Friday, July 17

Friday, July 17, 2009

Well I can’t tell you how great it feels to be sleeping in my own bed under our own roof! Woke up to a completely foggy day, you can’t even see town from my house this morning! It’s slightly wet out (misty), but there isn’t any wind at least and temps are right in the low 50’s. Took the pups out for their morning outing, they sometimes seem like they aren’t even fully awake yet!

I rode my new bicycle down to the office this morning. We put it together last night. Pretty tricky, but not too hard to get the brakes and everything hooked up and ready to go. I got a one speed BMX bike that has the trick pegs on the tires; single speeds last longer here than speed bikes! I think I need to get a more comfortable seat though! Then make sure I lube everything up with some gear lube oil (stays on better than 3-in-1 or WD40).

The office was pretty quiet all day. I didn’t really do much but answer the phones, take hotel reservations, cash a couple checks (a couple people put money on their store bill so I wrote out receipts), and checked a couple people out of the hotel (they are catching a boat, I joked with them and said “watch the plane come in now!”). Other than that it was pretty quiet and boring, but that’s ok gives me time to clean up a bit… it needs a good vacuuming up here and I wouldn’t mind shampooing the carpet too sometime… doing it on a Friday or over the weekend would be best…

For lunch we went to the café and had the usual (me and my French Dip… my hubby had chicken nuggets this time).

This afternoon was pretty dead… just my mom coming in and out of the office… I think she’s debating whether or not to fly to Dutch for a cash pick up, we are running low on cash again. If I would have known that when I was flying back I might have had time to go pick it up from the bank, but my mom didn’t tell me until it was too late… so she’s going to go over and pick us up cash if the plane ever comes in. It’s still pretty foggy out there, but it’s lifting and getting warmer out… never know if they might make it in or not!

I can’t believe that it’s already Friday… time goes by way too fast... that trip went by fast… I’ve already been home for a couple days… feels like we went to the wedding just the other day not coming up on a week!!

Well I’ve been shopping for wedding dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses and all that good stuff…. Still not sure who we want to be in our “bridal party” – for sure our siblings… and flower girls will be my nieces and ring bearer will be my hubby’s youngest brother. I want a candy pink color with white…. I was thinking black but I don’t want it to look like a funeral… LMAO! But at least with black dresses the girls can wear them again, unlike a bright pink dress!! Right now I’m playing around with the wedding designer that David’s Bridal has, pretty fun to be able to play with what you want people to dress like and what they would look like together! I have a couple styles of dresses that I like so far…. I hate being so picky sometimes!!

I think we’re going to go with the save the date magnets that I wanted to get. I got our sample order in and my hubby seems to like it… something plain and simple the size of a business card that has our date, place, our names and a note saying our formal invitation to follow! Once I order and get our actual ones in, I will scan or take a pic of it to show everyone else!! :)

I don’t want anything too “over the top” but I just want us to be able to look nice, especially for pictures… I wouldn’t mind a small reception though… we’ll probably have no alcohol at our reception either… just have lots of food – cut the cake – play a song or two – then head home and relax! If everyone else wants to continue up at the RH go right ahead…. I don’t want to give people around here another reason to party it up (they come up with enough reasons!), also I don’t want to be the one just supplying their habits (no free drinks off me!). I’ll have sparkling cider or something non-alcoholic – make a great punch with sparkling water and juice! I wouldn’t mind having a big beautiful cake though! I love cakes and I think I would like mine to be a 3-tier (save and freeze the top tier for our 1yr anniversary!), with lots of pink flowers! I know it’s early… but better to be prepared and know what I want before it gets too late… plus I’ll probably be making my own cake anyways!! :D

Well today was a pretty boring day… can’t wait to get home and get on my Wii Fit and get a good sweat going! When I was in Anchorage I sent myself a hula hoop home since I fell in love doing the hula hoops on the Wii Fit (although I think actual hula hooping will be harder). I think it’s funny when people try to tell me that I don’t look over weight or they ask why I’m working out… they don’t know that mentally I still see myself as that almost 200lb girl, the one who fit size 13 jeans perfectly…. Now that I’m 159 and fitting a size 8 jeans, I don’t really “see” myself at that size, I still think of myself as that heavier April… and knowing that according to my BMI, before I started to watch what I ate and workout, I was considered Obese (a BMI of 32). I am trying to get myself to a healthy BMI of 24 or less, right now I am hovering at a BMI of 25, so I don’t have much more to lose before I hit my goal weight. But I’m just afraid that if I stop working out and watching what I eat… I will be that bigger person once again, something I don’t want to happen (not only for my health but for my happiness). I have to start learning to love myself and stop thinking I’m “fat”… because if I think I’m fat (when I look good)… then what kind of image am I portraying to everyone else? You know… I hope the lil girls aren’t looking at me thinking that they need to lose weight or anything because they see me struggling with my weight battles and with me wanting to lose a little bit more when I actually look good and shouldn’t really worry about it (doesn’t stop me from wanting to hit my goal weight of 145!). Or any of my friends who just had babies or are prego and her me say “I’m fat”… I hope they aren’t thinking “well then what do you think of me?” I don’t criticize anyone about the choices they make in life: including anything to do with weight, race, occupation or anything else that people are prejudice about! So I hope that when people hear me criticizing myself that I’m not trying to subconsciously trying to pick on you or say anything to hurt anyone else’s feelings… those are just the feeling towards myself and the way I put myself down to make me push myself to look better, to give me motivation to get that last 15lbs off! I know it’s not the best way to do it, but it works for me…. So yeah….

OK well I didn’t plan anything for dinner. My dad got a good sized halibut that he couldn’t deliver because it got torn up a bit when it got pulled aboard, so I took it home and cleaned it… let my hubby put it in Ziploc bags for me, told him to put it in the freezer (this was the day we got home)… well he just called and told me that he had to throw the halibut out… because he put it in the fridge………… OH DID I GET MAD ON THE PHONE…. I don’t know how many times I bitch and say I have to do s**t myself to get it done right…. What a waste of fish…. Aarrrrgggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I defiantly don’t want to cook dinner, I think I’m just going to have cereal or make my hubby find something to cook… that just ruined my day… here we were just talking about cooking halibut burgers tonight with that fish…. There goes that idea…. Oh well… cereal sounds good to me! LOL….. I guess I can say there are more fish out there… but damn it what a waste……

The plane ended up canceling, I heard it was beautiful, sunny and calm over in Dutch but its slowly clearing up here… maybe the sun might come out! aWell until tomorrow (if my internet is working at home... if not I’ll post the weekends on Monday!) TTFN!

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  1. April,
    I will email you copies of my daughter's Play del Carma beach wedding with black dresses for the bridesmaids they were just fine. Email back if they did not come through and I will facebook post them for you



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