Saturday, March 28

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well how to explain the weather today. We woke up to the wind blowing a good 35MPH from the NW, snowing hard… an hour later it turned to wet snow-blowing hard from the West. A couple hours later it stopped raining/snowing but started blowing hard from the South. This morning it was at least in the low 30’s, cold enough to let the snow stay. Then it warmed up to the mid 30’s and started the rain/snow (sleet) mix. Then it got up in the low 40’s for our high once the winds started to come from the South. Right now at 10PM the wind is blowing a good 55+MPH out there, with a fog but no precipitation, 39F. Definitely not flying weather today… yesterday was so beautiful compared to today. The wind is blowing so hard I can feel it moving my house around!

We didn’t do much today. Went down to the cafĂ© and had my usual and the hubby had breakfast. I see a notice on their board saying they will be closing from April 4th until June 5th. Lisa and Duy are heading off on vacation I believe! The internet, cell phones and cable TV were out most of the morning due to the weather – sleet built up on the satellite dishes I guess…

I made a couple loafs of bread… don’t know what we’re going to eat for dinner, probably have cereal again. I don’t really feel like cooking, and the hubby only really likes to boil water… or cook hamburger meat… LOL….

Earlier I cleaned out my fish tank: vacuumed the gravel and wiped the inside of the tank then filled it with fresh water. I also changed the filter. One of my damn bala sharks jumped out of the tank and I had to find him and put the fish back in the tank… he’s doing ok… so I hope he didn’t get hurt too bad… lost a couple scales – but swimming around and acting “normal” so I hope that fish is ok… they seem to like all the grass and ornament where I put them, I moved it around a bit… so at least I got that done and taken care of!

Well I hope everyone has a great Saturday night!!! Until tomorrow, TTFN…

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