Monday, July 6

Friday, July 3, 2009

We were trying to sleep in but our neighbors decided to wake up early and jam out, waking us up… guess we can get up…… Well today we have the day off! Observance of Independence day! The weather is just beautiful out, woke up to clear blue skies, the sun coming up sharing it’s warmth! The pups enjoyed their morning outing (well it’s like 11AM but still morning!).

I called Sandra and asked her if I can get all the stuff to make the 6 pies for the pie eating contest tomorrow. She let me know I can come down now (noon), so I went down and picked everything up (flour, Crisco, pie filling and pans). I took everything home and started to clean the kitchen up. Not too long after I heard that the plane was coming in (yay, my cousin and her new baby are finally coming home!!). So we ran down to the plane to welcome them home!

I got back home and started up the 6 pies I needed to whip out. After getting the pies baked, I worked out for about 75 mins on my Wii Fit. The weather was just beautiful today! We ended up getting both our scheduled flights today.

Well until tomorrow, TTFN.

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