Friday, July 31

Friday, July 31, 2009

Well, obvious if you read my last post, you would know that I woke up early this morning in anticipation to go to the clinic and take a pregnancy test. Which turned out to be positive, YAY for us!! The weather this morning is overcast but already 50F out, I don’t think the sun will come out today, but it’s clear enough that we should be able to get a plane! After getting back from the clinic we took our pups out for their morning walk, then made sure I made it down to the office in time. My mom came up and grabbed the 4-wheeler last night and my bike is down at the office, so I’ll have to walk this morning (fine with me!).

Got down to the office, and my mom was on the phone with one of my sister’s, crying saying she’s happy to be a grandma again! I had a lot of people come up and congratulate the both of us! I got the charge slips into the book and started to get the paperwork into the spread sheets. I am going to wait for this month’s bank statements to get in before so I can get the bank reconciliation caught up to date. Around 11AM, the first flight flew over head, all our hotel guests checked out (I’m guessing they are leaving on that plane). I heard a good amount of mail came in, I’m waiting for movies to come in now! So I hope I got something in… or more junk magazines would be nice! Love knowing what’s going on in Hollywood! :P

For lunch we decided on grilled cheese and soup. I have to start making sure I get enough diary into my diet, also need to start eating more veggies and fruits… and somehow stop drinking Mt Dew – my only source of caffeine!! I’m a pop addict (yes there is such a thing)…. I don’t know what it is… the HFCS? The caffeine? The fizzyness of it? All I know is that both my hubby and I are definitely addicted to pop… and if we don’t drink it we get: sick, moody, get headaches (all withdrawal symptoms!). So I have to wean myself slowly, I’m happy that in the last year I’ve cut my habit in half… just have to keep doing the same… maybe start mixing my pop with really ice cold water or something until I’m drinking just water exclusively….

Back at the office this afternoon I cashed a couple checks, took some phone calls and got more paperwork into the computer. I had a couple people come up and pay on their store bills. They know we aren’t open tomorrow and it’s the end of the month. Most people like to come in on the 1st and pay on their store bill once I finish getting the bills out to them by that afternoon! Monday is going to be a busy day for me… getting billing done, and helping with payroll. Oh well, Monday’s are usually always busy…

Tonight we are going to the cafĂ© for dinner; they are having pork chops for a special today. That sounds really good to me, plus I don’t have to dirty my kitchen!! So that’s what we have planned for dinner. Not sure what we are doing after work, I just know I want to get my workout on my Wii Fit done for the day, shower up and relax! I wouldn’t mind going up the hill sometime and getting more strawberry plants and putting them in my parent’s “flower box.” Might just do that over the weekend if the weather stays nice!

Also I ordered that new Fast and Furious movie from, my hubby’s been bugging me like a little kid about how much he’d like to be able to watch it and who around here would get it and when. So I figured hell with it and ordered it for him… maybe he will let me get a new purse/bag that I’ve been looking at ;) LOL.. Our anniversary coming around the corner ;)

Well I’m so excited about my great news! I can’t wait to meet him/her and see who baby looks like and watch them grow up!! But in the mean time, I’m going to try to enjoy my 1st pregnancy – and try to keep track of all my cravings and everything else. I have first names picked out… but I don’t know about middle names just yet… they have to at least sound good together! I like Veronika and Brandon though for first names. Tonight I'm going to break out my "What to expect when you're expecting" and brush thru it, it's been since my little sis was prego with my Cupcake that I last looked at it!

Well around 3PM the fog started to lower its self from the sky, bringing with it a light mist. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get another plane today, but you never know, it could clear back up again…. Darn, I didn’t get my movies in either… oh well.. maybe its in the next batch of mail we get…

Well I’ll get my weekend posts published on Monday! Until then TTFN! Have a great weekend everyone!! Can’t believe it’s already going to be August!!

Oh and I forgot, sometime this week they put up the SkyStream wind turbine donated from APICDA. It's located up behind the library on the hill. Hoping it lasts in the high winds we get in the winter time. The company said they wanted to test their product, well we'll for sure test it for them!!

Pic of the wind turbine


  1. Congratulations April! You're in for a very special time.

  2. Great news Congrats to you!!!!


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