Tuesday, July 21

Tueday, July 21, 2009

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, hearing all the rain hitting the house made me want to curl up tighter in my blanket!!Wow is it raining out today! I swear it’s like someone has a couple sprinklers aimed at our window, that’s how much water is hitting the glass! The dogs seemed happy to be going out, but once they got out in the rain and wind they all looked back at the front door, probably wondering “what are we doing out here?!?!?” LOL… they eventually did their thing then all 3 of them came barreling into the house – shaking off getting everything wet!

Happy I have the 4-wheeler today, I wouldn’t want to ride my bicycle down in this rain, especially in a head wind! I got soaked, I mean SOAKED on the short ride to the office. Big big rain drops falling from the sky, looking up it looks like sheets of water moving in the wind, slowly falling towards the ground. There are mass puddles everywhere! This is when I’m happy we have boardwalks and not just dirt roads!!

The office was super quiet today, guess no one wants to be out in the rain either! The only person I saw this morning was our store manager! The phone was even pretty quiet… what a boring morning… I’m caught up in everything… so I guess I can just sit here and hold my chair down…

For lunch we went to the café for the usual meals we enjoy: French Dip for me and chicken nuggets for the hubby.

Once I finally made it back to the office this afternoon, I was pretty much soaked to the bone. I turned the heat up because I’m so cold from being soaking wet! I had a couple customers actually show up on this super wet, rainy, windy day to get some cash. Lucky they have small checks and I can accept them! The phone actually rang, and it was for hotel reservations!! I have some people who are stuck in Dutch right now… and other people making reservations a couple months in advance! (This is always a good thing to do when coming here!).

The rain hasn’t stopped… wonder how long this is going to go on for. I heard that we’re supposed to be getting a big storm… wonder if this is it? All I know is it’s packing a lot of rain with it!! You can tell when it’s falling hard is when it starts to get a bit darker because all the water is blocking out the light!! Then it gets brighter, but the rain just won’t stop.

Then for a couple hours this afternoon the power went out. Not sure exactly what for, but it was out from 2pm-4pm. Making this morning not even compare in how bored I was, especially with no internet and the phone silenced. I should have just taken a nap or went home :P but I just sat here trying to find new spreadsheets I can make to make my work that much easier, at least I’m still able to listen to music on my laptop!!!

Not sure if the internet is going to turn back on today… after the power goes off and on like that the main internet building has to be reset (usually that’s what they do). I think with my internet at home my antenna is broken and they are sending me out a new one… so once I get that in and installed I should have my internet back on at home!!

Not sure what I want to cook us up for dinner tonight…. Maybe have French toast, or pancakes… breakfast sounds good… if not cream of mushroom soup over toast….. I’ll see what the hubby wants…. Either way I’m going to get on my Wii Fit and get my sweat on! Hoping that all this working out pays off by the time we have our wedding next year!! I hate working on the problem spots – you know that little pouch by your belly button that doesn’t want to budge and how it’s harder than heck to get your thighs and butt to “tighten” up… I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and by this time next year I should be in the body I’ve always wanted! :)

Ok well until tomorrow, TTFN!

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