Monday, March 9

Monday, March 9, 2009

Well today is a windy day for sure. The wind is blowing a good 30+MPH from the south today. The boardwalk looks like it’s drying off, so it must have been raining a bit earlier before we went out. I picked my bro and hubby up from the barge last night around 1:30AM last night, I had to wait around for like 20 mins for them to sign out and jump off the barge. We stayed up until about 3AM, and then fell asleep.

Because I was up last night with my hubby, I kind of slept in this morning. I didn’t even hear my alarm clock, and it’s like right next to me! My hubby rolled over and looked at the clock and jumped up and told me it was five minutes to 10AM! Damn it, going to be late today… I called down and let my mom know I just woke up and would be a little late. We ran the dogs out to do their thing, then hurried up and got ready to get my butt to work!

I got down to the office and got all the charge slips from over the weekend entered into the books. The usual busy Monday morning, especially since I was 30 mins late. There are a good amount of trident employees coming up to cash their payroll checks. Already handled 10 checks before heading home for lunch. Gee this morning seemed to blow by fast.

Went home and had Jose Ole brand Mini Tacos (taco snacks) for lunch. The weather is still windy, not too cold feeling though. Blue skies and the small amount of heat offered by the sun feels good on my skin! It’s clear out at least, no fog today.

Went back to work after lunch, and there was a good line of Trident employees waiting for cash, and our employees waiting for payroll to be done. My mom was dealing with pay rates on people, so she wasn’t able to get payroll done this morning. After getting the ink cartridges changed in the printer, she got payroll done by 2PM. For some reason, the brand new ink cartridges are skipping a line… well not skipping it but barely printing it…. Damn those are new… maybe a cleaning or priming will help…. Hmmm no biggy :P

Wow what a busy Monday, by 3:30PM I have cashed about 25 checks so far today! So far 6 people have put money on their store accounts. The café owners came up and paid for leasing the café building from us. I have to figure out the Tribe’s store account. They are coming up with different numbers than we have. So I’ll just enter everything from the charge book into a spreadsheet and give them a copy. Looks better than just coping off the charge books totals, cleaner looking when it’s printed off a spreadsheet, other than copied off the hand written sheet. Then once I get that done, I’ll fax them a copy. :)

No planes today, guess it’s blowing too hard for them to come in, although I can say I’ve seen them come in weather like this before with no problems. But it might be blowing too hard on the outside of the harbor.

Fred left last week for some doctor’s appointments in Anchorage, so Doc is finishing up putting the second coat of paint in the halls and stairway. Really bright looking when you walk up to my office now! Hate the smell of paint though… gives me a headache… I have all the windows open!!

My hubby checked our mail… got a couple packages in… just junk that I ordered from PCH (publishers clearing house). Trying my luck to win the millions, ha... never know though ;) At least it gives me an opportunity to order junk that I probably didn’t need to get but I would like it. I got my own Pedi-paws in. Going to try it on Dante later… he hates me clipping them with the cutters… so maybe filing them with this fancy dremel tool for dogs nails will be easier. I’ll make sure to do it outside, I heard the smell that it gives off stinks…. My cousin uses hers on her yorkies!!

I got us everything we need to have ham and cheese sandwiches with chips for dinner. Something light where I don’t have to cook! HA. I’m just waiting for the store to close, do up paperwork and head home for the day. It’s my younger sister’s birthday tomorrow! Wish I was up in Anchorage to celebrate with her… but I’m stuck here on this beautiful island squeezed between 2 massive bodies of water! I have all new shows to watch tonight, Gangland on History Channel, I Love Money 2 and For the Love of Ray J on VH1!

Hope everyone didn’t have such a hectic Monday like I had!! Enjoy the rest of the day, and until tomorrow, TTFN!

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  1. Glad you got a PediPaws. clipping can cause pain, and leave even calm dogs a bit testy. Happy Birthday Sis!! lol busy day! Love the puppy pic!


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