the right and Kaycee on the left.

Taking cute photos by the river!!

The cork didn't pop.. had to use a cork screw... dangerous,
but the bartender eventually got it to pop!

Cutting the cake!

Getting ready to feed each other cake...
they didn't really push it in each others faces...

First dance as man and wife...

Getting the garter....

Throwing and catching of the garter

Ready to throw the bouquet

Catching of the bouquet

LOL.. Kiara put umbrellas in my hair..
she thought it was cute... I just giggled at her!

Another one of me taken by Kiara, 6 yrs old

My beautiful "niece" Kiara,
happy to finally be able to meet her in person!!
I was the first to find out her mommy was prego,
but I never got to meet her after all these years until now!

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