Wednesday, March 25

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well we woke up to a blizzard this morning. Opened the front door and it was just a wall of snow blowing sideways, white out conditions. Roscoe didn’t even get off the porch and Tug hid behind the porch (a wind break for him) so he could do his thing, then he ran over the bank to take a #2. He was all coated in snow when he got back to the house! Today is garbage day, not sure if we want to put it out if it's just going to get blown away!

I took the morning off to get some business taken care of on the phone. I finally got off the phone at 11:30AM, just in time to clean up and find something to eat for lunch. There wasn’t much to get done at the office today at least. I have out store manager working on the next store order we need to get out, what will ship out April 10th I believe and be here around April 17th or so. We ended up having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

I got down to the office this afternoon; my mom hadn’t entered the charge slips from yesterday, so I got on that right away. Then she gave me the checks that came in the mail yesterday and I entered those payments to the proper accounts and got the receipts ready to mail back to them. I cashed a couple checks, people actually walking down from the Plant in this weather!!

I made a check for the cash we bought off the USPS, and then started to enter paperwork into the computer… I’m making my way thru it, already knocked a month of paper work out of the way… after getting them entered into my computer I have to go enter them in QuickBooks on my mom’s computer.

This afternoon seemed to drag along, but the end of the day finally came. I got us everything we need for tacos tonight, just have to stop by the cafĂ© for my salad order so I can have lettuce for my tacos! Temps were in the high 20’s, breezy and snowy all day. No planes today…

Well have a great Wednesday!! TTFN….


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