Friday, March 6

Trident caught the hill on fire

I don't know specifics.. I just know that Trident some how caught the hill on fire... and it's burning out of control right now... it is far enough East that it shouldn't endanger the town.

Well after mass calls were made (I got about 5 at my office for what the VPSO's number was or who to call, I recommended the city office if they couldn't get a hold of the VPSO). 15 mins after I originally posted this, they had about 25 people up on the hill, including people from town and trident, but mostly Trident employees. From the looks of it, their burn pile must have been too big, and with the winds blowing the 15-20 from the south, it ended up buring up the side of the gulley and part of the hill side. But with all the help from everyone on the hillside, they got the fire contained and turned out by 5:30PM. Good thing people acted fast, from the looks of where it started and where it got it, they luckily responded not to long after it started.

So that was the excitment for the day. We went to steam bath then ate at the cafe for dinner. Didn't see too many people there, only one guy from Trident sitting down eating. We called in our order when we ran home after bath. When we were finishing up eating, the dentist and his wife happened to walk in and take a seat. I sat and BS-ed a bit, I like letting people know about my blog, since they are from Sand Point - which isn't too far or much different than here - well landscape wise. :P We don't have cars or a runway.. or as many people! But I love it the way it is here, it's always been this way, 4-wheelers are good enough! I like to walk, or take a hike up the hill and listen to the sweet silence of nature. You know, birds chirping, the water rushing in the small streams and the waves crashing on the beaches. All types of birds, from eagles-seagulls-tweety birds singing, squaking and screaching! Nothing but fresh air and a slight breeze wispering in your ears. Where some days are foggy and some days are clear. I love this place I call home. I am very proud to have been born on this island, I am very proud of my Unangan background! This will always be my home!!!! I LOVE IT HERE... (although it can get boring at times, but that's when you get your butt up and do something about it, there is always something to go out and do... that's why I still live here and a lot of people ask me "how can you live there??" that's easy to answer... it's Home, and no one can ever take away what this place mean to me!! I'm not only talking about here, but this whole part of AK I call home, the beautiful Eastern Aleutain Islands!! :D

Ok well on that note.. good night... have a great weekend!
This sunrise pic was taken by Sarah "Sister" B. from the school this morning. I wanted to share it with everyone!


  1. ohh no...keep us updated!

    And...I saw you in that book. What do seagull eggs taste like? My friend Irene says they taste like lettuce??

  2. Saw your Mum, You want me to let her know about this? Call me If you need too!

  3. I love that you love our islands! Sometimes there just aren't enough words to describe how it makes us feel to live here, huh?

  4. CB - no need to alert my mom... although you can let her know if you'd like. No one got hurt, just the hill got a little burnt. It will grow dark green there maybe this year, if not next year for sure!

    And yeah.. there aren't enough words to describe the feelings from living here... you have to be here to experience it!

  5. how frightening for you April!! We have had neighborhood fires in desert like Western Colorado, you smell and see smoke and the sunset are red aand spectactular. You can even tell if the burnt materials were living materials, such as brush and trees (black smoke) or dead wood (white smoke) in our area.
    Thanks for the reply on the jacket too

  6. GLad to hear the fire was contained...and no real damage was done.

  7. Wow! im so glad it all turned out ok. Its always a little scary when we have heath fires near us in the summers. The bushes always look so odd black and twisted.
    How brilliant it is to hear of your love for the Island! I wish that I could live in such a beautiful place.

  8. You should go hunt for mushrooms there in the spring.


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