Friday, July 24

Friday, July 24, 2009

Well today is another cool, wet foggy days. There is a slight drizzle outside, doesn’t look like I’m going to get that soaked going down to the office. Happy that my mom is back and I can go back to work at my usual time of 10AM instead of coming in that 1 hour earlier!! Took the pups out, they didn’t like anything about getting wet while they were trying to do their business.

On my way down to the office I didn’t happen to see one person outside! I know its Friday, but where is everyone? Usually see at least one person on my way down! I stopped and put Boss out on his line. Yay, his owner should be back on the ferry tonight (well Saturday morning). Wonder how many people are going to go over and back this time? I know I’m not going…. At the office this morning it was pretty quiet… just dealing with some problems with the Xerox machine… says to change the drum unit, we change it with a brand new one and it still wants it to be changed…. We don’t know what the heck to do… but shut it off and wait a couple hours... hopefully get it working this afternoon….

For lunch I grabbed a can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meat Balls for me and a can of Dinty Moore for my hubby. I think we’ll have pork egg rolls for dinner tonight!

This afternoon was at least a little more active that this morning. I had about 6 Trident employees come up to cash their checks. I heard a lot of Trident employees down stairs buying up the bananas then more will come in asking if there are any more bananas…. I don’t know what they do with all those bananas but we can sell 5 cases of bananas just to the cannery employees and they will still come down asking for more!

We finally got the Xerox machine working again. Not sure what exactly its problem was, but hopefully it doesn’t act up again. I am thinking about enrolling in a couple Distance Ed classes again… that or go to the school and see if I can borrow some of the algebra math books and refresh my memory and finish up taking my college Math credits – one of the main courses I was never really that great at… I mean I liked it… just wasn’t that great at it…. Formulas and all that crap… but at least it makes me happy to know I know that stuff (even though we rarely use any of that information in daily life….). So I might do that, but right now we’re budgeting for our trip for this fall/winter.

We were going to another wedding this winter: we got our airline tickets purchased already, our hotel deposits done up ready for us to check-in, and our car rental is set up. Then the wedding got pushed 2 weeks later… pushing the wedding right next to Christmas time… a time of the year I would rather be sitting at home than trying to travel. I’m also stressing over who was going to watch my 2 little ones, since my bro-in-law John is a groomsman and is attending the wedding (he usually watches them for us). So I’m really sad to say that we’re just going to go down and enjoy ourselves on a little vacation that was supposed to be for us to attend the wedding. Not only can I not get the dates at the hotel we wanted to stay at, all the prices go up right around Christmas (due to all the kids going on xmas break), the car rental would be almost 300 more, and not to mention all the fee’s we’d have to pay to change our airline tickets!! So, I’m really disappointed that they pushed their wedding date 2 weeks later than the date it was supposed to be on, now we aren’t going to be able to attend like we wanted to. I would love to go, but I can’t get the hotels we want during the new wedding date, we really can’t afford all the change fees (especially when I’m expecting us to be paying for our party of 4’s daily food bill, bringing my sister and her b/f). So we’re just going to start putting away money to take care of the rest of our expenses and maybe if we have enough we can try to change our dates…. But like I said the hotels we wanted are booked up for new wedding dates… and we already have the rooms confirmed and put deposits down for them for the dates we wanted in the first place!!! So that really sucks to not make it to the wedding, but I’m happy to be going back to Los Angeles and Los Vegas once again!!! If I could… would… I’d up and move my hubby and 3 dogs down to LA… I wouldn’t know what kind of jobs we’d have or what part of town to live in or anything like that… so that’s why we don’t just do it! Or we probably would!!

The weather kind of cleared up this afternoon… it stopped raining at least and the board walk is starting to dry up. My hubby said he’s going to cook steam bath tonight, so that’s something to look forward to after work. We didn’t get any planes in today, and Polly didn’t call once so everything must have gone smoothly down at the Post Office (yay!). The freighter is scheduled to arrive in the early AM (around 4-6AM) so we have a little crew that is ready to knock out what we have coming in.

Well I’m going to go enjoy steam bath… then get sweaty working out on my Wii Fit… then hangout and flip thru the channels. My hubby borrowed a VHS tape from the library… an old high school basketball game that we both played in when we were in the 7th grade!! OMG it’s going to be so funny to watch!!

Ok well I hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend! Until Monday (I’ll get the weekend posts published on Monday) TTFN!

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  1. Hi April,
    I am traveling this 86 year old mom is ailing arthritis has her hands in tight fists and I can feel my fingers hurting already (oh oh )
    I am in Denver to visit her and create memories for her and using wireless connections on my laptop. My daughter lives her too.

    Amy, my daughter has a dog and is dogsitting another dog. As soon as I let them out this AM, my thoughts turned to you as your first blog entry is on the "critters" I watched the do their thing" as you always put it!!

    Could you email Brain CB in Unalaska that I am visiting my mom until friday, he wanted my shirt size, which is 1x?? My home computer has all my email addresses.
    I owe you for the favor.

    Thanks April



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