Wednesday, March 4

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well woke up to a slightly breezy morning, a light mist hanging in the air, the kind that when you walk in it you get soaked but it’s not like rain falling from the sky. Just little suspended water molecules like someone is out there with one of those misting systems found in the produce area of a grocery store. A warm 52F degree’s out there again, feels way too warm for this time of the year! The dogs got soaked and they weren’t even out for long! My chi’s didn’t seem to like getting wet, but my lab was all for it! Dante is starting to learn to pee on the lamp post just on the other side of the boardwalk in front of our house. He’s been watching Roscoe, and then once Roscoe has pee’d then Dante will go over and pee over it. So he’s slowly starting to learn, both my chi’s poop on the pads though, they haven’t pooped outside the whole time I’ve had them. That’s ok I guess… we pick it up as soon as they are done and flush it. Tug likes to go over the bank and hide and do his thing!

So I went to the dentist yesterday! YAY, I have perfect teeth! I got a cleaning and they put some fluoride stuff on my teeth and I was good to go. My hubby on the other hand… he needs to stop drinking pop. His teeth are going to fall out of his head. OMG, so I was a little offended, but he was asked if he does Meth!?!?!?!?!?!? OMG, we don’t even know what that shit looks like, other than what they show on TV. I told my hubby that is an insult and he should be taking care of his teeth more! He used to brush them like 5 times a day before we moved in with each other. Now his mouth is full of cavities, and he still won’t put that damn Pepsi down and drink water! So hopefully he gets the idea this time, I know back when we were 23 the dentists told him that drinking pop was like dumping battery acid on your teeth. He went thru all the pain of having braces… just to treat his teeth like crap and have them eventually all fall out (well that’s how I put it).

So I rode down on the 4-wheeler to work this morning, getting soaked on the way. Didn’t really see that many people out this morning, usually around 10 there are a couple people out and about, but not today. I got the store order out first thing this morning, after getting that rushed out I entered all the charge slips into the big book and counted up all those quarters. I have to take that $50 back to the coin machine when I head home for lunch. We pan fried up some halibut last night, saved a couple pieces today for halibut burgers! I just have to get some of those Easy Fries (microwave kind). I felt good about having good teeth, so I went and got myself one of those hollow Easter bunnies to snack on (LOL). I am one of those people who go for the ears first… I think it’s funny how many people do that!

Well we’re going to have halibut burgers for lunch today; I saved a couple of the halibut pieces that I fried up last night. I like to re-heat mine with cheese melted on top, my hubby don’t like cheese. Awesome lunch!

Now it’s blowing out there, with that same wet mist blowing around like a curtain fluttering thru the skies. I got back to work after lunch and noticed some stuff missing on the shelves that I knew we had in boxes somewhere. So I went on a hunt looking for some feather roses and some other stuff. I found everything I was looking for hidden under some of the Christmas inventory! I also found some coats that needed to be brought down. After helping move some stuff on the shelves I made my way back up to the office. Only thing left for me to do is get last month’s paperwork into our spreadsheets. I backed up everything on my computer last night before I went home, it was about time I did that!

No one showed up today to get their checks cashed, and the phone has been oddly quiet. We got a couple new dolly-carts for the store, my uncle took one of the boxes over to the garage to get it put together, and he’ll grab the other one later. I think it’s so cute when Raemie (she’s almost 3) comes up to visit and say hi! She’s so cute, always comes up and asks me where the puppy is! I finally had 3 people come to the office wanting to cash their checks.

There are obviously going to be no planes today with all the fog, mist and wind. The wind is slowly starting to pick up, gusting a good 30MPH once and a while, the water in the harbor is laden with white caps. The temp has dropped about 2 degrees down to 50F now at 3PM.

I got a call from ADF&G asking for pix of the village and of people fishing. I don’t know if I have any fishing pix, but I do have pix of town that I can email to them. They are coming out here later this month to do a subsistence harvest survey, at least that’s what that lady said, and she also made hotel reservations.

Well I didn’t plan anything for dinner tonight. Guess I can always go have the usual French Dip from the café… I don’t really feel like cooking today. We both are going to work on getting the dishes cleaned and make the kitchen look good again. I made pickled fish last night. Hope it turns out ok…

Well have a great Wednesday!! TTFN


  1. I have also heard Coke is like battery aacid for the teeth.
    Hope he can choose water, maybe some weak Crystal Light, lemon water etc...

    Love your daily prose


  2. I cut soda out of my diet a long time ago. I have bad teeth but its from genes not from lack of care. Hopefully your hubby can get rid of the soda habit.

  3. My main thing is American sweets that Ang has sent me :D
    They are so delicious but I will probably end up with very bad teeth. ah well! my motto is "enjoy it while you can"!

  4. April, educate an old lower 45 woman. What is picked fish? Ang tell Hubby he can drink soda if and only if he brushes after!


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