Friday, July 31

Great News We Wanted to Share!!

Well... woke up really early this morning so that I can go down to the clinic... I've been impatiently waiting almost a week to go down there to do one simple thing... My hubby told me I said end of the month and we'll go down, I wanted to go on Wednesday - but he kept telling me I said end of the month.

Well today is end of the month. So we practically ran to the clinic at 9AM (when they open) and the staff looked at me puzzled... then I asked "can I get a pregnancy test?" Yes, a pregnancy test!!! I'm so excited!!! I was given the cup, filled it a bit, put some drops on the test and waited....

The first line showed up and my Aunty Lorraine gave me a big smile and a hug, then the second line showed up. A for sure postitive!! I'M PREGNANT!!!! Yay!! I turned around and looked at my hubby, who had just as big a smile as I did and I told him "we're pregnant!!" We are so excited!!! After making my appointments to come in on Monday and getting congratulated from everyone at the clinic, we went to find our parents and let them know!!

First stop, my parent's house - my dad and brother are out fishing so I won't be able to tell them until later, but my mom's home! So I went in and told my mom, who started to cry, giving me a big hug. Then we went to my hubby's parent's house - his dad wasn't home but his mom was there (laying in bed still), so we surprised her - this will be her first grandbabie, my parents 3rd. She was so excited, "finally" she said! Then off we went to find my father-in-law. We stopped by my great uncle George's house and told him and my brother-in-law, still looking for my father-in-law.... We finally found him at the City Office when we were stopping by to tell my hubby's sister that she was finally going to be an Aunty! So we went in the Mayor's office (my hubby's uncle) where my father-in-law was enjoying a cup of coffee and let them know the great news! All the time we're walking around I'm trying hard to get a hold of my sisters on my cell phone. I finally got thru to my little sis just before we got to the city office, got to tell my older sis when I finally got back to our house.

I'm so excited... I don't care if it's a boy or a girl... just a healthy baby is what I want!! Twins would be so cool!! They run on my hubby's side... so maybe!!! I'm wishing hard!!! So that explains my craving for ice cream the other day (Rocky road with pineapple).... and why I wanted something salty and sweet at the same time (I had fritos corn chips and skittles....). I'm going to have so much fun documenting everything so my future little one can go thru it all one day when he/she is older!! I know I appreciate all the stuff my mom did for me while she was prego!!!

So yay!! I wanted to share the news with all my blog followers!! I will make sure to keep track of everything (well to an extent) of how my pregnancy is going... My 1st prenatal appointment is scheduled for this Monday, August 3, 2009! Wish us luck!!

By the way... CB already told me I'm having a boy! (Hey CB, I think I got prego there at the Grand.. I was looking back at when I was supposed to be ovulating and it would have been right around that time!!! So that's what I'm betting on is we got prego over there!!!)

Our Due Date would be (according to my first day of my last menstrual cycle) will be March 28, 2010!! I'm hoping for an April Fool's Baby!!! That would be great!!! LOL!!!

My Postitive test results!!


  1. Very cool...congratulations to both of you! I've followed your blog for a few months, but have never posted a comment until now. How very exciting for you two! April, from what I can tell about you from reading your blog, you are going to be a great Mom!

  2. How exciting! Congrats April & hubby...I know you will be a great mom, just from your blogs & how you treat and take care of your other "babies"...Take care of yourself and again: Congrats!

  3. Congratulations April you will be a teriffic mom

    Look into prenatal vitamins, I'm sure your OB/GYN will recommend them for you!!!


  4. Congratulations April! I bet you dog babies will be good older siblings and protective too!


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