Saturday, March 7

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Well... woke up to a wet and windy morning, actually it was wet and windy all day today. The fog is completely down to the water, big rain drops falling from the sky. The winds are blowing pretty hard, I heard it's blowing a good 100MPH outside the harbor.

I was expecting to sleep in, when the phone rang before 10AM. A call out for the barge tomorrow, 2 guys: one at noon and the other 4 hours later. My bro's turn to go up first, then probably my hubby. So after I hung up we got up and walked the dogs, which was quick because the little ones hate the rain. Somedays Tug seems like he don't want to be in that weather either!

We didn't do much today other than hang out in the house with the dogs. I had to run down just before noon and get paperwork and money out for the store so they can open up for they day. I almost forgot that my mom wasn't here! Luckily I have the 4-wheeler so I was able to get down there quicker than walking! I picked up chips and dip and some microwave food for later when we get hungry.

I read on my book, watched some tv, and enjoyed spending my time with my hubby and the pups. We evenutally ate our microwave dinners. I took a hot bubble bath. And now we are watching COPS, and America's Most Wanted comes on next.

Also it is one of my childhood bestest friends ever birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!! I hope she had an awesome day, I was trying like hell to find a way to call her with out having to run around town, but I didn't find anyone who knew what her number was or where she might be. I'll maybe call down to the Roadhouse later and see if she's celebrating her b-day!

No planes today, obviously with the fog and wind. It was garbage day today, but we didn't have enough in ours yet to set it out, so maybe on Monday!.

I need to work out but I'm being lazy about it :P I was thinking about doing an hour of belly dancing, I want to get an ab workout done this weekend. I have a whole good stack of different workout dvds - ranging from yoga, to areobics, to tae bo, belly dancing, and Carmen Electra's whole workout dvd set.. just to name a few....

Well have a great Saturday night everyone, nothing much going on today.. just enjoying spending my day off at home reading, hanging out and watching tv! TTFN!


  1. Sounds like my kind of day! Glad you got to relax.

  2. Have you tried Zumba? It is a GREAT workout based on Latin dance. A million years ago, I was a jazz/funk dancer, and I love to Zumba. I've been so tired lately that I haven't been keeping up with my workouts, and it is showing.
    :( I need to get motivated!
    Hugs to you and kisses on the noses for the pups!

  3. what a wonderful sounding day!!! I just found the best workout ever! playing on a playground with a 4 year old! very fun times! hope the weather is better for the dogs soon!


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