Wednesday, March 11

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Woke up to a good inch of snow on the boardwalks. Snow squalls passing blocking out the blue sky and sunshine. We got up early because my hubby had his dental appointment today. We walked the dogs then got ready to go down to the clinic around 9:30AM

I took the day off and spent the morning at the clinic, helping the dentists with what I could while they were working on his teeth. So I spent this morning at the clinic, keeping everyone company while I was being nosey with my hubby’s teeth.

At lunch time we had a ladies only lunch for our store manager’s birthday. I brought a big bowl of jello with fruit and whipped cream on top. There was a good assortment of goodies to munch on. They had some shrimp, chili cheese sandwiches, whole grain rolls, and assorted finger foods. They also had some salmonberry shortcake and moss berry cobbler. I brought a small plate of food home to my hubby, since it was ladies only.

I took the afternoon off from work since there isn’t really anything important that I need to get done today. I got some calls bitching me out about what I write in my blog. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Easy as that right? I may not like what some other people have to say either, but I don’t try to make them change what they think, or how to express it. We are all open to express our feelings, thoughts and opinions. I don’t feel that I have to move, I never said I didn’t like it here. I don’t appreciate getting calls from people telling me they want to run me out of here because of what I wrote yesterday. Like I said before I am entitled to my own opinion, and if you don’t like it – then like the “famous” CB said, “If you have a Problem with that go to another blog, there are like a billion others…”

Well, I have nothing planned for dinner tonight. We made kielbasa, potatoes and green beans for dinner last night. I might just call the cafĂ© and order something if I can’t find anything I want in my cupboards or fridge/freezer.

We got one plane in so far, it came in around 2PM. The snow squalls come and go and the hills are freshly frosted with new snow. But the sun is still shining, and I can actually feel the heat from it! It’s been about 37F all day. A slight breeze from the south. Not sure if the second flight is going to come in, but I wouldn’t see why not, it’s beautiful out other than the occasional snow squall.

I just got a call out for the barge at 10mins to 5PM. 2 guys tomorrow, one guy at 7:30 AM and the second at noon. I think this time it’s going to be my hubby first then my bro. Raymond is still sitting this week out because he’s waiting to get some dental work done. And your teeth are more important than a job, but it’s all good because we have enough people in our rotation to let him take a break! Ray’s been doing the barge for the past 15+ years or so, he’s our most experience long shore man out of the three of them. Next would be my bro then my hubby on who’s been there the longest. But my hubby is so good at what he does he can probably do it blindfolded or backwards or both or even one handed! :D Sorry to seem cocky, but you can ask the Gyrfalcon crew about him and how hard he works and how he knows what he’s doing and what’s supposed to be going on. He’s been working there since he turned 18, and we’ll be 26 this year! So this will be his 8th year working as a long shore man for the ILWU ( I believe that stands for International Long shore mans Workers Union), he loves doing the barge… I can see it in his eyes when he talks about it, he gets that fire in the eyes – you know that loving fire! I think he’s the cutest when he’s smiling and talking about work, can tell it makes him happy. And what makes him happy make me happy too!

Well hopefully the effects of the full moon start to wear off and everything makes its way back to “normal.” I’ll probably be putting my blog to private soon and just invite people to view it. So if you want to be on my list, email me… :) and I will send you an invitation. That way I don’t have to worry about people bitching about it being public. It will only go to whom I choose. So please get to me soon. I will be changing this on Friday the 13th!

Luvs to all of my followers who don’t have a problem listening to what I write. To all those others, just close the window and forget I even have a blog, since you don’t like what I have to say. No one said you have to love what other people have to say… but that doesn’t give you any right to bitch at someone because of what they think. If you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t read it. Easy as that.



  1. If they dont like it...they can go elsewhere. Sounds like an interesting day. How are the pups?

  2. I can not find your email on here babe, but I really want to be invited. CB can vouch for me if necessary. Thanks and DLTBGYD

  3. Hello April Dawn,
    Greetings from Canada! I stumbled upon your blog (and into the world of "blogdom" in general) as well as the famous "CB" and thoroughly enjoy and greatly appreciate a peak into your life, as well as life in Akutan and Alaska in general. I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada, and I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to continue sharing your daily life with your hubby and "babies", and perhaps I could give you a look into life in Southern Alberta. If you would like to email me at, I look forward to communicating with you!

    Warm wishes.....Marg

  4. I want to keep reading your blog! I love hearing about how life is where you live. It seems no matter where a person lives, people can be mean and hateful. I hope you keep writing, and we can keep reading!

  5. Please include me - I started reading your blog after cb kept talking about it and it's a daily habit now. I would miss it.


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