Sunday, March 1

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wow, starting the 3rd month of the year already.... Woke up to a cold rainy morning, from the looks of it, must have been cold enough for it to freeze; the hills have a fresh coating of frost on them. A slight 15-20MPG breeze from the South. My hubby was still working when I woke up, so I took the dogs out and waiting for him to call me so I can go pick him up.

At around noon I got the call and I went up to pick my hubby and bro up from the barge. A couple of the guys on the tug go home soon and they are going to have a swap out with the other crew (they have 2 crews). So I made sure to go up and see everyone before they go home for the next 3 months, I believe they work 75 days on, 75 days off or something like that.

I ran down to our store after dropping my hubby off at our house. We are out of pop and need to get something to eat. I ended up getting taco snacks, chips and salsa and our pop. I took tug with me for a run, he loves to go running with the 4-wheeler! For some reason the corp. atv trailer was parked up by my house, so I hooked it to the trailer hitch and drove it back down to the store. My mom drove me back home, because she said she needed the bike.

By 4PM it was dry out, a slight breeze and fog. The temps hanging at 50F. We have nothing planned but to take a shower, relax and see what's new on TV. We'll cook those taco snacks up sometime for dinner. I'm debating whether or not to work out today, all that walking on the hill yesterday should count for a couple days work :P We ended up going back up the hill for like another hour and half trying to back track ourselves and find his hat, with no luck... I know he had it when we started to go up, can see it in our pictures. Didn't realize it was gone until we got home... so it's probably gone forever now... darn it.... oh well... :(

Well, I got work that the Northwestern is heading my way, so I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them. It's a 4-5 hour boat ride from Dutch, and I heard they left there around 3-3:30 or so, so they should roll in our harbor at between 7-8PM tonight.

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend, back to work tomorrow... TTFN

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