Tuesday, March 10

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I woke up and the first thing I did was call my little sis and sing her “happy birthday” on her voice mail! I obviously didn’t let her sleep in… lol… opps… sorry sis….. I started to cry after singing her happy birthday, I can’t believe we’re as old as we are now. I still can’t believe my baby sis has a baby! I guess it just hit that soft spot in my heart and it makes me choke up and tear up a bit… Guess I just don’t want us to be growing up and getting older… just stay kids and keep our parents young and around us all the time! Kind of sucks to know that we can only cherish memories from the past and we can never “go back in time” and live that moment again. Damn that means my 26th b-day is right around the corner (next month)……… where are the years going?

Today is so beautiful! Walked outside to clear skies, the sun looks like it’s just about to come up over the horizon, the colors of the sky vary from light blue to dark blue! There is a slight chill in the air, the boardwalks are frosted over with a thin layer of snow and ice. There is a slight breeze blowing from the Northwest. The dogs ran out and enjoyed running on the lawn, before eventually doing their thing before coming back inside. I try to make sure they play enough before and after they pee so they don’t think outside is no play and only potty! Makes it easier to get them to go potty first, if they know they get to play after and not go straight inside!

I got down to the office, entered in the charge slips, and went over yesterday’s paperwork. I have to check my mom’s adding machine, I think it’s rounding up. She’s trying to match totals from what I got yesterday to what she’s getting today. I went back to my desk and added all yesterday’s checks up on my adding machine 4 times, and kept coming up with the same number I had. Then I showed her for some reason her machine was rounding the totals, that’s why she had a different total than I had. So that wasn’t hard to fix.

After screwing around with yesterday’s paperwork, I got to counting up the cash my mom picked up for the Corp. I hate counting one dollar bills and paper clipping them in bunches of $20.00 then rubber banding 5 of the $20 bundles to equal and even hundred, then put it in the safe. The bigger bills seem easier to count out and paperclip up. The plane is scheduled to come in on time today, should be here around 11:30AM. We had one person check out of the hotel, I think we have some kind of surveyors here for the Airport project.
We ate at the café for lunch, well we ordered it to go so we can eat at home. I had my usual (everyone should know what that is by now… LMAO) and the hubby decided on a chicken burger today.

Well this afternoon seemed to go by smoothly. I got a bunch of the ones counted up, I didn’t realize that most of the 1’s in the safe hadn’t been paper clipped up. So that gives me something else to do. I got the Tribal Council’s store account figured out for them and sent them a copy. I guess they weren’t coming up with the same totals that I was. So I sent them all of what we have entered in and faxed them that copy. I still came up with the same totals!

I guess the fridge in 203E stopped working, the room the dentists are in. So we moved the fridge from the back of the Salmonberry Inn (which isn’t being used right now) up to the dentist’s room. My hubby moved it for us, he said it was really light and easy to move with just a hand cart. Oh the drama yesterday, my hubby WASN’T even working for us nor doing anything for the Corp. And I guess he grabbed his parents’ 4-wheeler, and his mom had a huge cow over it and started to call both my office and the president’s office bitching about him using her bike for Corp work. Well… for one, he was not doing anything for us at the time. He was just using her bike to do whatever the hell he was doing at the time, which had nothing to do with the Corp. But she still picked up the phone and decided to bitch the corp. out for nothing. I want an apology for being harassed at work for something my hubby is doing that I don’t even know what the hell he was doing anyways. And two, if he was working for the corp., then he would have been told to just take the corp.’s 4-wheeler. I hate when people call about one thing, then make shit personal and start bitching about other shit. I can do the same, and I did. I’m not ashamed of anything I had to say, I know people have been wanting to say something, but didn’t know how. So at least I said it and it’s out in the open now, I’m not sorry that I had to be the one to say it. If you are going to call my office during work hours, let it be for something pertaining to the corp. If your all heated up and pissed off, wait to make that call or else nothing is going to get done if you’re just going to bitch and cuss and hang up without getting an explanation of what’s even going on. I just say it’s the full moon effecting people, I know they say not to talk about the sun, moon and weather and stuff… but I swear it has some kind of impact on people around here. I swear half this town is being bitchy the last couple days, must be the effects of the full moon being so close to Friday the 13th… who knows... I just know its stress that I don’t need to be dealing with.


Well, cashed a small amount of checks today, only 4. I counted up and paper clipped almost all the cash in the safe… I think all I have to do now is start a store order again here soon. We should have a freighter leaving Seattle this Friday the 13th and it will be here next week. So I should start on what we’re going to need to be shipped here in a couple weeks. My hubby has his dental appointment in the AM. Hopefully they fix all the problems in his mouth, that damn soda he drinks is literately eating holes in his teeth. I drink almost the same amount as he does, just I drink Mountain Dew or Cream Soda. They don’t have the phosphoric acid in it that Pepsi and Coke have in them. So I’m thinking that’s the “battery” acid part of the pop that’s eating his teeth. He needs to switch to what I’m drinking, and he needs to slow down! At least I slowed down. I now will carry a pop in my hand, but I won’t drink it. Kind of like how a cigarette smoker has to have that cancer stick in their fingers, I need to be holding that damn pop. It’s a habit I’m slowly trying to break, it’s like being a hardcore alcoholic and just trying to stop drinking! It’s not easy to accept change, no matter how small/big it might be, just as long as we’re persistent at it!

It’s our store managers birthday tomorrow, but she still insisted and wanted to come to work, even though the bi-laws state that an employee’s birthday is considered a day off for that employee. She still wants to come to work. I guess there are some of us who can’t stay away from work for too long! She don’t have internet and I know she don’t read my blog, so I can write in here that there is going to be a surprise party at lunch at the school tomorrow for her. Ladies only please. I am going to make a big bowl of jello with fruit in it, whipped cream on the side in case anyone wants any!

LOL... I had to post my horoscope that MSN emails me daily. Pretty weird how some days it hits right on the nail. I am on the cusp, I was born April 20. Which is right between Aries and Taurus, msn puts me as a Taurus.
Your horoscope for March 10, 2009
What good does it do you to resist change, April Dawn? Everyone knows that people of your sign have trouble adapting to the incessant changes in the world around you. Unfortunately, April Dawn, this is life and you can't do much about it. However, you are not powerless. You will find that your life is much more stable when you can learn to surf the waves of change. That is, embrace change and make it work for you, rather than resisting it all the time

It is now 4PM and the weather has cleared up, but they sky is overcast. It’s about 37F out, and there is a new coating of frost/snow on the hills from the passing snow squalls. The wind switched and is a slight breeze from the Southeast now. At about 4:11PM the second flight had landed and was pulling up on the plane ramp. I didn’t think it was going to clear back up. What’s that saying out here “if you don’t like the weather wait 5-10 minutes” Some days that saying is so true!

Well, I think T.I.’s Redemption and Snoop after Dark are all new on VH1 tonight, other than that I don’t’ have anything planned for tonight. I hope everyone had a great Tuesday. Until tomorrow, ttfn!

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