Wednesday, March 18

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So we woke up to another wintery day, the wind is still blowing from the North – gusting pretty hard today. It doesn’t really seem like it’s snowing, but more like blowing all the snow that’s on the ground all around. It’s still super cold out there, low 20 – high teens! When the snow clears you can see blue sky in the distance and the sun is trying to come out – offering only blinding light.

I walked down to the office, straight into the wind practically the whole time – what a cold walk. I walked in the store and talked about anything else we needed to order, because today would be the last day to get anything else in for what’s shipping on the 27th. I went up stairs and helped my mom get a lot of stuff ready for the meeting this afternoon. Trying to make sure that we have 7 copies of everything for each board member. She had some problems with her printer, nothing too big – the cable had come lose and it wasn’t responding. Then we had to make sure there was enough toner in the Xerox machine to make all the copies of everything. I have a letter I have to get written and out to NOAA. I guess they need our permission to put a tide gauge out on a part of Akun Island - they are mapping Unimak Pass I guess.

We decided to have grilled cheese for lunch. I had mine with ham on wheat bread. My hubby had his on white with no ham, but he had soup with his. I let him know about the plans I was stewing up with his mother. I guess the school kids are going to be going on this trip next month, where they learn about parts of Alaska and travel to them. I think they are going to travel up on the ferry Tustemena from here to Homer and drive to Fairbanks and back down to Seward and eventually fly home all within a week’s time period or so. And they are short on funds that they were hoping to have by now. I know I heard that they are writing letters to local businesses asking for any help. But I figured if we all pitched in, then their goals should be met. I heard they are about 3-5 grand short or so. From the letter I saw, I counted 9 people who are supposed to be traveling, including chaperones. They have raised all the other money they needed for their trip, and I am asking everyone to help as much as they can. Please contact the school @ 907-698-2205 and talk with the principal, Mr. Woodard. I am going to try to get some of the parents whose kids are going on that trip and see if they want to get a bake sale fund raiser going for the kids this Saturday at noon. I am willing to make/donate all homemade: cinnamon rolls, asst muffins, cupcakes, angel food cakes, bread – white, cinnamon raison, alaadikax, and If I get some apples I was going to make an apple streusel , I want to make some chocolate chip and oatmeal raison cookies also. If there is anyone else willing to help donate money, baked goods, or anything else, our school kids would greatly appreciate it. I remember what it was like to want to go on a school trip, and how fun and educating those trips would be. All my trips will forever be held in a special place in my heart! I want to be able to give our kids that chance to be able to travel with their classmates, and to learn about new things on the way, making for awesome memories later in life! So let’s get together and help our kids!! I know I don’t have a kid in school, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do my part to help them. If you can’t make anything, be sure to watch for flyers for the location – but for sure, show up at Noon on Saturday with your money and support our children!! They are hoping to leave on the first ferry arriving the weekend of April 18… so let’s do everything we can to help them!

I got back to the office this afternoon. I had started to enter paperwork into the spreadsheets, so I decided I’d just keep doing that until I get caught up. It just makes my eyes hurt and I get a headache staring at those numbers and spreadsheet lines for so long. I have to take little breaks just so I don’t feel like I’m straining to see. Not that it takes that long, just I didn’t enter them in for a while so I have to stare at the spreadsheet longer than if I would have just entered it in the next day! :P It gives me something to do though. I got all our store orders faxed out, and now I’m just waiting for them to get me invoices back on what’s shipped last week.

I think I am going to make cookies tonight, then the cupcakes and muffins tomorrow, breads on Friday that way everything can be sold as fresh as it can be without me having to try to make it all in one day. But I have to be sure to go to the store and get everything that I need. I know for sure I’m going to need a lot of flour, yeast, butter and sugar! Hopefully we have a good turnout for the bake sale! I’m putting a lot of effort in it, so I hope it pays out for the school kids!

Well end of the day and I have to get paperwork done up and head home. The hubby is trying to get steam bath started up, but I don’t know how far he’s going to get with frozen water lines/hose! So hopefully bath get’s going.

Have a great Wednesday!! TTNF!

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