Monday, July 20

Monday, July 20, 2009

Woke up this morning, trying to remember why I set my alarm so early… oh shoot that’s right, my mom went to Dutch and I have to get the office opened up! So I got us up, ran and took the pups out, and to my disappointment – saw that it was completely fogged in and just standing at my door way the mist was getting me soaked. The dogs hate this kind of weather, where you don’t really have to move and you’re just getting soaking wet! They ran out and did their thing; my hubby put them away while I was jumping on my bicycle getting ready to head to the office.

This morning was pretty busy. The typical Monday morning… getting payroll done, getting billing done up, sending out the outgoing mail and picking up the incoming mail, then going thru it all… all while I’m trying to answer the phone, take hotel reservations (or hang up on my uncle who keeps calling for nothing…. Aarrrggg) and cashing people’s checks. Lunch time couldn’t come quick enough!

For lunch we had cereal… I had frosted mini wheat’s while the hubby went for some cranberry almond crunch (some healthy brand).

Well I ran out of cash this afternoon… which really sucks when there are a lot of Trident employees wanting to cash their checks. Must not be any fish to process up at the plant, since all their workers are walking around today (in this wet weather too). The afternoon happened to be really quiet once people found out we ran out of cash, the phone didn’t even ring until my hubby called to tell me what we needed from the store! Fast rushing around morning, slow boring afternoon…

Hoping the weather clears and my mom is able to make it home. I think she thought it was Sunday when she left… thinking she’s only spending a night in Dutch… when she happened to take off Saturday night… LMAO… must be something that happens to you when you get older… start to forget… shoot if I didn’t work a 9-5 job I probably wouldn’t know what day it was either.

With all my spare time this afternoon, (and seeing that I couldn’t find something work related to do other than maybe vacuum again) I went on David’s and looked at what they have to offer. I found a couple dresses that I’m interested in…. I am still debating what colors to go with... I still think black bridesmaids dresses would be best (so they can use the dress over again… or even maybe us a LBD they already own!!) I don’t really care about matching styles… just matching colors!

Well not sure what we’re eating for dinner. Think I might just get everything for tacos and use up some of that TB Fire sauce I brought home!! That or just go eat at the café again… lol…

Well hope everyone had a great Monday!! Until Tomorrow, TTFN!!


  1. is there a talented seamstress locally to custom finish fit the dress if you buy online?? Glad you liked the black dresses I emailed you too.


  2. no seamstresses here... I would have to go to Anchorage for fittings and alterations.. then take it home :)

    I think I might go with black, like I said most every girl should have a LBD in their closet... so I don't have to make my sister's buy dresses! :)

    wish I was thinking of going to a destination wedding like Hawaii... but we can't afford to be trying to make everyone fly out there... and I don't think my parents would go all the way out there...

    we were also thinking about maybe going to Anchorage and having our wedding at the big Russian Orthodox Church up there... but I'm not sure where we'd go for a reception... Like I said I just want the church wedding... the reception doesn't matter much to me as long as I get to have cake and throw my flowers and get my garter thrown!! :) But I always wanted to do it here at home... it's just our church is pretty small and accomodations here are limited... so Anchorage would be the next best place... plus a little easier for ppl to attend to since they aren't paying and arm and a leg to get to Dutch then fly over here to Akutan and back!!

    We'll see... I have over a year to get stuff figured out and planned.... I want to consult with both my sister's too and get their opinons and help :)

    I'll be sure to keep everyone posted and I'll try to keep up on our wedding page...(I still need to put more photos in there!)....

  3. good, just typed and it all dumped on me!!!
    The internet in AK is attacking us in Colorado too.

    The destination wedding was costly for my daughter Amy and Ryan. She is a very well compensated computer engineer and paid for the own wedding along with Ryan. They also paid for me to participate!!!!

    I need to catch up with you blog, did not see a posting yesterday and now I am two days behind


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