Sunday, March 8

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Woke up to a dry but foggy day. I forgot to turn my clocks a head an hour last night before we went to sleep, luckily my mom called this morning to let me know she was taking the tug back over here. I was like “why did you call this early?” and she was like “turn your clock ahead an hour babe…” so it wasn’t as early as I thought it was! Not too long after she called, the captain of the Gyrfalcon called to confirm the callout. They should be here by 1PM, my hubby will go up around 6PM – after dinner break, and I’ll feed him good here at home before sending him up!

The dogs loved their walk this morning! At about 11:30AM I ran down to get the paperwork done up and ready for today. While I was in the office I heard the plane fly over. What are they doing here in this fog?? Gee can barely see the other side of the bay! I went down to the plane after getting the paper work out, nobody came in (that I could tell of) and there was a handful of mail. I watched the plane take off into the fog, ha just because my mom too the tug over, the plane comes in!

At 1PM, I rode down and picked up my bro then proceeded up to Trident to meet the barge as it was docking up. I waited around for my mom to make her way off the barge so I can take her home. The fog has disappeared for now, and there is blue sky and sunshine. The sun is actually giving off some heat, finally! There is a slight breeze coming from the southwest, it feels nice and warm out today. The boardwalks look dry, so it doesn’t look like it’s been raining.

At about 4:30PM I started to cook up something to eat, figured cheeseburger hamburger helper was good enough… I like to spice up the meat while I’m cooking it though! I don’t like the meat just browned plain and cooked out of the box kind of thing. I have to add my own little touch to it! I drove my hubby up to the barge at 6PM.

I didn’t hear another plane come in today. Even though it’s been clear out since 1PM, but the sun didn’t stay long before it became overcast, but still clear out – no fog. The breeze picked up a bit, making it feel a little cooler out there, especially after the sun was shielded by the clouds!

To comment a bit on Darryl’s blog, the plane won’t fly in here on a Northerly wind because it comes over the hills, hits the other side of the bay and becomes a wind that can blow in any direction. As the pilot Steve says, “It gets really squirrely in the harbor, give me 20MPH in any direction but a northerly.” We always say, “Blowing every way but the right way”. A Northerly wind in this bay doesn’t just blow from the north, at least not in our harbor. Every other direction has no problems staying in that direction, but not with a northerly. It doesn’t matter how calm/hard the wind can blow from the North, they just don’t trust it here in our bay! It isn’t because of where the plane ramp is located. Just figured I’d clear that up a bit :)

Well I’m going to sit around and watch TV and read my book. Wait around for the hubby to call me tonight and let me know when I can go pick my bro and him up from work. They should be done in about 6-8 hours hopefully. So he’ll probably call and wake me up, and I’ll get up and go pick him up. Other than that, I don’t have anything planned for this evening!

Ok well I hope everyone’s weekend went great! TTFN


  1. lol. Thanks for that bit of info about the northerly winds! What do you use to spice up your meat?

  2. you know the usual spices: garlic pepper, lemon pepper, onion powder, dehydrated chopped onions, worchestershire sauce, a little bit of johhny's seasoning salt (I think I'm hooked on that stuff), oregano, thyme, and basil.


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