Wednesday, March 18


My Chocolate ducky... instead of chocolate bunny - Interesting what they come up with for Easter these days! There is a chocolate Cow and Pig too!

If you look closely, you will see masses of seagulls flying in the sky!

My lil bro-in-law Tom and a couple of his friends playing Mario Kart on my Wii at my in-law's crib.

The Journey of the Crab Cake------ :D

Shucking the crab from the shell, the ripping the meat up (so sad to mutilate it that way.. I prefer mine straight out of the shell dipped in butter, but the hubby wanted crab cakes...)

My Hubby actually crying... LOL.. of course after he got done cutting up the onion, then frying it for me!

Everything I need... missing one thing of Ritz in the pic..

All the ingredients in the bowl waiting to be mixed... lol at the mayo and mustard -looks like an egg!

Frying up one batch while I'm forming my next...

Making the crab cakes, making sure they fit in my palm..

Frying them up

Hot out of the frying pan

3 crab cakes plated and ready to eat!


  1. Loved your step by step pictures! They must taste so good with the very fresh crab, unlike the not always so fresh we have here.

  2. The crab cakes look wonderful you made my mouth water with your pictures.

  3. You're blog is starting to make me HUNGRY! I've never made real crab cakes before. They look so GOOD! My sis, the gormet chef! Next time we're visiting, we'll stop by for dinner!!

  4. So...I got home from a buisness trip to L.A. tuesday night and had to make your crab cakes. My first time cooking crab kids tried them, they thought they were just ok, but my husband and I loved them. We'll call them Aprils Alaskan Crab Cakes.

  5. look yummy. if i didnt like my crab straight out of the shell id consider making them.


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